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Something Sunday - October 18th

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In preparation for Heart of Thorns, we'll be doing a quick Temple and Consumables run on October 18th after Teq. This will be a great time for you to unlock gear for alts and stocking up on consumables. Also, it will be highly recommended to run any alts you have up through the Gates of Arah in Cursed Shore and Sati Waypoint in Fireheart Rise. 


A full set of armor will cost 252,000 karma, and a full set of trinkets will cost 252,000 as well (504,000 total karma). 

Available stats are:
Cavalier's (trinkets)
Berserker's (armor)
Cleric's (armor)
Magi's (armor and trinkets)
Rabid (armor and trinkets)
Rampager's (armor)
Soldier's (armor and trinkets)


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Leaders can always plan an event for Something Sunday.  All they have to do is ask and I will likely say yes if there is nothing planned. 

Also, if a member comes up with a really good suggestion, then a leader can sponsor it.  That was the original idea behind event planning, but it was never used. :(

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