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Adorable Pet Pictures

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I recently saw a video of Gekk's absolutely adorable dog and it made me want to see more cute pet pictures because who doesn't love cute animals? So this is for people to post pictures of the scaled, feathered, or furry members of your family being adorable.




The siamese is Mona and the other one is Spatula. They're both about 2 years old.

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So about three weeks ago, a kitty wandered up to my front door, I tried and tried to find its home, no chip or anything... I didn't have the heart to put her up for adoption, so she joined the family :)  This is my dogs first time seeing her.  Doggy is a silly short black lab named Piper :D

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Ok this from left to right is teraFLOPS Wednesday, Razor and Shady.




Shady and Tera Cuddling




Wednesday chilling in a box (you can SORTA see Shady behind her)




This is Pepe (in front) and Fizban (in the back) cuddling in a hammock.




This is Yin chilling with me under a blanket in the crook of my arm.




And yin's brother Yang looking all excited and happy.





I couldn't find pictures of Yin and Yang when they were grown up, they are probably on my other hard drive.

These are the rats that we used to have, they are such sweet loving animals. Sadly however they have very short life spans (a max of about 3 years with very rare individuals living to about 4) and the emotional toll that it took on us when they died was insane so we do not have any right now. 

We do have 2 dogs a cat and a snake which I will post at a later date.

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I expect to be a momma rattums a few more times, I love them to death and beyond. I still have the cage they lived in, had to leave it with my pops cos current landlords don't like rattums. When I move again though... ho-yeah, all the rattums.


Edit: Razor looked cute in that picture! The naked ones always need a lil' extra love.

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Snoozing on me the other morning.












Miss Kitty:




whaT is she even doing




Simon & Ducky (the cat with three legs):






After being told to pick out what toys he wanted to take with him on a trip out of state.





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Here are 5 of the 6 my mom got.


First was this guy.



While we were checking on these two at the animal shelter: (Who are sisters that were found in a box (which was taped iirc) on the side of a road in winter/spring)





Then this guy, whos huge. (who she took in from someone else who couldn't keep him)





Then this gal. (who she took in from a veterans widow, who got to elderly to take care of her) (also the smallest of the bunch, which gets picked on, since she was never around other cats before)




There's a sixth, but I haven't taken a photo of yet. (also another she took in from someone who couldn't keep/care for)

Shes gray like the 4th, but with different markings (and is about a 1/3 of his size).

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My cat, Mona, being all "Hey human. You trying to do something? Maybe play a game or work? It'd be a shame if my head got in the way. This could all be fixed if you'd pay me some damn attention."

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