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TTS Pokemon General Thread!

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17 hours ago, Kantriakhor said:

Also, Thread OP updated, don't forget to get your Mews in February!

So you just go into Gamestop and ask for a code?


heh, imgur getting in on letting people know too.  http://imgur.com/gallery/Aqdg0z5




Would be interesting if pokemon actually looked like that...

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1 minute ago, Spear Of Flame said:

Do/are they allowed to give multiple out to a single person?

Technically, they are allowed to only give out 1 per person. You can go back multiple times during the week until the stock is gone. Also if you got people that can help you get more than 1 code, it's still legal. 

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20 minutes ago, Spear Of Flame said:

Do you have a plush collection like the zord collection?

Not really, though I have a few:


1996 kfc vulpix plush

talking pikachu plush

Primal Groudon (NYC nintendo store)

Primal Kyogre (NYC nintendo store)

and now the 20th anniv Mew

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Yeah, from what I've seen they are supposed to only give one; however, everyone I know ends up with ~5-10 just from asking. Seems like the ones in my area just give you a handful if you ask.


Of which I need to remember to stop by and pick up a code this time (missed a lot of the previous ones and ended up trading for them because of it). The one I am really looking forward to is Keldeo though, it surprisingly took over as my favorite water pokemon recently.

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On 2/15/2016 at 2:00 PM, NexForce said:

Sylveon : an evolution of Eevee. Need to get at least a level 2 affection, and must have a fairy type move.

Rotom : Gen 4 pokemon. Can be turned into different electrical appliances to become stronger 

Turned into different appliances? That seems weird.

http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rotom_%28Pok%C3%A9mon%29  huh, guess it can.  Thats just :O_o:


Also, is the gif from one of the tv shows or one of the movies?




something on imgur. not sure what the comic is.  some are good, some bad.



and another:


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50 minutes ago, Spear Of Flame said:

@Kantriakhor pretty sure you already know but:



I'm thinking that's what the Pokemon Direct will be about, may be related to the Pokemon Niji (loosely translated to rainbow) item recently found on some NOA papers.


It's exciting!!!

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