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Speed Run Records! (The Diamond Icon)

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1 hour ago, Raven Paradox said:

  Congrats guys!   Now let's start working on getting that Phase 1 kill!


@Merforga care if I update the OP?   Or would you like it.   Seeing as the records in the OP are pre-HoT before icon wipe.

Go for it! 

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Sorry on waiting so long to update this... I was too busy... crying #HoldtheDoor



On a side note,  Added AB and also MoM.   However,  no icons currently exist.  I'll leave it up to @Merforga if he wants to start making icons for those events.


Also I believe there should be certain requirements to getting the icons (even if we purge and re-do them).


1) Must get 12minutes+ on Tequatl

2) Must get 4 minutes+ on Triple Trouble

3) Must get 1:20+ on Triple Trouble phase 2 for single fastest kill or all 3 for wurm chaser

4) Must kill all Gerents in phase 2 for KotJ

5) Must complete Octovine with 12+ Minutes remaining on timer

6) Must complete Dragon Stand in over 1 hour remaining


Basically what we had before.


  That way we're not just handing out icons for sub-par kills when the icons get released.  Feel free to disagree this isn't set in stone.

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again... we got so much time left on the Octovine event, but none of my screenshots were with the timer left on the clock. If anyone has screenshots of that Octovine event, PLEASE!!!!!!!! post it here, and we can poke Merforga for a new icon. 

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