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Hey guys, just thought I'd put this out there. I realize a niche in this forum is that there's no central place where we can really talk about movies and TV shows and other media things without it leaking over to General Chat.

Just thought I'd drop the suggestion here for having one, that way Celtic can ask us if we've seen the new Fantastic Four and QQ about its badness, check our Deadpool hype, have insanely intense detailed theory crafting about the next spiderman movies.

This would also apply for the TV shows, we can even have a rrecommendation thread. Also I could then boast about being an extra at the pilot of Arrow.



Edit: Phone editing is hard yoooo.

Edited by Irrell

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This really slipped through the cracks for me - and apologies for not replying sooner (6 months hype).


I'd be up for adding this if there is interest. Before it came in the form of an art section - but it never really got used. 

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