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Pink Day in LA

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Hi All,

As you may have noticed, Pink Day in LA is coming up soon! This event is run once a year to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. To help support this amazing event, TTS will be participating at the event and I encourage you all to donate some items in game to them at the very least to support this worthwhile cause. More details below!

Deets Pink Day in LA 2015!

Come Waddle with us for a cure!!!

In game donations can be sent to M A L I B U Barbie (Xantara Zephyra) @ Yailith.4056. Note that TTS will not be accepting donations on behalf of PDILA this year. Please also only send items and not G as items are something tangible that they can work with as opposed to gold. 

We'll also be running donation runs over the next few weeks in the lead up to PDILA! Join us and help support this amazing cause!

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Yeah, I'm hoping we host a Toga map again.  Was kinda fun being a volunteer (especially for the hide and seek).


Did we host a Pink day map last year? I remember donating stuff, but can't remember if we hosted a map too (or if merf just gave our donations to the pink day people).

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Since this will be my first year attending PDILA.. what kind of items would make for good donations? I couldn't seem to find anything about it on the sites.

A good rule of thumb would be to think if you'd like getting what you're donating.

Time gated items: Clay Pots, Ascended Materials, 
Weapon Skins
T6 Materials

No moldy (and other loot) bags this time?

I wonder, since it'll be around Halloween time (a bit before it), if ToT bags would be accepted (not sure of their price right now, due to the farmers in Bloodcide Toast).

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If you want to donate to the items they will be raffling off during the event - they are looking specifically for in-game items since there is a cap on how much gold a person can send and receive in a week. This makes the logistics of collecting gold donations and sending out gold as raffle prizes much more complicated for the people organizing. If you have excess gold and still want to donate, convert that gold into something cool and send it over to the PDiLA people.

If you want to donate cash for the research go here.If you donate more than $10 CAD and follow the steps on that page, you will be entered into the raffle to win items that others have donated. I believe you can donate now if you want, you don't have to wait until the day of the event.

TTS members have done both donating in-game items and donating cash to research. It's up to what you personally want to do.

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