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Name: Sostronk (and variations of it)

About me:


Personal - I'm a 33 guy from Brisbane Australia.  I have worked in the same telecommunications company for over 10 years now.  I started out as a technician in training and have moved around on occasions to different positions.  I currently work in Asset Management, which is basically doing all of the paperwork that Project Managers don't want to do.


Gaming -  I started playing GW2 about 2 months after release.  It was the first MMO I have ever played.  I became addicted to WvW.  Rarely touched PvE.  The first 9 months of me playing the game was mostly solo roaming in WvW.  I regularly transferred to get a different experience fighting different opponents in all tiers.  I joined a guild called ZDs (Za Drots) whom IMO are one of the top guilds to fight in WvW.  It was a testing experience.  They are a Russian guild that raided exclusively in Russian.  Raid times were every night between 12 midnight and 6am.  So my schedule was raid from that time then immediately get ready for work and when I got home from work I would have a few hours sleep before the next raid.  Or at least that was the aim... turned into an insomniac who only slept about once a week.  After doing that for a few months, along with the lag I get on EU servers, I returned to Blackgate on NA.  But I had kinda burnt out and quit the game for about 4-5 months.  When I returned I came with a new focus on not being so hardcore, being more casual and playing every aspect of the game rather than focussing on one part.


Something people don't know about me: I'm a fairly open person and it's best the few things that aren't known should remain a secret due to potential incrimination.

Colour of underwear (the important question): I don't like underwear so I guess you could call that commando colored?

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Name: Teri 



  1. Xairathan (Thief, Norn, Main)
  2. Kyu Ayanami (Necro, Sylvari)
  3. Argenai (Warrior, Human)


About me: 18 years old, 2nd year in university, English Major with a Japanese minor. My hobbies include gaming, writing, RP, and sleeping. My current interests are Evangelion, GW2, and writing a dating sim by myself because masochism. I want to be an author after I graduate, but teacher is a nice fallback career. I've gone by Xairathan in Spiral Knights and Argenai in SW:TOR, so if you think you recognize me, feel free to poke me! 


Something people don't know about me: I broke a game economy back when I was 16. It was totally not my fault (it was) and it never really recovered. Yeah...

Colour of underwear (the important question): Currently... oh god. Brown. This does not imply anything at all, I tell you. 

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Name: Michael, but call me some variant of Cavejohnson (eg. Cave) as that's the name I've learnt to look for.

Characters: See my forum signature.

About Me: I'm Australian, early 20's and have just started my 5th year in a Dual Engineering/Science Degree of Mechatronics/Computer Science. 
I've owned GW2 since the Beta events but lost interest a few weeks after release, reaching no higher than level 12. Since then I've been on and off, usually to check out the events and I've only started playing and completing things properly in this new year, finally reaching level 80 on a character just the other week!


I like tech-y things like rooting/jailbreaking personal devices.

I recently built a 3d printer but have yet to see it print anything due to a dodgy motor.

I'm patiently waiting for Valve to release their PC controller.

I own a Pebble Steel and am currently eyeing of the new Pebble Time campaign on Kickstarter.

It'd be cool to get to know more people in the community, currently I'm only joining in for the raids.

My most played game is easily Skyrim. I've been hooked on that game since release.

I recently came back from a 6 week holiday that involved visiting places like Rome, Israel, Jordan, Uganda, UAE and Singapore.

If you want to know more feel free to send me a message :)


Something people don't know about me: I run the cavejohnson instagram account and occasionally use it to roleplay :)


Colour of underwear (the important question): Grey currently.

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Name: My actual name is Blake, but most people just call me Mac


  • Macstar (Elementalist)
  • Macthar Birlithe (Warrior)
  • Macdaddy Suprise (Thief)
  • Once You Go Mac (Necromancer)
  • Ian of the Guards (Guardian)

About Me: I'm a 24 year old Australian who loves to play Guild Wars in his spare time. I live in Melbourne which is pretty awesome since it's pretty much the sporting capital of Australia, and I love my Aussie Footy (Seriously check it out if you've never seen it before)! I studied a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at university and I'm currently working two jobs, one as a subsitute primary teacher, and also for my uncle's company. I love working with kids and how they think and all that jazz. I've got a few younger siblings so that's probably what made me decide to become a teacher.


Been playing Guild Wars on and off since launch, and desperately looking forward to HoT. Love to play the game with people (it is a social game right?) so I'm always down to participate in anything PvE related. I suck at PvP, enough said.


Something people don't know about me: I actually really, really, really love sad romantic movies that make me want to cry (which I sometime do! I'm still a man alright!)


Colour of underwear (the important question):  Black.

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  • Xyge (ranger) (main)
  • Hege (mesmer)
  • Vlyge (necromancer)
  • Xyrexia (guardian)
  • Gyrexia (thief)


About Me: Whenever I'm not playing GW2, I am at the hospital taking care of critically ill patients. I've been an ICU nurse for almost 4 years now, and I love what I do. I am a big dog lover. I have a pitbull mix terrier who's a crybaby and a Doberman who has ADHD; but I love them both regardless. I still want to get a Mastiff, a German Shepherd/Husky mix, and a Corgi; but my house is not big enough :-(  I was born and raised in the Philippines, then moved to Las Vegas with my mother and 2 brothers in 2004.


Recently, I've taken an interest in board games, thanks to my co-worker Tony who has 1400 games (literally!) at his house. Some of the board games I play are Pandemic, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Zombicide, and Five Tribes.



Something people don't know about me: I secretly like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Ponpon girl) lol


Colour of underwear (the important question): Pink with black polka dots

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I just joined yesterday and boy how im glad i found this community! :D


Name: David, Dave or... Panda



  • Meldarion Snow (Main, Warrior)
  • Pisang Molen (Guardian, gonna make this my farmer, or at least i intend to)
  • Akasha Bloodriver (Elementalist)

About me:


Im 32, live in Indonesia, work as Senior Graphic Designer in one of major international IT company and pretty good at it :) Im a dog lover, have 2 dogs, Max (13 yo Golden Retriever) and Skip (3 yo Siberian Husky).


I played GW2 since launch along with my wife, lil brother and 2 of my closest friends. We just recently came back to GW2 after 1.5 years of hiatus and found it improved a LOT since. During my absence, i played FFXIV for a while, but then quit after i found it too demanding over my daily schedule (for raids and such), but at least ive beaten the T5 Twintania! xD Now, im on a quest for my first legendary! Its a slow progress, but at least im having fun doing it :D


I collect a lot of action figures and toys, mostly japanese action figures. I read a lot of manga (my most favourite one right now is Toriko). And i love to eat good food! :D


Something people dont know about me: I always try to do diet, but failed miserably xD (cmon, in my defense, there are just too much good food to miss!)


Colors of underwear: Black, Black with red stripe, uh...Black?


and..this is skip :D



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Name: Real name is Jeff.


- Hecate Sappho (main)

- Hecate Nuit (mesmer)

- Hecate Duskwalker (guardian)

- Hecate Thelxinoe (ranger)

- Hecate Fluorspar (elementalist)

- Mister Snufflebutt (necromancer)


About Me: Outside Tyria, I work as a Customer Service Rep for an online shopping website. A Filipino gamer with a lot of frustrations usually solved by consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Used to be an intern at a psychological institution, I'm used to crazy people and I am one myself. I play GW2 with my Craptop (aka Potato). Currently living with 2 dogs and 5 cats.


MMORPG over MOBA, but still a fan of them old school RTS games. I suck at First Person Shooters. Plays Magic: the Gathering (Slivers!), and A LOT of board games (Arkham Horror, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo - to name a few).


Something people don't know about me: When I am alone, I lie down the kitchen floor, apply Vaseline all over my body, and pretend i'm a slug.


Colour of underwear (the important question): What is this "Underwear"? What stats does it have? 

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Something people don't know about me: When I am alone, I lie down the kitchen floor, apply Vaseline all over my body, and pretend i'm a slug.


Colour of underwear (the important question): What is this "Underwear"? What stats does it have? 

U sir, have made my day.

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So I've found this thread :)


Name: Tari or Ada. 


About Me: I live in Ontario, Canada, and I am about to move, so no city information here :) I like rock climbing, used to watch anime and did some RP before I got into university, and then I stopped having a life :D I also like board games and, behold, 40k. Definitely love solving random puzzles, playing retro RPGs, and shooting things in Quake / Heretic / Unreal.


Before GW2 I played LOTRO and LA2, both for quite a while. There is a little squad of characters I have in GW2 but at the moment I like my warrior the best. 


Here is the part some people find scary given it comes from a girl: I like computer science and I really value information security. I participated in the capture the flag like competitions a couple of times and it was awesome, definitely want to do it again :) At the moment I am working on old-style RPG on iOS, it is a totally cool learning curve. I used to do web development before that. 


Now you are officially warned. 


Something people don't know about me: Whatever they don't at this point, they are most likely better off not knowing :D


Colour of underwear (the important question): 0100111001101111011101000010000001110100011001010110110001101100011010010110111001100111

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Name: Ace! I haven't gone by much else on the internet in ages. I have a few characters, so you can spot me in the guild by my username 'moikay'. I only have two 80s, though, so you'll most often see Galen Howard (ranger) or Fionnlaigh (guardian) at raids. (I'm new to this, but I've learned a lot already, so I'm excited to do more!)
About me:  I'm an art school student in Canada, focusing on illustration and printmaking. I've been playing GW2 since launch, mostly just dinking around with friends, but I've come to enjoy the challenges too. I'm also a writer/comic artist, and all of my toons are based on my OCs. I... may or may not have an alt problem.
Something people don't know about me:
Colour of underwear (the important question): White as milk, red as blood, yellow as corn, pure as gold!!!

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Name:  Clint or Fleshwrought


About me: I'm 24 and from Brisbane, Australia. I was a graphic designer until last month.

I used to play guitar in some metal bands when I was younger and in typical australian fasion I love beer and BBQ.


Something people don't know about me: I have Dr Dre and Ice Cube tattooed on my leg and I once Solo'd all three heads of the wurm at the same time*

Colour of underwear (the important question): Haha. Letting my children swing free.

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Teamspeak: Aria Talon/(maybe name of the character I currently play :D but its most likely just Aria Talon)

Account: BrokeMyChopsticks.2037 (accidently completely destroyed one of those chopsticks, that you have to split before using, on that day when I bought GW2 before eating Sushi... much sadness Q.Q had to eat with sushi with a fork)

Why did I join TTS:

I was introduced to playing  GW2 by a friend of mine and he told me to join TTS, and told me if I want to have a sucessful and quick Tequatl kill I should join TTS, because at that time i thought Teq was impossible with my fresh Level 80 character with barely exotic gear... so I did :D

What am I doing in GW2:

I currently have 6 level 80 characters in total:

Aria Talon (Elementalist), Lucius Agrippa (Warrior), Elize Aurora (Thief), Saeko Talon (Mesmer), Atia Talon (Revenant), Ariana Talon (Guardian)

My Elementalist was not the first character that I created, however the first one that made it to level 80, because I enjoyed the Elementalist style of gameplay a lot and of course because Elementalist is a fancy show off class with all the effects and stuff :P Soooo the Elementalist became my maincharacter, that I play almost 90% of the time I'm at raids and 100% in Ranked PvP, WvW and Dungeons (seriously... can't even dodge when not on Elementalist... feels awkward).

What am I doing outside of GW2:

When not playing GW2 and other Video Games League of Legends, Assassins Creed (Xbox One), GTA V (Xbox One), Titanfall (Xbox One), I love Chemistry, that's why I study it, seriously it's like LEGO... damn cool, you can even build stickmen out of organic molecules. Also I do enjoy drawing, painting and I love watching TV series all day loong :O

Something people don't know about me:

There was a time when I used to sing "Shake it off" by Taylor Swift on my way from train station to university, because no one was listening early in the morning.

Colour of underwear:

black and blue

Edited by Aria Talon

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Name: Amanda, alienfirst (Teamspeak), alienfirst.6493 (GW2 account)

Characters: I have... many. Ranger and Warrior the only ones not at 80 yet. (Hmmm didn't have decent shots of the thief and warrior. Oh well.)

About Me: I draw. Mostly freelance game art from home and I teach art classes on the weekends. I live in Seattle, WA with my husband and two rabbits. I love coffee, use Twitter far too much, and really really like Pacific Rim (that may even be an understatement).

I mostly play GW2 right now, but will probably hit WildStar again pretty hard when it goes F2P (I bought the game at release but couldn't keep up the monthly payment).  I was (and still am I suppose) in a WvW guild before they all decided to up and move servers and I just didn't want to waste the cash/gold to transfer since I'm much more into PvE anyway. Which is a good reason why I joined TTS since I wanted to get in on the events and dungeons and fractals. (And while I do consider myself decent, I don't care for joining up with people who only want meta zerk builds in the LFG. Come on man. I'm not BAD, but I know I'm not what you want.)

Something people don't know about me: Uh... I've been stockpiling tomes of knowlege so I can immediately get my future Revenant to 80 when HoT comes out. And my husband and I have names picked already, so our Revenants will be a matching pair of ridiculous Asura. (Okay, that's pretty dull, but I am entirely too open about myself, so there's not much that people don't know.)

Edited by Alienfirst

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Name: Rickenharp, Halaan, Asgerd Bearclaw, Eli Mentary, Mina the Multiplied

About me: I'm a freelance web developer, mostly working on multi-month projects. Which means I either have loads of free time when I am between projects, or I just want the pain to go away while on a project ;)

I played GW2 way back when it came out, but over time, other stuff was newer and shinier. But now I am back, have 2 80s and no idea what I am doing. \o/ Since I had a great time doing Tequatl and Triple Trouble with TTS, I'm hoping to have the same amount of fun doing dungeons and stuff.


Something people don't know about me: I'm a horrible old person who enjoys playing Cards Against Humanity.

Colour of underwear (the important question): Blue (Da ba dee da ba di)

Edited by Rickenharp

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Name: In Nox Mani, An Nox Mani, In Nox Corp, Nox the Green


About me:I got injuryed at work back in 05, hurt my back pretty bad I have nerve damage and I get a prescription for painkillers because of it. I'm 31 and atm since im out of work I take care of my grandmother. I live near Boston (like 15 mins from) I've been getting into Sky Diving lately(it sounds extreme but I only get discomfort in my back when I land)


I've Played : Ultima Online, Everquest(test center), PAYDAY 2(on steam), Counter-strike, Guild wars 1(치 The Spearmen 치 [치치치치), Borderlands1-2-Prequel, and Guild wars 2



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My name is Aqua.  I live in Pittsburgh, PA.  I have a snake, and if I could I would totally fill my house with reptiles. 

I am new to TTS, and am really excited to make new friends.  Anyone who wants to add me please do at Aqua.6804.

I like dungeons, Farming, and occasionally the world boss train. 

I like to jump around when it comes to games.  My steam library is ever growing, but GW2 is something I always return to.

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Name:  Kota... Kota De Ortus, Lakota De Ortus, Regina De Ortus, Maluilani, Uyratokal, Vicious Skittles, Miss Vicious Kitty, Elendrissil, Lakota Phoenix, and the list goes on.


About me:  

Female, in my 30's, who spent a good amount of time and money in universities for multiple Bachelor's in Science to end up working in IT

- one of a small population of white Americans who was not born to immigrants but didn't learn English as their first language (Hawaiian pidgin was my first language), and learned some 7 other languages in some form or another

- likes traveling, games of various types (Guild Wars, Star Citizen, Cards Against Humanity, DnD, airsoft), reading, watching movies, drawing, and can be found in one of those activities when not at work or at a convention (IT related, steampunk related, anime related or other)


Something people don't know about me:  I'm a high-functioning autistic who somehow lucked out at having a genius IQ, and graduating high school despite my expulsion, extended time in in-school suspension and lighting a trashcan in the hallway on fire (among other equally crazy things). People are also surprised often when they find out I have a daughter, since my parents adopted her.


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Name: Papa Iggy, Iggy, Hey you


About Me:  I am a Addiction Specialist currently working at a methadone clinic with heroin addicts, I have a PhD in Philosophy but I am also a licensed Clinical Psychologist as well. I am a single father of a wonderful 8 year old soon to be 9 December 27th, he may occasionally be heard shouting "head shot" or some other such nonsense over my mic as he plays COD during his gaming time which happens to be when I get to play GW2. 

I have been gaming online since the early 90's when the Pentium 75 hit the market, I played Neverwinter Nights on America Online for several years paying .14 a minute for a 14400 baud rate connection over the phone line. From there I went to UO, EQ, AO... suffice it to say I have played a lot of games online. 


Things you may not know about me: I can be an incredibly negative person due to drama with my sons mother and custody issues. I try very hard not to transfer that angst to the game as it is of course my escape from reality but I apparently can be very salty when I am in a mood from dealing with her and her shenanigans. Other then that I am always to help people regardless of the benefit to me for doing so. Also I have met the Dali Lama in person and had dinner with him. 


Colour of underwear: Commando 



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Name: Eden (IRL and my ranger), Enyäh (angelic norn elementalist), Jöstä (catbat asura herald)


About Me: I'm in my late-ish twenties, I talk too much about my cats, and I'm socially inept. I'm terrible at jokes but try to make them anyway. My most-played characters tend to be named after my pets. Enyah is actually named after my fluffy old cat, not the singer. Josta is the black cat in my profile picture and a soda from the 90s with a black panther logo. I like chocolate, fill-it-in puzzles, reading psychological thrillers, and making alts that I never play again.


Something people don't know about me: I have an anxiety disorder that's preeeeetty bad, which means I'm terrified of pretty much everything, I'm super easily overwhelmed, and I have way too much time on my hands.


Color of Underwear: Mauve

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Name: Lyr (Lyr War)


About Me: I'm French, living near Paris, commuting there pretty much every day. I was born/raised in France, barely ever traveled... spent like a month in Ireland in my early teens, and then just some touristic one or two week-long travels, including London, UK in general with school, or Japan 2 years ago.


I'm 23yo (as of 2015), and I major in Japanese. This year though, I also decided to pick up an English Major, because why not.

I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm shy, but chances are you'll read me more than hear me, unless we're in a not too populated hangout channel together. My accent, although understandable, plus the fact that I don't talk too loud make me a bit unsure whether I'll be heard/understood, I guess.


Also if you're in a hangout channel with me, you should automatically assume it's going to get NSFW at some point.


Something people don't know about me: I work in the National Library of France. Yes, I'm the gay librarian cliché :v


Color of Underwear: Usually black with a flashy color on the elastic part. Today is black with white stripes, though.

EDIT: Das my face:






Edited by Lyr War

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Name: My real name is Travais (pronounced Travis) but I go by Zawr on the interwebs.  


Characters: I have lots, but I main a Necromancer.  Most of them are level 80 already, but I'm not really competent at playing any of them, hah...  It's also very easy to know which alt I'm playing when I'm not playing my Necromancer.  =D

  • Zawr The Insane (Necromancer | Lvl. 80)
  • Zawr The Valiant (Guardian | Lvl. 80)
  • Zawr The Bearzerk (Warrior | Lvl. 80) 
  • Zawr The Warden (Ranger | Lvl. 80)
  • Zawr The Astrotek (Elementalist | Lvl. 80)
  • Zawr The Gizmotek (Engineer | Lvl. 80)
  • Zawr The Phantasm (Mesmer | Lvl. 45ish)

About Me: I'm a pretty laid back, easy going guy, who loves to joke around and pull pranks on co-workers.  I'm 32.. Wait, maybe 33?  It's hard to remember when you don't actually get cool presents anymore.  I'm married with two awesome kids; a four year old daughter and a two year old son.  Cool story, I just found out this morning that my wife is pregnant again...  I'm hoping not my baby, but I have a sinking suspension that it's mine.  Nothing like an "uh oh" baby, am I right!?  Damn my super potent baby making abilities...  I live on the East Coast, about 10 minutes from the beach.  It's pretty cool I guess, but I hate the sand and the heat.  And the constant possibility of an impending Cthulhu attack.  JUST DO IT AND GET IT OVER WITH, YOU MONSTER! 


My hobby is gaming, and I really love it.  GW2 is by far my favorite MMO to date and I've had a blast exploring the world.  That said, I started my gaming career with EverQuest, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. There's still a lot of GW2 I've not experienced in regards to Fractals and Dungeons so I'm really looking forward to jumping into that content more and I hope it's with you guys. 


Something people don't know about me: I'm really an open book.  But, if you see me walking around, be it pants or shorts, you can rest assured I have no underwear on.  I'm going full Cosmo Kramer all the time.  "I'm out there baby and I'm lovin' every minute of it!"


Color of underwear: Commando 


I'm actually not a member yet.  Still waiting on an invite, but I hope it's okay that I filled one of these out.  I really dig the community so far, and it's really a top-notch website.  I look forward to gaming with and getting to know you guys and gals more.  Feel free to send me an invite or whisper in game any time.  I'm not the best player, but I take direction well and love to have a good time with good people.


See ya in Tyria!

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Name:  Nitia Cheveallier  
In Game / Alias: Tarrus Gorbash // Wolfdragon Bane // Nightsiren // Rosette Lavendar
Nicknames : Wolf, Tar, or DragonLady

Intro: I am "new" to the Forum.. but not new to the TTS Guild Itself. I Have been a member of TTS ever since it was form/started? either way...  right after the revamp of Teq. When ppl were running around recruiting.
** I just dont say much, until i feel it is necessary.
Used to be in The Teq Squad ( i failed to do reactivate status on month)  I now reside in Teq Terror Squad.
What can I say? I love TTS and for all it tries to do.

About me: Stay at home Mom for a 3yr old Son.....with not really alot of free time on her hands... well not as much as I would like. :)
When i do have free time.. I either play one of 4 games .. GW2, Minecraft, or Pokemon TCGO, or whatever happens to be on the 3DS
-Or- I draw, take a picture of something, or something creative along those lines.

Background/Experiences : I ran a Comic Book and Gaming shop for 15yrs. During that time I was in charge of and the Tournament Organizer for Pokemon TCG, Magic the Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh and held a Judge Title in each respective Games (except for YuGiOh). I have played MMO Games since the original Diablo, and played games in general for as long as i can remember.


Colour of underwear (the important question): underwear?? 

Fav Quote : "Experience is what you get, When you don't get what you want."

Pic. of my Son as a Pokemon Trainer


small post.jpg

Edited by Wolfdragon.4598

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Name: Dj, Meno, Menoitios, etc.

Characters: See my signature. Yes, I do have 2 other warriors (one for each race) all with that same name but they are not 80 yet.

About me: Well, I was in the US Navy for 6.5 years, got out, and now work for Apple and am trying to go to college. As for what I do in my free time it's video games, lots of video games. Anything ranging from pokemon, smash bros, mario kart, GW2, BDO, WoW, DotA 2, GTAV, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc (I play pretty much everything).

Color of underwear: I thought underwear was optional?

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