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Updated Tequatl Strategy Guide

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I took a stab at updating the Tequatl strategy guide with my experience running with TTS.



Rather than this being a unilateral effort, I would like this to be a collaborative effort.

  • There's definitely room for improvement. If anybody has changes they'd like to make, feel free to do so.
  • If anybody feels like this is not worth the effort, because Tequatl isn't that difficult (and because I wouldn't be able to give you a good answer if you were to ask me who is the target audience of my proposed updated guide), I won't be offended.

I tried to remove some of the outdated information (e.g., crittability of Teq) and addressed the Why in addition to the What. Beyond that, there are a few things that seem outdated, and should be updated or removed:

  • Traits - still uses the old system
  • Skill selection - there have been many skill revisions since the last update.
  • Armour stats - no update since the world boss crit patch.
  • North & South Commanders - I don't think I've ever seen this done in EU or NA in the past half-year.

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Haha.  Well I'm currently working on a Tequatl guide as well.   If you'd like Mealla, I can send you a rough draft and see if you'd like to add any input.    It's very in depth and provides, in a personal opinion, the best builds (including specializations, gear sets, utilities, and rotations) for Tequatl as well.


  Shoot me a PM on these forums if you'd like me to send you the copy.   I hope to have it done by this Friday.  Just need to get more input on the builds from people I've made builds with before (unfortunately, they have finals this week so it's hard to find time to talk to them).

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I always believe a guide is always needed while not as many people will care when the content is simple they are still wonderful to have for people trying to be the best.


I really do love the format of the guide. I only wish some way to break up the text with pictures however my self could never find any good pictures. I wanted at one time to do the skills and traits with images to make it seem less like a wall of text. I would also have the acknowledgements reflect the people who really worked on it. I really hate when people don't get credit for what they do.


This all being said was an leader looking into updating the guide as well.

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