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So, on the old forums (blessed that carcass), this thread was quite popular! So reintroducing the getting to know you thread. Feel free to tell us about yourself, what you do when you're not slaying the undead, dragons or wurms in the world of Tyria, about the backstory for your characters or even about your pet monkey!


I'll start:


Name: Merf, Merfrog, Milforga, Twice Told *insertrandomword*

About me: When I'm not herding cats, I look at spreadsheets and have meetings to feel important as a product manager in a large financial services company. 


I have two brothers, one of which most of you should know well by now due to the random background chatter he solicits over my mic. Note he's a proficient Arah path seller so if you need an Arah path done I can hook you up ;). 


I also fly frequently to the other side of Australia to be with my SO, who ironically was a leader before I was in TTS, though she is far retired from that now and hops on every now and again to run with our shenanigans. 

Something people don't know about me: I was engaged when I was 18 (stupid right?)

Colour of underwear (the important question): White with black stripes!

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Hello o/


Name: Wickfish, Wick, main character name Isiliana Jhama


About me:

I'm a Physics PhD student, studying in Canberra.


I do a lot of this:

for (DWORD_PTR i = 0; i < this->processorCount; i++) 
        unsigned m_id = 0;
	DWORD_PTR m_mask = 1 << i;

	m_threads[i] = (HANDLE)_beginthreadex(NULL, 0, &MainManager::threadEntryPointStatic, (LPVOID)this, CREATE_SUSPENDED, &m_id);

	SetThreadAffinityMask(m_threads[i], m_mask);
Windows API C++ multi-threading ftw!

As well as:


Yay for maths!


And some of this:


What you are looking at here is a gold-plated positron (anti-matter) trap. The red spacers between electrodes are made of ruby. It is being prepared for ultra high vacuum conditions and so is super clean, hence the layer of tissue on the bench. I call it "The Heart of Gold" (name that reference!).

I also teach first year physics, so if you are TTS doing physics in Canberra, you better rep TTS during labs if you want full marks!

Something people don't know about me: I used to be a chef and have worked in award winning fine dining restaurants in New Zealand.

Colour of underwear (the important question): Black Calvin Klein

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Name: Greg, Atlantino, Senpai, Tino, *Insert multitiude of other names here*


About me: I'm still in highschool in melbourne so yes, I'm young *sigh*
I speak quite a few languages including but not limited to; English, French, Latin, Hebrew, Italian (undertsand not speak), Japanese (VERY rudimentary).

I have 2 sisters who are supposed to live at home but one is always away for some reason or another.
I travel a lot but my favourite holidays are skiing ones (Skiing <3)
I used to row for my school (We're one of the best schools at rowing in Aus) but injured my back so now coach freshmen (year 9) rowers instead. I also cycle a lot now to maintain health.
I am obsessive where I have to have different coloured pens for different things. For example, blue is the colour I use for general notes in class, if my blue pen runs out, I just don't take notes until I get a new one. Very OCD I know.

I love baking cupcakes although my skills at icing are incredibly sub-par. They taste amazing though so meow :'3
I have an obsession with cats but one of my sisters is allergic. I am still trying to convince my family to get rid of the sister and get a cat.
I am a fan of latin poetry, esoecially the opeining line of Catullus's 16th poem.
I also enjoy confusing people with words like gynotikolobomassophile (A person who enjoys nibling on women's earlobes)
I play the saxophone, although am fairly average at it
I have a complete phobia of ants. I have no idea why by ants always scare the hell out of me.
I am your senpai


Something people don't know about me: When I was bored in a maths class, I stuck my keys in a powerpoint, nearly short-circuited the entire school, earnt the nickname "Sparky", and didn't even get a detention.

Colour of underwear (the important question): Pink with white polka dots

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ooo me next!


Name: Kitty, KittyMeowMeow or Alverdyne

About me: I recently graduated with a degree in pharmacology from Melbourne Uni and currently work in medical administration. HOW EXCITING...


I spend all my free time playing Guild Wars or League of Legends and watching Rooster Teeth videos (Gavin Free is perfection). I also have an obsession with corgis, I saw one near my house once, I wanted to run across the road to pat it so badly but the people walking it might have thought I was crazy :\ I mean, it wasn't like I was going to steal the dog or anything............


I have a younger sister and older brother, my brother does play Guild Wars but not very much because he works out on the mines in the middle of Australia.


I travel a lot as well, hopefully next year I'll be off to China, if the LoL world championships are held there! This year I was in America for 3 weeks and went to New York, Disney World and Austin, Texas for RTX, which was totally amazing and I'm totally heading back to Orlando for Disney's 50th anniversary in 7 years.


Something people don't know about me: I rode horses for 14 years of my life, but recently gave it up because raising an army or corgis to take over the world with will require less space, well initially anyway. Don't worry, the first person I'm going after is the one that keeps uploading all my crappy plays to youtube.


Colour of underwear (the important question): This question is not creepy at all

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Name: Lethani K, Lethani Z, Lethani X etc


About me: 
GW2 is the first and only MMO I've really played.

I'm a change manager for a large bank.

I'm a concert addict - at last count, I had 47 ticket stubs.

12 of those stubs are for P!nk concerts.

I'll talk all day and night about GoT if you let me.


Something people don't know about me: I didn't know this until I read the thread, but I'm just old enough to be Atlantino's mother  :o

Colour of underwear (the important question): Ladies don't divulge that kind of information :)

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Name: Carrie (or several of my lesser known alts - but Carrie is my real name)

About me: I work in a government mail room basically deciding which more important that me people get what mail. I've recently moved out of Mum and Dad's place, and my Mum pretends not to miss me but sometimes I get random texts from her late at night, then I know better :P


I have one brother who is the most important person in the world to me (he's ten and he's such a good person already). I also have a significant other who spends more time organising TTS raids than talking to me and I am not impressed -.- (just kidding Merf!)


I obsess over things for several weeks at a time, then get bored and conveniently forget to do them. This includes games, other hobbies, and when I was in high school, my homework.


Something people don't know about me: I actually like Trahearne.

Colour of underwear (the important question): Black, usually.

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Name: Jacobbs


About me: Stuff, I like Guild wars.


Something people don't know about me: While I am Canadian, I was not born in Canada.


Colour of underwear (the important question): Likely jet black briefs. Cut me some slack, I wear fun socks to make up for it.

Edited by Jacobbs

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It's like an OCE orgy in here with with a Canadian caboose. Time to drop some goddamn 'Merica on this thread with a side of large fries and an extra-large Coca-Cola.


Name: Rebecca. Alts include A Lot of Peaches, A Common Disaster, Earbert Einstein, Far From Any Road, Need Mo Stabos Bro... Probably some others I'm forgetting.


About Me: Born and raised in small-town Montana. Graduated in 2004 from Montana State University with a BA in EE. 


Something people don't know about me: I shot Kennedy. Not the president; the MTV VJ. That would be interesting if only it were true. I guess I'll just have to go with the old standby: I bet I have more siblings than you do. Seven brothers and three sisters. 


Color of Underwear: A nice girl doesn't tell, but a good one shows.

Edited by geekanerd

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It's like an OCE orgy in here with with a Canadian caboose. Time to drop some goddamn 'Merica on this thread with a side of large fries and an extra-large Coca-Cola.




Damn what was it like working in Alaska? Sounds really interesting, but also really, really, REALLY tough. Was it hard being away from literally everything for so long?

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There might be no other place on earth as pretty as Alaska during the summer. And outside of Antarctica and Siberia and parts of far-northern Canada, maybe no place as miserable during the winter. I suppose it sort of takes the latter to make you really appreciate the former. Jesus, those winters were bad, though. Excellent experience all around, in any event, and I got to see a bunch of amazing things and places. However, there's a certain sort of... I dunno how to explain it, really, other than a kind of strain to living and working in such a remote place. I mean, we'd have things that would break and you couldn't just drive into town and replace it. We would have to charter a plane to come to fly out into the middle of nowhere, brave a bad dirt landing strip, just to get stuff. And that was only if weather permitted (I imagine the Australian outback has some similar issues). Part of why I got out. Yet, sometimes, I really miss it. Maybe someday I'll go back when I'm less focused on making a living and can enjoy it more. And avoid those dark winters entirely. 

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I guess I'll take the time to write out some pretty cool stuff, and by cool I mean lame af.


Name: Erik


About Me: Was born in Tacoma, Washington. I currently live in Texas, and I enjoy my time here, and while it will never be to my standards, gotta live with it, and the people around me. Currently working as an IT Lead, and working on a bachelors in business and communications. Probably end up at law-school (maybe) :). However, that's the only cool thing about me.


I guess what I am really proud of is my time with TTS. Many didn't know who I was, and I only popped up and gained popularity when we were doing the North American II raids. I got my start leading/commanding by leading Cobalt that night. Mind you, that was the first time I had ever led anything. It was awesome - almost got the kill, but Amber had a little bit of a problem and we couldn't help her :(. Anyway, things changed pretty rapidly, I applied - and here I am today. Your goofy, marijuana-injecting, amber-slaying, big beautiful bastard.


Something people may not know about me: Nothing. I am an open book. Ask.


Color of Underwear: When leading raids, I do it naked. Only way to play video-games.

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Name: ilsensine, ils, Zacharius, Zach 

About me: I'm an Information Security engineer. I do incident response, data forensics, and penetration testing (giggidy / authorized hacking). Most of my hobbies, outside of PC games at least, require no technology because you become absolutely terrified of what you find working in this field. I recently returned from a hunting trip where I shot a doe, though only with a camera, and got in a fight with a porcupine, which I ended shooting as well, though with a rifle.

Color of underwear: Black Fruit of the Loom boxers

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Name: Matt (Damien Halia (guardian) / Shino Rekochi (elementalist) )


About Me: 7 year veteran of GW1 (pre-Factions). I usually am the token "Old Guy" in guilds. Wife and 2 cats, born in New England, college in Vermont (BS Psychology), have been to the Equator and love driving across the country to visit random family members. Currently employed at Shared Services warehouse shipping/receiving admin for UNC Healthcare. I absolutely love showing new people around and teaching what I know about dungeons / fractals (up to lvl 10) and general gameplay. I'm very new to endgame Raids and joined TTS because of all of the amazing positivity I've heard about them. Can usually be found on Youtube watching AGDQ speedruns or WoodenPotatoes videos.


Color of Underwear: Black clothy stretchy Hanes boxers.

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Name: Kyriel (Kyrie - L) 

About me: I am a jack-of-all-trades (also know as Senior Administrative Assistant) - which means I'm always busy. Period.


So on that note, I love playing Guild Wars 2 as a nice stress free alternative to answering my cellphone. According to the 4 years I spent at University I am a Public Relations/Communications Specialist but you wouldn't know that from listening to me talk (type). I'm one of 'those' Canadians. Born, raised and currently reside in Sunny Alberta! I am the proud (and super annoyed) older sister of a far too smarty pants brother. As far as it goes I'm a pretty open book, so make sure you reallly want to know when you ask me a question. 


Something people don't know about me: There are many things you don't know about me - but I have been to every Canadian province and territory except for NWT (because why...)

Colour of underwear (the important question): No... just no. Take that however you will.

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Name: Samantha. Some friends call me Sammie, some call me Bunny. (Sammie Brook in game.)

About Me: I'm a 22 year old female, originally from New York but currently living in Florida. During highschool I attended a tech school for Digital Multimedia (filming/graphic design/photography). After high school I went to university where I studied Journalism for Online Communications and was an editor on the school newspaper. I had to leave school due to health problems that have since passed, and when I go back I will be studying Special Effects Makeup Artistry. .. I'm a little all over the place? I love cosplaying and attending conventions. I have an awesome chocolate lab named Thor (his brother Loki passed away last year) and spend most of my time looking at bunny pictures on the internet. 

Color of underwear: ALL THE COLOURS.

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Name: Gwendolynne, Gwenny, Gwen, Hey, You!

About me: - I am 28 Female from Colorado. I was born in Minnesota, and I lived 4 years in Delaware for College.

- I suffer from Anxiety and Depression that makes it near impossible to live a normal life and games like GW2 help me be more social.

- My little brother is Special Needs but he's the smartest kid I know and he inspired me to get a degree in childhood special education.

- I love horses and my therapist recommended me for Equine Therapy.

- Ticking (liek clocks), Electrionic Buzzing (especially fluorescent light fixtures), and Random Chatter of people really trigger me.

- TTS is the reason I am working on my trigger of people talking by going on the TS for raids.

- I've been in TTS for almost a year and in that time I have only  been on TS a handful of times, but every time I find myself getting better at speaking up.

- TTS is the first guild I ever met friends in.

- I swear I was a cat in another life.

- I'm a text-based Role-player and I have written 3 fantasy novels since I was 10. I've never been brave enough to publish my work.

- My real name is Samantha but almost everyone I know even in my real life sometimes calls me Gwen.

- Gwendolynne Wolfe is a character who is the main in most of my literary work, and her sister Raevynne is another of my most beloved characters. I bring them to life in avatar form in every MMO I play.

- I mostly play Norns and Sylvari because I am Nordic in real life, and Sylvari are so colorful =)

- I've been working on Twilight since I started the game but I refuse to craft it until I drop my precursor.

Something people don't know about me: I have 3 college degrees but I struggled to get through high school, and also I really love GW2 and its direction. The Gem Shop wins me over every week with its additions and I almost always buy something.

Colour of underwear (the important question): What Underwear? =O Nekkid Gaming is best gaming.

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Oooooh, chance to share again... Here we go~!


Name: Sera, Rosso, Rosso monster, and Queen of all things Sylvari~!


About Me: When not raiding, I spend a lot of my time reading (webcomics, fanfictions, roleplaying books, you name it), and looking at pictures! I really enjoy doing dungeons and FotM and almost anything socially interactive in-game, because honestly, this is where I have the most friends at.


IRL, I am much more of a wreck. Bi-polar manic/depressant, OCD (which is a trigger for my mood swings, yaay!), and a severe social recluse. This in addition to a lot of accidents and illnesses with my throat when I was young that left me with my... erm... unique voice. I kid you not, I spend more time talking to you guys in a day than I do talking to my coworkers about non-work related stuff.


Work-wise, I am stuck in retail, which is why I sound so stressed all the time, lol... Otherwise, if I thought I could make money at it, I would turn my efforts to writing and photography. I've also been an avid role-player since I was 11 (dear gawddess, over 23 years!!), and have both written stories for roleplaying groups online and done a lot of IRL games. Go figure, I actually am more outgoing when I am pretending to be someone other than me, lmao... Suffice it to say, I have more than twice my own weight in roleplaying books, woot~!


Beyond that, I love driving quite a bit too fast, listening to almost anything electronica, and my better half and I usually go out every other weekend or so and watch a new movie~!


Things you may not know about me: The friends I've made in [TTS] were actually the first people to ever convince me to speak online! This taking into account that I have been playing MMO's since '02, and was one of the top-rated Horde main raid tanks on my server in WoW. Also, my better half and I have been together for more than half our lives, as of this year!


Colour of underwear: Today? Grey/pink... and yeah, creepy Merf is still creeeeeepy!

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Sera have you ever read Brandon Sanderson's books? I really like them, and he is quite into the ideas of world building and the framework for story universes etc. You should check out this website with all the 15 minute podcasts him and some other did about this.

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Name: Refer to signature below for all my random names. But most people call me Arieon or Arie now. Although one of my character names is actually a more prevalent name for me on the interwebs.


About me: One of the rare people from Singapore in TTS (I think we're currently about 4-5 with Feo, Evers and myself being the more obvious ones)


Currently working and living in Beijing, China and constantly breaking through the Great Firewall to play GW and chat with people. Specializing in marketing and promotion which means I spend a lot of time talking to people I don't want to. I occasionally work at a bar in Beijing which is fun since I get to meet all sorts of people and I can make a couple of mean cocktails (which is surprisingly easy once you know how)


Studied in Sydney (UTS FTW) and love traveling, which usually means visiting Japan since I enjoy anime, manga, cosplaying and anything Japanese really. I love cats and have a cat of my own who's currently living with my mom back in Singapore. Hopefully I'll have time to post pictures of him on the forum.


Something people don't know about me: I've never been to North or South America and I plan to organize a big trip there sometimes soon. Best to know lots of people who I can couchsurf on and can show me where the best places to eat and visit are. Also, I'm older than most people think I am, but online and in person, I usually look like I should still be in school.


Colour of underwear (the important question): Since it's currently really cold in China, I'm wearing grey thermal underclothing. =P



Rosso: Your voice is fine and I like it! It calms me when I hear it actually.

Gwenny: Looking forward to talking with you!

Sammie: What do you cosplay as?

Kyriel: Wow, a fellow PR 'professional' xD

Tabian: Welcome to TTS and we can share GW1 war stories, especially pre-heroes LFGs

Zach: Poor porcupine... D=

Ailarin: Pets do you have them?

geekanerd: Any of those sisters single?

Jacobbs: Why did you leave out the singing?

Carrie: Wow, has merf ever felt like the catch of the day? xD

Lethani: Oooh, all that spare change, must be a nightmare

Kitty: Where in China? Come visit!

Greg: Greg: Greg

Wickfish: Looks like what Detha makes in AC...

Merf: Wow, engaged at 18, the jealousy.

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