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Name: TeaHead

About me: I'm relatively new, with a really old account. I bought this game near launch, and my pos laptop [netbook basically] didn't really run it well, just barely enough to keep up with the buddies who got me into the game, so I had a couple characters sit for literally 3 years [meditating, or something] with a few far and few between attempts to play, on shoddy laptops. Now I return on a desktop I've pieced together with utmost care [and I threw a bunch of money at it; like violently chucked my wallet]. Guild wars 2 leveling commence! Damn this game is gorgeous on full ultra graphics! I afk a lot so I apologize if I don't get back to you, but  I'm a pharmacy student at University of Minnesota so that definitely comes first...

I found [in map chat] a triple trouble event run that TTS did on 3/23/16 and it was awesome. I was intrigued to try and run some more events with you guys after speaking with a few members in Teamspeak and here I am :)


Something people don't know about me: I'm obsessed with simply blueberry lemonade. It's a problem and I don't know why... :/

Colour of underwear (the important question): Blue and yellow

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Gram gram
graaaaam gram gram gram...
gram grammmm..
grammm graamm


(with pokemon translator : on)


Mi name ish Gram
-- TS/Handle: Gramgoyle


Character: (all lvl 80)
Engi : Rytorg
Guard : Fluffy Mahn
Mesmer : Mistick Tofu
Warior : Jormagnir
Ranger : Seedlenzio
Ele : Grevory
Necro : Gramgoyle Bonerod
Thief : Robin Highseas
Reverant : Dravenbjorn Mistpaw 


About me: I'm a digital art artist. Most of the time I like to be random. Fluffiness is my weakness (I love animal). Getting kidnapped by guildies is one of my habits. I like to drink Cappuncino every morning. I think myself as a pokemon.


My favorite food: 9" tall, hot, firm, moist in the inside, easy to grap... oh yesh frozen chimichanga in frozen section <3
Why did I join TTS: to stalk peanutbutterbun and other Asian in the guild (notice me evilicious-senpai o/ ) because I live in their timezone. *pats random Asian guildies* I think this is the beginning of beautiful friendship.


What am I doing in GW:
killing dragons, grabing fat lewts, adoring charr, chasing theirs (charr) tails, spank dat ass, roaming Tyria, Meta events, builing mastery points, collecting collectables, conquering the world, delving into dungeon, especially gossiping with Lupi about Morthdemorth (on how can he still so thorny at that age). 


Something people don't know about me: I always do the same thing everynight.... make a plan to take over the world! *roll the intro*


Colour of underwear: red and black tight leather suit.

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Name: Alia Raziel, Tour Guide Barbie, Tangled (teamspeak), approximately 7 other alts who need to be renamed Flax Farmer 1, Flax Farmer 2, etc.


About Me: I'm a design student, so I pretty much live in the studio. I was pleased to learn that playing GW2 looks a lot like angrily inputting things into AutoCAD (so long as you can't see the screen).

I have a cat named Janeway. Her company constitutes about 25% of my social life, and the other 75% comes from guild wars.

I love singing. I'm one of *those* people- the ones you hear singing on ts during PAC. One of my proudest moments is when OCE told me I sounded like a Disney Princess.

I've been playing since GW1 launched. As a result of playing an ele for 11 years straight, I do not understand the concept of meleeing or that people can survive 1v1 combat.


Something People Don't Know About Me: I really enjoy filling out lists, which is why I filled this out despite knowing only 3 people will read it.


Colour of Underwear: My sock pattern today is Van Gogh's Starry Night.

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IRL Name: Cari/ CariJ( What I go by on TS3)

Character Name: Main Gardenia Rubiaceae


About Me: I'm a Chemistry Major, I'm 21 years old. I'm basically an anime nerd and that's really all you need to know about me, it explains everything lol. Actually I'm a pretty boring person who will probably just hang out on TS3 saying nothing. 

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Name: Sonyanna, Lady Snowbunnie, Mistress Takimi, Mistress Sinfully, Advitiya, Katarrakti, Mhistyll, Jharana, Takitipsie, Lady Literal, Morningstar (contemplating on chucking the last 3, so who knows). But I really just go by Taki.


About Me: I sell fine-jewelry (that fancy expensive stuff your girl goes googly-eyed over), cross-stitch, bead, organize for fun, drink massive amounts of Coke (if I was a dragon I would hoard Coke), make spreadsheets like a crazy person. I'm more or less affectionately known as "Encyclopedia" because I probably know way too much about any given random subject and if I don't, I'll find out in the next 10 minutes. I'm a ridiculous speed reader, music is my nutrition. I'm engaged, soon to be married on June 12th to Zak, aka: Lisith, Horini and some other random name I can't remember. We've been together 5 years and then some and met online through a previous game.


Something People Don't Know About Me: I still sleep with a stuffed Polar Bear named Bear. I still have the original Bear from when I was born on my table-side.


Colour of Underwear: Today is blue with stripes, tomorrow is...?

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Name: Cirilaa - rarely used alts: Aintno Hoelbrakgirl, Galaxy Idol Tetora, Prince Yuki Soma.


About Me: I'm part creative director and part quality control specialist that works for a large media company based in Melbourne (AUS). I’m also into Anime (re: CariJ)

Something People Don't Know About Me: My first job out of university (multimedia and communication design) was an in-house icon designer for a software company. I made over 800 icons. After that, I was asked to write a book about icons, so I spent 10 months writing and didn't leave the house for days at a time. Thankfully that turned into a full time job as a graphics specialist and I have my weekends and evenings back. I spend my precious spare time learning garment construction and pattern making online (I make video game costumes) and playing Guild Wars 2 (lately much more GW2 than costumes)

Edited by Cirilaa

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Name: Lim


About me: I'm a full time chef, self employed graphics design, Music producer, Ex-Coder, Previously a Mod Author for Skyrim.

( I dealt in armors and weapons, but have since removed my work from the nexus since people were stealing credit/ not crediting me for my hours spent working on the mod.)

People assume i use Photoshop and it amuses me because i do everything solely in After Effects and sometimes with my Tablet in Manga Studio. :eheh:


Something people don't know about me: I tend to act like I'm clueless at times because it entertains me. I've ran multiple gaming communities since i was 12 years old. Soloing my first at 14. I used to work for a channel on YouTube as an editor but left due to bad blood between me and the channel owners. I also used to build spawns for money in Minecraft ( yeah yeah yeah i know.)  I horde skins in guildwars... like i have more than i'll ever use.. I can't say I've had a bad mood in over a year because life is what i make of it, and it's pretty good.

Here's an image of the last time i built anything in Minecraft. (over a year ago.)


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IRL Name: Ryan


Toons (serving on Yak's Bend): Aech Vasquez, Vadhino, Ad Aeterno, Lex Larkin, Polybius Phäeton


Location: Toronto / "The 6ix"


Why GW2?: "The Angry Joe Show" review: 

and I'm also a sucker for voice chasing in anime, commercials, and in television/web.


About Me: I'm currently involved in a project refreshing a company with Windows 10. Outside of work, I'm involved with Shum De Salsa, a dance company recently formed out of the love Cuban Salsa, Rumba, Son: http://www.shumdesalsa.com/ We've been featured in community festivals and also on local television, with more gigs to come.


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In-game Name: KoJack Stewart  aka KJ  :-)

About me: When I'm not summoning the undead under children's beds, I am a Registered Nurse at my states leading hospital specializing in Trauma and Rehabilitation. 


I started GW2 during beta while I was at university and enjoyed it to it's fullest for a couple months after launch.  Towards the end of my curriculum I forced myself to " act like an adult" for some time to guarantee my passing and to received my national license.  Not long after I began my advanced curriculum for my Masters alongside my employment which delayed my return.


FORTUNATELY!! Things have settled down, I've learned to manage work and school quite efficiently, enough to be able to return and experience this wonderful world once again!


UNFORTUNATELY!! The guild I was in prior to my departure has disbanded, my friend's list full of ghosts, and my understanding of my characters roles in this new age of specializations are lost. How did ranger become druids?!?!


Something people don't know about me: As a side hobby I've been building up my skills with C# and Unity to make some simple apps and games for android.  Just for fun, nothing worth selling... YET :-P  Artists welcome, I can't draw for [email protected]#$

Colour of underwear (the important question): What underwear? :-)

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I have been around a while, finally signed up on the forum. *cough*lazy*cough*



Name: Meera. Although out of game its Sparks or Laura. 

About me: I'm a makeup artist when I'm not running around in game. I work mostly in tv and movies. I live in Melbourne, but I travel around a lot for work. 

Also I am the one constantly calling Flybandito the worst on ts. 


Something people don't know about me: I hate rice. So much!

Colour of underwear (the important question): Psh underwear is for suckers. 

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