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Captain Seyo

I Dare You Not to Smile

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The Flamingo Zerg was too much... So I lost this dare... =(


Here's some GW2 Funz:




Me on my Norn (which is mostly what I have... whoever said a Norn mesmer was a good idea... just wants to watch the world burn)



GM Talon posted this on someone's thread that was whining about bieng banned, I love GM Talon


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People say that the Sylvari's bark is worse than their bite.


Whats the difference between a Sylvari and a pot plant? Pot plants don't scream when you cut their legs off and shove them in the ground.


What do you call a Charr that makes coffee? A Charrista.


What do you call it when a Necro goes into a Shadow Refuge? Going Incognecro.


A Norn, a Sylvari and a Human walked into a bar. The Asura walked under it.



I regret nothing.

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