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Name: Typically, on the internets I usually go by SyllyReth or any of my character names.


About me: I'm 28 years oldI have this crazy aspiration to be a writer, or something, and devote a pretty big chunk of time to writing, editing, and struggling to get published. I got my first gaming system before I was even old enough to walk, and I may have tried to eat the controller, but it was a defining moment for me and I've been gaming ever since :). I love animals and would probably convert my house into a zoo if I could. I really kind of want to be a vampire. Not the sparkly kind, more old World of Darkness kind, probably Gangrel.


I recently joined TTS (December 2014) after running with them to get my first Tequatl kill and first Triple Trouble kill, but I talk more in map chat than over the microphone. I tend to be really quiet around people I don't know well and only open up later on. I'm not trying to be rude or ignore people, but I come off as cold because I am typically really nervous about getting out there and chatting. One of my main reasons for playing MMOs is to try and work past that and be more vocal/more of a leader. I have a really hard time stepping up to lead things or take risks because of the fear of failure.


Something people don't know about me: If I found myself in possession of a Death Note, I would actually use it.


Colour of underwear (the important question): Pink and black.

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Name: Noie


About me: I'm a bubbly, foul-mouthed, adorable 23 year old packing some unconventional wisdom. No degree to my name, I work at a massive electronics retailer and surprisingly love it. I'm currently informally engaged to my boyfriend of 4 years. GW2 is the MMO that has clicked with me the most, even with the shortcomings. And I also make a hobby out of maintaining my computer hardware myself.


Something people don't know about me: I'm an atheist that reads tarot (purely dealing with the psychology of subconscious projections, pretty relaxing). I also suffer from screaming back pains sometimes thanks to a combination of my prior work history/posture and not investing in good chairs. So kids, value your backs and sit/stand up straight. And invest in a damn good chair if you're going to spend hours a day at your computer sitting in it. Also, if you're going to work somewhere that requires lifting people a lot, use a damn back brace, no matter how good you think you'll be.


Colour of underwear (the important question): Black waist highs. Supar comfy.

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Name: Fortis Arcana, a.k.a Fortis I do have other toons but I play mesmer so often that's my default name


About me: In game I play a mantra mesmer while trying to raise and learn how to play an elementalist. I had an account that a played for a few months that I lost so I have done a bit of the living story in season 1. I have gotten a few close friends in TTS since joining and I'm trying to learn how to command as a way of giving back to the community (loots are great but helping others is cool too!)


I have played several MMOs before going to Guild Wars 2, Runescape was where I started but I quit that quickly after not having a clue of what was going on. Went on to Maplestory for several years and maintained a love hate relationship with it for years after that, I've also played Gunbound WC, PSO2, and Aika. 


IRL I'm 22, currently studying a triple major in Forensics Biology and Toxicology, Biomedical Science and Molecular Biology at Murdoch University in Perth. I picked up Forensics because it has always interested me and I am genuinely fascinated by how criminals work and I want to help out in law enforcement.


Something people don't know about me: I may sound lively but I don't have the most positive view on life.


Colour of underwear (the important question): *wink*

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Hello all. Name is Jayme and play as Treefrogaom.. Go by Tree usually.. This is my first mmo like this I've played and have really enjoyed it.. Usually only played fps games like bf series.. Played L4d/L4d2 for years. Been on and off in a ww2 flight sim for years.


Hooked up w/ TTS a few months ago.. Stumbled across a wurm run and asked to join in.. Was told I would die (was only lvl40ish) but come along. I did die a few times.. but was fun!


I live in Alabama and work as a Operator in a nuke power plant so I work very odd hours. I am in a long training program now to be a licensed reactor operator.. Its like college but much harder.. haha But they pay me!  8)


Underwear? Who needs underwear!?!


Edit: you folk from MN do realize you have a really great local station The Current? Friend turned me on to it and been listening/donating now for a few years.. I really love music and had been getting bored with local stuff here.. I mean you can only listen to Zeppelin (greatest rock band eva!) so much.. ;p

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Name: Xephyr, Xeph, Weirdo, That-Crazy-Swedish-Person, or just Erika. :)


About me: Ohai! I'm 21 years old (today's my birthday actually :D) and from Sweden. I work as a waitress. I love music, movies, books, english, cats, anime, tacos, spending hours reading random shit on wikipedia, and of course games! :) I've played GW2 since Beta Weekend Event 1.


Something people don't know about me: I am........................................waaaaait for it............................................BATMAN!


Colour of underwear (the important question): *checks* Pink and White!


ahhh I'm so boring x__x

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Name: Scandal, but you'll usually see me around as Leifmotif or Tamara Adama


About me: 22 year old queer lady in the usa.  I've been in TTS for a while, but I'm always shyer and quieter than I mean to be.  Besides GW2 my great love is comics! (if you knew that from my username, we're probably friends now. Sorry, I don't make the rules)  I love lore and fantasy/sci-fi worlds but most importantly I love the characters.  My hobby is getting people into comics and watching them fall apart as they reach the emotionally compromising sections. If anyone wants reccomendations let me know :)!


In the IRL world I'm busy recovering from a 3 year adventure in misdiagnosed mental illness that ruined my first attempt at a college career, but I'm going for round 2 as a wildlife bio major.  The dream is a career wallowing through cold mud helping ungrateful scraps of fluff.


Something people don't know about me: I still nurse the dream of being a comic book writer...


Colour of underwear (the important question): uhm, BATGIRL, duh.  The only proper way to gird your loins is with Gotham's own radiant librarian of justice

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Name:  Official handle is D'han Rahl, but you'll see me mostly around on Valsharess Takhisis...or in the rare occasion you play SWTOR on The Shadowlands, D'ha'ra.


About me: 25 y/o hoping-to-be-employed-soon Desktop Support Tech with a love for Star Wars, LotR, and anything by Brent Weeks. I help lead my guild in SWTOR along with my own raid team (thankfully that's only 8 people and not 200), and as such split my time between games, but as I'm raiding at top tier of progression content I'm finding more time to play GW2 as there isn't much to do in SWTOR that doesn't invovle raiding. I also enjoy playing Cards Against Humanity, although my sense of humour is a little too dark for most people I've found out.


Something people don't know about me: Have seen nearly every anime that's come out in the last 10 years, although I just may have forgotten more than most people will have watched, I can't remember. Also have the worst RNG that anybody has ever witnessed.


Colour of underwear (the important question): You'll most deffinatly have to find that our for yourself.


Just happy to be in a guild finally in GW2 where I tihnk I'll be able to enjoy myself and no longer be forced to play solo or try to pug first time dungeon and fractal runs.

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Hi All,

Back from the brink, those of you who have been in  TTS may remember me as Laschesis.

I've be away from the computer for several months due to ill health and a bad relationship breakup



More exciting things to know about me, I'm female gay and a fan of science and sci fi. (Have to second the love for the  picture Wickfish).

I'm an ex engineer (retired medically), ex armed forces (UK). mostly atm into Steampunk, I do some costuming and propmaking (playing with a 3D printer atm).


Personality -  my sig says it all....


I usually play my Ranger Laschesis, but have several other characters, including a warrior, a guard a necro and an engi i haven't really worked on.


Something people don't know about me: I get really pissed off by science deniers (creations and anti AGW eespecially), I love baiting Mormons and JW's who knock at my door (well they did come calling...)


Colour of underwear (the important question) Merf you're still a perv :)

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Helllllloo everyone! :>


New to TTS here.. but so far it's been amazing! Just got my little taco on TS *excited*

As for my intro.........


Name:  Just call me Pinku.. or bebe.. either is good. :>


About me: I am 28 yrs young*. Started playing GW2 ever since it was released.. Been playing GW1 since beta. Pre-ordered got in on in the 'head-start' with GW1 and all that jazz. (You might know me as Miss Temptress on GW1). If you want to know more.. well.. you will just have to get to know me! :D


Something people don't know about me: I love shopping. o_o 


Colour of underwear (the important question): Guess?


Annnnddddddd that's it! Wew! Don't hesitate to PM ingame.. I don't bite..  :flowers:

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Name:  Hey, all. I go by Idixal, Ixal, Syribi, Syr, my various other character names, or pretty much whatever you want to call me so long as I understand that you're talking to me.


About me: I'm 20 years old, in my second year of aiming for a double major in computer science and trumpet performance. I've got a number of interests, but sadly, none of them are sports. I've played a lot of GW2 since the release (not the beta, though), although I've gone through large periods of inactivity where classes and ensembles take over my life. I also play a lot of League of Legends. On a side note, I've been thinking about making a legendary since launch, but I've never really committed to it. Still, my bank's filled up with a bunch of random derpy legendary materials for the day I actually decide I feel like saving 1400 or so gold.


Something people don't know about me: I love trolling. Don't be hatin'.

On that note, I don't appreciate flaming. Trolling is amusing- flaming hurts people.


Colour of underwear (the important question): I forgot.

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Name: Raven Paradox.  This is my main.  I have too many characters I play to mention them all but over 50% of the time I'm on my ele and 95% of the time when doing TTS events I'm on my ele.   My characters are always First name Raven.


About Me: I'm 24 years old (turning 25 in late March).   I'm currently a visual inspector.  I'm in the process of leaving my current job to go be a visual inspector for more money.  You can generally see me at *most* EU raids.  I worked graveyard but now I will be working swing shift, so I'll be waking up early to get prepared for the future in which I wish to attend school part time to get a computer science degree.  A lot of my friends have computer science degrees and make about 3x more than I do so time for me to step up and do that.  I love watching the Blazers (NBA team).  Damian Lillard is BOSS.  I live in the Portland area which is why I'm a fan (Oregon, USA).   I've been playing Guild Wars 2 since it's launch.  My first time playing was August 2011 at PAX Prime in Seattle for 40 minutes and it was the best 40 minutes I had for awhile.  I made a Charr thief :D.   Haven't taken a break form this game yet.  Longest was like 4 days when I went camping.  During that camping trip in 2013 summer, it was the first time I missed a daily.  I don't play as much anymore, but still log in for an hour or so everyday I can.   I have pet parakeets that everyone either loves or hates.  You will hear them when I lead a raid xD.   I also have a tattoo of a raven.


Something people don't know about me: Umm... I'm tall?


Color of Underwear: Black

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Name: Brittany! Or Britt. In-game characters are:

Unused Character
Happi Puppy
Eva Rebuild
Blighted Ova

So usually just call me by my character names or Unused. 

About me: I am 22 years old come May and I'm an unemployed Australian looking for work currently (* groan *). I used to work for the Australian Taxation Office for 1 and a half years but it was only an 18 month contract. So when I'm not preparing for interviews/training I play video games and I live with my boyfriend in the outskirts of the Adelaide CBD. We've both been playing Guild Wars 2 since release and have been enjoying it a lot. I had to stop playing for awhile because my parent's internet was a literal potato plugged into an Ethernet cable. And Ethernet cables are very tasty to cats, apparently... SO! I am back. And have been enjoying the current living story and quite excited for Heart of Thorns. Whatever that entails. I'm also 6 feet tall (180cm) and wear "hipster glasses" as my other half likes to call them.


Something people don't know about me: I have an an mental disorder (I think it can be classed as OCD) that triggers me to pull out my hair. This is known as 'trichotillomania' which is usually characterised by the pulling of any hair on the body. I primarily pull from my scalp whenever I feel anxious or depressed and have been doing so since I was about 7-8. So that's a thing and whenever I introduce myself I like to talk about it and inform others. I raised over $1700 AUD for the World's Greatest Shave in 2011 and shaved all of my hair off, it was both something I wanted to do and it was suggested as a form of therapy. So I usually tote short hair and when I haven't pulled for awhile I dye it. Purple is my favourite hair colour :D

Colour of underwear (the important question): Black, usually with cute graphics/patterns on them!

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Name: Cara

Character: Caelee Calantha (Ranger), Alts... Not using them atm. They're just there.

Assigned to: Tequatl Teleportation Squad (OCE), but I run with EU sometimes bec I usually don't make OCE times.

About me: 25. Female. Philippines. Single. I work as a game developer/designer. Casual Mobile games. :) I script stuff (story/quests/etc.). Basically I decide what the game does, but I don't know anything about programming. I just use our programmers tools. Oh! And I work from home because my company is completely virtual.

I have two brothers on TTS too. One is a self-proclaimed adorable asura whose name goes well with Pikachu (At least in my opinion). The other is like a shadow. I think he is often at reflect team. I am older than the two of them. We have one more older sister but she doesn't play GW2.

Something people don't know about me: I don't know if it is obvious. But I'm a noob at GW2 unlike my bros. I played back in 2012 and leveled til 80. Then I got stuck as to what I was supposed to do so I sort of quit. I would return only for events like Wintersday/Super Adventure Box/Mad King. Only just recently really got back into it and I'm still figuring stuff out. IRL I used to be a graphic designer before switching careers. I worked for a rock magazine for a while even if I do not like heavy metal. Free concerts that made my ears bleed.

Colour of underwear (the important question): Red and made of silk. Silk is comfy.

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About time I did this......


Name: Summerborn, Summer Tears, Summer Waves, Summer Groot (You get the idea, just call me Summer)


About me: When I'm not playing GW2 I work as a financial assistant, so I help my boss organize his financial stuff, help with accounting, and sort through his files. I'm 24 years old, and has been hooked to gaming ever since I was 7, when I got my first Game boy and Pokemon Blue. I can be a bit slow and clueless sometimes, especially around other leaders, but I try my best XD. Travelling around the world is something that I wanted to do for a long time now but I've never had the chance :(.


Something people don't know about me: I'm engaged and getting married by the end of this year!


Color of underwear (the important question): Blue

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Hello, I am new to TTS and thought this would be a good place to introduce myself!


Name: I like to go by Jin but often end up substituting "Jin" into words that start with "in" (or similar) such as Jinnovator, Jinvisible, Jinception, Jindignant, Jinfluential, etc. I like to joke that I am Jinfinite. 

Characters: A whole bunch.

Argenta Stormlord (Guardian)

Éclair Stormlord (Elementalist)

Sidhe Stormlord (Ranger)

Islero Stormlord (Warrior)

Naomh Stormlord (Warrior)

Fatalii Stormlord (Necromancer)

Melaine Stormlord (Thief)

Illusia Stormlord (Mesmer)

Gear Stormlord (Engineer)

The observant may have noticed a certain trend. I like to think it makes it easy to identify me regardless of which character I'm on.

About me: What to say? I live in Christchurch, New Zealand though I'm of Korean descent through both my parents. Unfortunately what with Koreans not being very common as I grew up this meant I didn't speak the language much so my Korean is a bit rubbish. I am a poor college student and have been a poor college student for a very long time now but I'm in what is hopefully the last year of my degree. 


I like science and used to study physics/chemistry (and like it, what a nerd!) though my current field is specialising in microbiology/biotechnology. I'm particularly interested in the various applications of PCR and gene/microbe modification and hope to get a job overseas in such a field.

Something people don't know about me: In lieu of something interesting, people usually say I look younger than I am. I attribute this to being asian.

Colour of underwear (the important question): Black boxer briefs. I guess you could call them my battle undies.

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Name: Takie (doesn't really have a correct pronunciation though most people tend to pronounce it as "Tah-key"


Characters: Takilyn (main), Linaliaa, Karietta, Nahjai, Ailis Falycia, and Elishkaa (i'm really bad at coming up with good names if you haven't noticed xD)


About me: I'm a biology major currently, and I'm working towards becoming a child/adolescent psychiatrist. I'm will be 20 this march. I absolutely love reading, especially fiction. If you've got a book suggestion that you feel I must absolutely read, please tell me! Uhhhh.. what else to say. I'm a pretty boring person. I've been on GW2 for about a year and a half, and have been a member of TTS since last summer. I don't really talk much especially on the internet, but I'm trying to get better at that! I managed to actually talk in teamspeak the other day! Granted it was in the reflect channel and there were only like 5 people in there. Still, it was as terrifying as I thought it would be! >.<


Something people don't know about me: Uhh.. I care more than I make myself appear to. 


Color of underwear: Blue, like the ocean

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Name: MagikMufinMan (MufinMan for short)

Charactars: Wylvenn Fenwark (Main, Guardian), Hedrii, Vaduz Sporick, Ashlynne Esper

About me: I just finished year 12 last year and am about to start a Bachelor of Software Engineering. I'm 19 in September so I'm still a young'un and I'm only just now about to hit my 1st year mark of playing GW2. Just joined TTS last week but I've known the guild has been kicking ass for a long while now. I enjoy talking about all kinds of games, movies and TV shows. Right now I'm a busy PVEer but my favourite thing to do in GW2 is do scouting for my zerg commanders in EotM and convince our team to fight other zergs as much as possible. I'm currently working on earning my dorito tag before HoT comes out so I can lead unwitting pawns to their demise in the new borderland for the glory of Fort Aspenwood. I also want to help raise FA's rank to among the top 3 WVW servers in the game.

Something people don't know about me: I want to work with the militairy at some point in my life

Colour of underwear: Mostly blue boxer briefs with white elastic

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Name: Sophie (Lois Thompson is the name of my lvl 80 Guardian) 


About me: I'm from a little-ish place in the UK called Wales, so if my accent sounds funny or unfamiliar that would be why! I am currently studying at uni, and have a lot of free time right now (woohoo!) so expect to see me around at the NA and EU raids! (Yes, I do both because why not? :D) 

I have been playing Guild Wars 2 for nearly two years now, and I love the community of the game! 

I love to read, write, draw and play the piano in my spare time, and I also love countryside walks! (Wales tends to have a lot of these, fortunate for me!) 


Something people don't know about me: I am a vegan, and have been for the past 2 years, nearly 3! I've also been a vegetarian for 7 years. The more you know! 


Colour of underwear (the important question): Black and pink o:  

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Guest Yodaisme

Name: I am mostly known as Yoda or Ali which comes from my "usual" 3 first letters of my character names.




About Me: I am 24 years old male from Finland sadly. My love is PC parts and visual arts, have been doing drawings 8 or so years and counting now, nothing special as it is just a hobby for me. I am also a fresh spawn in TTS. Been playing gw since gw1 but not much as majority of my time has gone to wow (what would you expect from vet wow player sadface times two). if I talk too much tell me to shut up (I try not to though in gw2) , being RL and Guild Officer so long makes old habits kick in.


Something people don't know about me: um I don't even know at this point Orz


Colour of underwear (the important question): Sooo what if I don't have any ?

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Names:  Gree Grass (Ranger/generic online name), The Hidden Gree (Mesmer), Gree Novakova (Warrior) + more I hardly play

About Me: 18 (19 soonish). Male. In a deep and meaningful relationship with my computer (ok, mostly just GW2). Studied a year of computer engineering (with 2nd year math) but hated it (to much generic stuff) so doing a diploma in commercial skydiving instead, starting April. 
Started playing GW2 after watching SAO (in one sitting) about 1.5 years ago. Was my first and remains my only MMO.
As of late all I do (when I can actually make it) is reflect for Triple Trouble, and even try to run pug wurms so that I can practice my mesmer solo-flect (thanks for the help Kazu)

Something people don't know about me: Uh.... I speak German???

Colour of underwear (the important question): Black

P.S. Nude-flect is best 'flect

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Name: Adam, most people will call me Adatra or Brother


Characters: Brother Mhenloa (Main/ Guardian), General Adatra (Warrior), Archmage Zeus (Ele), Dusk Madness (Mesmer)


About Me: I am 25 am married with one son and a second child on the way. I work for the RAAF currently as a student working towards Personnel Capability Officer, over the past five years I worked as an Avionics Technician working on the AP-3C Orions in Adeliade, had some great times working on such an old air frame. I play lots of games but mainly on xbox such as Destiny and Halo. I used to play competative Call Of Duty and am hoping to get back into the competitions this year with the new Halo. 



Something people don't know about me: I play saxophone and currently own 4 they are probably some of my prized possessions.


Colour of underwear: A man never tells

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Name: odiegarfield.(call me odie)


Characters: Odiegarfield, Garfieldodie, Asada Aka Sinon, Suzakukururugi, and some more once i have more character slots.


About Me: I am a 17 years old boy who is studying in second year of Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. Even though I'm studying at Uni as an international students, i actually have no idea what i want to do for my life (Asian parents be making them decisions :'( so i pretty much am confused of what to do). I always love playing MMOs but because no1 i know play it so i stopped playing them. Guild Wars 2 is the only first game i played with my friends because we bought it when it was 50% off and then they all quit the game and went back to LoL. Luckily, I met some1 and they let me into their guild and I met Greegrass who introduced me to TTS (ty Gree :)). I starrted playing GW2 at around the start of December last year so I'm a newbie so plz teach me senpais :). I love animes, mangas, GW2 and LoL because they no real life stuff :).



Something people don't know about me: I copied odiegarfield from my older brother because I was too lazy to make any nickname for my self.


Colour of underwear: Odie won't tell because Odie does whatever he wants :P

PS its black :P

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Hello everyone! I am quite new but super excited to be part of this community,it's a pleasure to meet you all! I've started the game very recently, so I'm still learning about it as I go, but I did a couple of teql runs before already, as well as got taxied in a wurm raid by a friend about a week ago! and those are about my two favourite bosses so I am really really looking forward properly doing them both with the guild!


Name: Finnell or Deli, both works really



Delitan (main) - Warrior

Finnel Fortune - Mesmer


Assigned to: Teq Timelords Squad

About me: I'm a little shy but generally very chipper and friendly, I'm pretty chill so I'm just a generally easy-going person, there's not much that rustles my jimmies, so to speak. I'm Italian so ESL user here, but I can listen in to instructions just fine so that's not a worry! My favourite GW feature is the ability to use dyes, I can now finally have the bubblegum princess character I've always dreamed of.


Something people don't know about me: I cannot sleep without my favourite pillow


Colour of underwear: trade secret

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Character names:

  • Merill Al Ghuraab | Ranger | Main
  • Almi Al Ghuraab | Thief
  • Almi The Catawampus | Warrior | Main
  • Almi The Canted | Guardian
  • Descarta Al Ghuraab | Mesmer


About me: Despite being in Canada, I tend to be on mainly during EU hours—time spent chiefly in Arah or sPvP. I've recently decided to attempt reflect calling, which has gone much better than expected in the few times I've gone through with it (thanks in no small part to the gif guide and able reflect teams). Been with TTS for over a year now, though I haven't generally done much in the way of community participation.


Beyond the realm of Guild Wars 2, I am an author, resigned accomplice to an especially impish cat, very amateur archer, marginally less amateur stargazer, and He Who Would Rather Be Sleeping.


Color of underwear: Find out for yourself.

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Name: Brother or Andres, or both :)  If you really want my first name I share it with a mob in the labyrinth from the Halloween event, however mine is infinitely more cool because I keep the "N" at the end.


Characters: Brother Andres, Bullvinkle, Brother Calvin, Sister Andres, Keep it Ranged, Pheronica, Rocky T Squirrle, Elessar, Klepta and many more (I have 19 just on my main account)


About Me:  I am currently working website admin and support for my church as well as helping getting its social media setup.  On top of that I am a substitute math teacher for high school math, and looking to be fully employed as a high school math teacher.  Yep, that officially makes me a geek, but that's okay I love it.


I am a huge animal lover and while I don't have any pets right now I grew up with two basset hounds that were very dear to me, I'll see if I can manage to dig up any pictures at some point.  I've been a part of the Guild Wars universe for 9 years now.  I am still part of my guild from GW1, but in a very limited capacity right now.


I am an optimist and love to look on the bright side of life.  For me a cup is never half full or half empty, it's just overflowing.  Not to say I don't see reality, but there are plenty of crappy things in life that it seems silly to dwell on them when there are so many good things that are going on all the time.  I love being in TTS and being a leader here, helping people learn things about their class, the fights, and just showing that a group of people with little to no experience but a positive and upbeat attitude can overcome many challenges.


Something people don't know about me:  When I was in 5th grade I went to a summer camp where I learned how to destroy my shoulder in order to move my hands (connected) from my back to the front of my body without ever letting go.  Since then I've been able to rather easily dislocate my shoulder.  I can still do the trick, but it hurts a lot and thus takes a lot of motivation for me to do it.

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