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List of badges

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Bottom of the first post, gives list of what badges they wanted made.


And from forum chatbox:

  • Spear Of Flame 9 Sept 3:28 PM
    Are we going to be able to change them ourselves? Since we can only have one (as nonleaders, and can't swap at will), I'd rather have my wurmslayer/vanguard than coordinator I think
  • Rachel Roqux 9 Sept 3:31 PM

    No, you can't change them yourselves. If you want something different I'll have a form to fill out or you can send me a mail in the forums. Right now I'm just going down a list and I don't want to miss anybody, so you may be stuck with it for a few days...


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Yeah that was it. I just thought that there should be something in the handbook, rather than new people having to dig through an old thread. Of course its not that old yet, but it wont take long before it is buried.

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