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Taxing and IP

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Hi all!

I am new to raiding in Guild Wars and though the member guides are very informative I am still a little confused about the process of joining up for the Raid nights?

From what I read and what it sounds like the following occurs:

Players join the Raid Channel shortly before the Raid time

Players travel to the zone of the event.

Guild leaders announce they have arrived.

Players try in GW to /join the leaders listed leaders by icons shown in TeamSpeak.  If one says they are full you try another. Eventually players may announce in teamspeak chat they have openings and you join theirs.

If you join, right click their party name and try to join their instance. Then leave the group so others can do the same taxing.

This is where I start to get fuzzy...

Then you type /IP to get your IP address of the instance/server.

Then a separate channel in the raid chat is started for that IP. You join that.

If you are late or the server is full a second raid may form, where you repeat the process taxing to that instance and typing /IP to see your number.

Leader will start a sub-chat for that IP and you join that one.

Then normal raid prep and strategy occurs.

Is that right? Am I wrong or missing any steps? Do you have to join a separate GW chat channel or anything? Do you reform parties once there?


Any help is greatly appreciated, and sorry you have to dumb it down. Tried to figure it out on my own but it just wasn't clicking.

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You probably want to do /ip when you get on sparkfly fen or bloodtied coast right off the bat. That way you know your ip before hand.

Leaders don't announce they've arrived in a formal fashion, we just know their voices.

Generally NA karka's finish at about 10-15 past the hour but that isn't guaranteed, and teq map hunt begins shortly thereafter. If there is enough people who didn't get on the map, I believe second map hunt occurs at :35 past.

I would also reccomend pretyping a leader with a long name (Lord Erin the Wise, Kantriakhor) because members tend to taxi on leaders with short and sweet names (Gekk Exl). Commanders in channel are also a safe bet as they get taxi'd in before the members. You also want to be repping as guild mates will offer their services in guildchat as well.

The only parties that form are defence parties, otherwise it's recommended you stay out of group, except when champ farming.

The leader who is leading the teq map will make a seperate channel for everyone in said map and ask everyone to join that channel.

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