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Triple Trouble: Reflect Team

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Note: This was written before I became a leader; it's not in any way TTS-official - just meant to help people out.

Ultimately, just volunteering for it and getting experience is far more useful than reading!
tl;dr: Step up if new. Eggs bad. Reflect them. Dodge spins and small spin spit. Learn traits/skills/positioning. Learn stuff and call, then train. Balance teams between line/area reflects. Don'tdiehavefungetloots.r
Check pic(re)flects for a visual guide :D
Reflect Overview
Note: New reflectors are always welcome at wurm! Just let us know during set up, and we'll train you.
Note 2: This is referred to as reflect team, but projectile-destroying skills are also used.
Note 3: TeamSpeak is required for reflect team. A mic is required for the reflect caller, as the wurm zerg is dependent on the caller.
Reflect team's purpose is to reflect the eggs to prevent any larva from hatching. These scale a lot and are extremely difficult to kill; they have an aoe spit attack and knockbacks. Husks share the same animation but cannot be reflected or destroyed, so that's what condi team is for.
As it's a specialized team, reflect team only joins the zerg during burns and does not follow the wurm commander's call outside of that. This includes calls for reflects – only reflect when the reflct caller calls it. Reflectors should only reflect during their team's turn.
The wurm has three animations, which Kalak's video shows, including placement inside the wurm.

  • Spit: Curls back a bit and spits three times, either husks (one per spit) or eggs (three per spit)
  • Large spin: pulls out of the ground with its head in the air, spins clockwise still outstretched, then spins stretched out on the ground counter clockwise
  • Small spin: slight clockwise rotation with its head hanging down before curling counter clockwise on the ground the spinning clockwise & spitting

Make sure to stay close enough to the wurm to be ready immediately, particularly when still learning. When a team is called to be ready, they should be in position and ready to cast reflect immediately. This is particularly true if there hasn't been a spit in sometime, as the second team will need to be ready if the first spit was husks.
Once familiar (enough to track the spit timing without the calller), it doesn't hurt to start attacking nearby wurms already harassing reflect to try and aggro them elsewhere, just be careful not to get downed or aggro five wurms onto the reflect team ;). The primary focus must remain on reflecting, though.
Reflect Skills/Traits
Note that this only covers skills/traits necessary for reflect. The remainder of the build is up to each individual reflector. When first starting out, play a little bit more defensively (e.g. pvt armor with full berserker accessories) and start adding in gear/traits that are more dps-oriented. It should be able to handle a husk and a few wurms, just in case. Don't be a reflector who's constantly downed/dead!
Professions most often used at TTS wurms: Engineer, Elementalist, Guardian, Mesmer, Ranger, Thief
Line reflect: Reflect/projectile destruction casts in a line, so angle matters! The character must stand just inside the wurm and face perpendicular to the wurm when it's in a neutral position (body isn't twisted). Once the skill has been casted, the player can move again.
Area reflect: For area reflect/projectile destruction, angle does not matter, only placement inside the wurm for most professions. 
Engineer: area reflect – high difficulty! Not suggested for beginner reflectors

  • Minimum of two turrets with Inventions -> Grandmaster -> Advanced Turrets
  • This is only suggested for people already familiar with the wurm animations, because engis need to be able to read the wurm for themselves due to the turret cast time and delay with the bubble from Advanced Turrets.
  • Some engis will bring four turrets (regular utility, not the Supply Crate elite), drop one per spit (or drop one and only drop the later ones if a spit is confirmed), and then pick the three turrets up for faster recharge. Engis also have Toss Elixir U, but placement can be difficult, and it has a high recharge and can be unreliable; some will bring this due to the faster cast time.
  • Engis also have shield offhand 4 (Magnetic Shield), which can be traited for shorter cd in Inventions -> Adept -> Over Shield

Notes from Koshchei:

  • total wait time for each turret shield: 1.5 sec = 0.5 sec (cast time) + 1.0 sec (shield deployment time)
  • duration of each shield: 4 secs.
  • Supply Crate turrets also have shields, but exact turret placements cannot be controlled and has a long recharge time; therefore, it's only used in reflecting when other turrets are recharging.

Elementalist: large area projectile destruction

  • Focus required for Swirling Winds ([&B5oVAAA=]) with Air -> Master -> Aeromancer's Training
  • Easiest reflect in terms of placement due to large radius (400) but note the .5s cast time, so must pay close attention to calls

Guardian: line reflect & area projectile destruction

  • Wall of Reflection [&ByMkAAA=] Virtues -> Adept -> Master of Consecrations & strongly recommend shield for Shield of Absorption ([&B4MjAAA=]) 
  • The shield can be used either before or after for additional projectile destruction. For beginners, casting after will help to cover the wall in case it was off angle. For more advanced tactics, the shield can be casted first to see if the wurm spits husks and save Wall of Reflection.
  • Sensha's note + img (Carson also recorded a video here):
    "So! The update hits in a week and guardians and mesmers are stuck with ground targeted skills to do their primary reflect. This tends to be an issue though because you can't ground target inside the wurm properly forcing the skill to be too far in front of the wurm to reflect all volleys of eggs. However, there's a solution to this which is the minimap trick (which kazu taught me a while back). what this does is place ground targeted skills directly under you. How this works is simply by putting your cursor over the minimap, and then selecting the ground targeted skill and activating it. I've demonstrated this in the following gif. Pay attention to the order in which I do everything. As you can see it shows up in the same spot, at the same angle as if Wall of Reflect was not ground targeted."
  • Also, note that it does tend to cast slightly further up than it used to prior to ground-targeting. 

Mesmer: line reflect, feedback if good at positioning

  • When first learning reflect and wurm, starting with Temporal Curtain ([&B8onAAA=]) may be easiest. After some familiarity with that and quick movement, using Feedback ([&Bz4oAAA=]) should work out pretty well. Note that if the new reflector has someone to show him/her the placement and is confident in being able to sit still and leave a burn early enough to re-position, it'll likely work out well - just not "oo shiny vet wurm to attack /wander off" mentality.
  • Temporal Curtain: Inspiration -> Master -> Warden's Feedback
  • Feedback: Inspiration -> Grandmaster -> Temporal Enchanter
  • (see guardian section above or watch Carson's video here) Sensha's note: "For temporal curtain you can generally do the same thing you do on guardian. You'll want to go inside the front of the wurm, and try to be as centered as possible. In this screenshot I show where the center is, this is an ideal temporal curtain. But try not to go behind that spot or you'll miss all eggs, and try not to be too far in front of it either. Kazu says his experience has leaked eggs if it's too far towards the front, but I may have accidentally discovered a possibly higher error room than 'it has to overlap the center,' so I'll get results on that later." 
  • 5JQ4OIY.png
  • To learn about using Feedback at the wurms, check Kazu's videos on placement: amber, cobalt, crimson

Ranger: area reflect

  • Axe offhand for Whirling Defense ([&B7MwAAA=]) (back to 150 range!)
  • Rangers must wait for the Whirling Defense animation to complete. If husks or larva are nearby, use stability first.

Thief: line projectile destruction & very small area reflect with precise placement

  • Smoke Screen ([&BwkzAAA=]) with Shadow Arts -> Adept -> Concealed Defeat - Note the .5s cast time, so must pay close attention to calls
  • Thieves can also opt to use Dagger Storm as a cover/secondary reflect (same placement as ranger), if traiting for Trickery > Master > Trickster - credit to Sensha Shadowdagger

Warrior: very small area reflect – very high difficulty! Not for beginner reflectors 

  • Check Kazu\'s post here
  • should be practiced outside of raids to confirm accuracy
  • would suggest pairing with an experienced reflect

Condensed version for pasting into TS:

>> Guard & Mez: [url=http://forums.ttsgamers.com/topic/127-triple-trouble-reflect-team/]Sensha's note[/url] for ground targeted workaround (or double click the skill)
>> Engi: min 2, pref 3+, turrets w/ Inventions -> Grandmaster -> Advanced Turrets
>> Ele: Air Focus 4 (Swirling Winds) w/ 4 Air -> Master -> Aeromancer's Training
>> Guard: Wall of Reflection (see ) & Shield 5 (Shield of Absorption) w/ Virtues -> Adept -> Master of Consecrations
>> Mesmer: use focus 4 (Temporal Curtain) line reflect-style (see Sensha's note in the OP) w/ Inspiration -> Master -> Warden's Feedback
>> Ranger: Axe 5, Whirling Defense, same placement as guard/mez, must wait for full skill duration
>> Thief: Smoke Screen w/ Shadow Arts -> Adept -> Concealed Defeat; Dagger Storm w/ Trickery > Master > Trickster

 Reflect Calling
Note: This section is mostly for new reflect callers. Even if there are a bunch of people with reflector pro icons, feel free to volunteer; they are there to help and are more than happy to back up new reflectors.
Reflect callers are responsible for calling large spin, small spin, and reflects for the reflect team. In my opinion, calling the dodges after spins (e.g. large spin... dodge) and both the small spin and spit (note the delay if it's at range) helps people quite a bit, particularly if the orange circles are obstructed or glitch for them.

Prep: Before volunteering to call, mentally call animations while on reflect team. Once all animations can be accurately called, then volunteer to call and ask to have an experienced caller on the team as a backup. While calling, make sure to include prompts such as which team is up and when to get ready. Try to stay calm and have fun :D
Getting started: From my own experience, it was easier to start calling from range, get comfortable with that, and then start adding in prompts on which team should be ready to reflect in party chat. New callers can also opt to call reflect on all spits until they're comfortable with the timing for only reflecting eggs. Also, remind the team what the party split is shortly before starting, just in case.
Timing: For spit timing, several people have timed it to 40-45 seconds. Track this by counting animations (2-3 and particularly after roars) or using skill cool downs, such as Gale (Focus Air 5) on an ele traited with Aeromancer's Alacrity (Air IX). I'll call for the team that's up to get ready with 5-10 seconds left just to make sure that people are ready (helps the newer reflectors as well). If in doubt, just call reflect.
Team splits/covering: When splitting your teams, make sure to try and distribute area and line reflects (covered in overview above) evenly (e.g. avoid two line reflects on the same team or two new eles/thieves on the same team). Sometimes, this isn't possible, so the caller may want to opt to help cover that team or continue to be a backup reflector in case one of the team members can't cast the reflect on time.
Training: Try to watch the reflects and provide feedback if positioning or placement needs to be improved. e.g. People standing too far away from or too far into the wurm, mesmers targeting the wurm, etc. Try to watch for early reflects or team members who are too far away/downed; callers can also make sure to ask their team to put something in party chat if a reflect can't be made.
During: If too many wurms are near the reflect team and are causing problems, mention it in TeamSpeak. Same goes for husks, then return to calling.
Recovery: One of the most important things to remember is that if an animation is miscalled or eggs get out, recover from it! There is no time for a caller to beat him/herself up over it, just learn from it and move on quickly. Don't go silent. Forgot which team is up? Ask the party.

Reflect Training
Post June 23, 2015: Make sure that you're aware of changes to the professions!
Once callers are comfortable with calling, running reflect training is the next step. Note that if you don't have a commander tag but are interested in training, just ask the person tagged up if you could lead training.
If short on time: get callers, train new people, splits, do a sound check, and go to wurm channels; the callers should be able to fill in the rest.

Note that setup can vary by timezone. The training channel will typically open once someone volunteers to lead reflect training; OCE will typically identify callers prior to the channel opening. Get numbers into the channel and start getting people to move north of Laughing Gull [&BkgBAAA=] and head north to the pirate cannon. It's sometimes useful to ask someone else on TS to wait behind and make sure people head over to the waypoint if set up is running short on time.

  • Quick Overview: covered in overview above
  • Callers: Ask for new callers and pair them with experienced callers to shadow. Try to place new callers on cobalt, as this wurm doesn't have any particular "tricks".
  • New reflectors & distribution: Ask for any new/fairly new reflectors and distribute them; try to place new reflectors with experienced callers, so that they'll receive feedback and allow the new caller(s) to focus more on getting comfortable with calling.
  • Remaining reflectors: Distribute everyone else.
  • Check team distribution & adjust: Ask the callers what their team distribution is, not including themselves. Putting it into say chat makes things easier. Balance out the area and line reflect for better coverage.
    • If numbers are low, amber must have either one reliable soloflect guard or reliable reflectors on both teams (can inc. caller). Try to do the same for cobalt, but a commander familiar with calling can help to do that but typically not join in reflecting. Crimson is where an experienced commander familiar with reflect can sub in as both caller and reflector.
  • Team splits: Ask the callers to split the teams and go into more detail.
  • More detail:
    • Review the traits, go more in depth for professions with new reflectors.
    • Remind people about bringing stunbreak/stability, preferably a condi clear and gap closer as well.
    • Review placement (step into the wurm until the character can barely be seen and perpendicular to the wurm when it's facing straight ahead – as in, its body isn't twisted), again focusing on new professions and asking them to practice.
    • Specific wurm notes: Amber can spit right after the burn, so the caller should have the reflect team leave the burn early to prepare (when the wurm is about to "stand" again). Crimson can still spit or spin (sometimes up to two animations) even after the message on the screen announces that the wurm is vulnerable. This can also happen at amber, depending on how quickly the harpoons are shot. Generally, just keep the team ready until the wurm is on the ground. Cobalt can sometimes have a stray egg but should generally be okay.
    • Ask for any questions
  • Practice: Do a practice run by team (both team 1 and team 2), so that placement can be checked and caller volume adjusted; keep in mind that the wurm leader will also be talking throughout. Use this time for new reflectors to practice as well.
  • Split to wurm channels & check for food: Keep an eye on the wurm channels. When they've been created, it's likely that food was/will be dropped at Firthside Vigil [&BKoBAAA=].


Short version: In some cases where all reflectors are experienced, get callers, distribute professions, remind people to check equip/traits/skills, and do a quick soundcheck.
Additional Tips

  • Dodge in instead of out: Stand at the edge of the rocks by the wurms body and dodge into the middle (or take a few steps out in any direction and dodge in).
  • Line reflect on charr: Do not base it on your character’s head when in combat. Instead, keep your camera unangled and move your character straight at the wurm for proper placement. Then, take a step in or out until you're just inside the wurm.
  • Where's my character? D: If your character is super short (min size asura :D), either try jumping or zooming in and shifting your camera angle so that you see inside the wurm.
  • Make sure to bring a stunbreak – every profession has one. It's also useful to bring stability, condi clear, and a gap closer in case a dodge is missed. Not every class will be able to bring all of that. I'd suggest a stunbreak and gap closer at the very least.
  • Guardians: "Retreat!" ([&B3wjAAA=]) and "Stand Your Ground!" ([&B8EjAAA=]) are useful; don't forget about using Virtue of Courage ([&B54jAAA=]) for an additional block.
  • Eles: Scepter and dagger mainhand in water attunement both have party heals.



  • Thanks to Zeus for the spit timing/animation counting tip, as well as backup reflect callers & people training while I was figuring stuff out :D
  • Nov. 16: Added Engi notes from Koshchei
  • Nov. 16: Added links, adjusted some formatting
  • Mar. 10: Removed guardian shield traiting, added warrior
  • June 23: Added Sensha's updates for mez and guard reflect & some minor other updates since then
  • July 4: Finished updates, including Kazu & Carson's videos
  • July 8: Added Aeon's 2nd amber feedback option
  • July 28: Updated for forum formatting & ranger axe off-hand increased range



The stuff in this section no longer applies, just keeping it around for fun :)

>> Engi: min 2, pref 3, turrets w/ 6 Inventions -> XIII Fortified Turrets – Toss Elxir U unreliable
>> Ele: Air Focus 4 (Swirling Winds) w/ 4 Air Magic -> IX Aeromancer's Alacrity
>> Guard: Wall of Reflection & Shield 5 (Shield of Absorption) w/ 2 Virtues -> VI Master of Consecrations
>> Mesmer: untargeted Feedback (autotarget unchecked) & use focus 4 (Temporal Curtain) or untraited Blink for gauging range (edge of large spin) w/ 4 Inspiration -> II Glamour Mastery & IX Temporal Enchanter
>> Ranger: Axe 5 (Whirling Defense) w/ 4 Wilderness Survival -> VII Off-Hand Training
>> Thief: Smoke Screen w/ 2 Shadow Arts -> I Master of Deception
  • RIP Off-Hand Training for rangers - It increased Whirling Defense radius to 150 radius; it's now stuck at 90
  • Back in the day when feedback didn't require a target:
    • Mesmer reflect can be difficult to learn when first starting out. It's important that auto-target is unchecked in settings and that no target is selected when casting feedback, or the feedback will be too far forward to reflect the spit (or target something else entirely with auto-target).
    • Range can also be gauged by standing just inside the edge of a large spin and pointing the character in the direction of the middle to front of the wurm where it comes out of the ground.
    • It's also possible to cast at near-melee range by angling the camera down at the ground, though this still involves remembering not to target.



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Nice and pretty comprehensive guide! Thanks for your work!

For engi reflect, you may also want to include this in the guide:
1) the total time required for each turret shield: 1.5 sec = 0.5 sec (cast time) + 1.0 sec (shield deployment time),
2) the duration of each shield: 4 secs.
3) Supply crate also drop turrets with shields, but exact turret placements cannot be controlled, has a long recharge time, and is thus only used in reflecting when other turrets are recharging.

Just curious, in the method described where 3 turrets are used, what is the reason for dropping a turret for each spit, since each shield does last 4 secs?

Personally, I will have a delay of about 1.5 sec between my 2 turrets. Also, I only put down the 2nd turret immediately after spit 1 only if I see nothing coming out of the first spit, assuming my positioning is correct. If it was husk, you can't reflect it anyway. If it was eggs, well, at least that shield will cover the 2nd and 3rd spit.

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I'll add it during the weekend update, thanks :)


It's based on what a couple engis had said they do to be sure. Also, I'm not sure what happens to the bubble if the turret gets destroyed by nearby wurms - haven't played engi enough to know.

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I'll add it during the weekend update, thanks :)


It's based on what a couple engis had said they do to be sure. Also, I'm not sure what happens to the bubble if the turret gets destroyed by nearby wurms - haven't played engi enough to know.

The bubble disappears when the turret does get destroyed. But I never had such a problem with vet wurms before (only with knockbacks and condition damage), so I never thought of it.

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I've never seen a turret destroyed before the shield expired on its own, but if so of course the shield would go down as well.  Personally I tend to go with Elixir U first (quicker cast time) while standing at the deploy position, then a turret, leaving 2 turrets for the next spit if the first is husks.  Because 2 of the turrets have a short cooldown (20 or 25 seconds), I will sometimes anticipate an egg spit if husks recently went out; if I'm wrong, I still have other turrets and/or elixir U to cover.

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Seyo, I have one for Amber (shown by Aybiel), think I have one for Cobalt, and I think I'm missing one for Crimson. It'll be part of the weekend updates.


Update: Iona also took some that I'll be processing :D


I'll add the engi info along with the others.

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Requirements for Warrior reflect:

  • Great knowledge about wurm animations and eggs/husks timer.
  • Know the specific spot where all the eggs originate from.


Why Warriorflect?

  • You're good at reflecting already and you have nothing else better to do.
  • You really have nothing else better to do.
  • You like challenges with no room for errors.
  • You're a showoff like Kazu.
  • You have nothing else better to do.



Defense [Adept] - Shield Master

  • Required, make sure you select it and double check before the wurm spawns so that you don't call the trait bugged when eggs leak everytime. *cough* Paddy *cough*.
  • Reflects projectiles that hit you when you're blocking.

Discipline [Master - Minor] - Fast Hands

  • Weapon swap cooldown from 9 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Not exactly required, but very helpful for soloflecting.



  • Mace main-hand.
  • Shield off-hand.
  • Extra/Backup: Sword off-hand


To reflect:

  1. Stand at this spot. This is important, miss the spot by an inch, eggs will get out.


  2. When the wurm spits, use Shield Stance (Shield 5) to reflect 2 volleys of eggs, then use Counterblow (Mace 2) to reflect the last volley of eggs.


Soloflect Variant:

  1. During the first spit, use Riposte (Sword 5) to reflect the first volley of spits.
  2. Turn the camera around to check. If eggs are reflected, switch to shield, use Shield Stance (Shield 5) from the second volley onwards.
  3. If those were husks, switch to shield, get ready for next spit.
  4. Reflect egg spits with Counterblow (Mace 2) and Shield Stance (Shield 5) as mentioned earlier.
  5. From here on, it's all about wurm spits timer knowledge.
  6. If you're unsure whether husks or eggs will come out from the next spit, just repeat Step 1 - 3.



  • Shield Stance can block all 3 volleys of eggs if timed precisely. However, it can be unreliable.
  • Example: as you can see, 1 egg got out at the last volley.


  • Riposte can block 2 volleys of eggs if timed precisely. Again, it can be unreliable.
  • Example of perfectly chained Riposte + Counterblow.


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With the changes to Guardian Shield, which reduces the cooldown - I no longer find the Honorable Shield trait necessary. Even before, it seems like a wasted trait-line. I would suggest taking something else, AKA maybe making yourself a bit more tanky in order to survive the onslaught of wurms that sometimes make their way to the front of the wurm.

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Yep, agree. Removed suggested guard shield traiting and added war build with disclaimer; it's still something I'd see as someone showing up and confirming that they know what they're doing over "all you warriors, come do reflect :D"

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Honestly I never took Honorable Shield even before the reduced cooldown.  40 secs was sufficient to catch all spits even soloflecting, and other lines were much more useful overall.


Meta zerker build reflect best reflect.

Unscathed Contender over Masters of Consecration for maximum thrill.


Also, might wanna add that Shield of Absorption only lasts 2.5 seconds instead of the 4 seconds shown in the skill description. (Tested this at PUG Wurm and in PvP with Su Pe R Nova.)


Also, Zealot's Defense (Sword 3) reflects (2 volleys of eggs) as well. :P

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No more mesmer reflect =(


  • Feedback: This skill now requires a target. This change address an issue which allowed this skill to be cast at an unspecified location if the player did not have a target.



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can still temp curtain, just can't solo reflect any more, qq


Trait Warden's Feedback for Temporal Curtain reflect.

Trait Master of Manipulation and Master of Fragmentation: Stand at that spot where all eggs come out from, chain Mirror + Manipulation skills + Distortion Shatter to reflect.







Daggerstorm: This ability is now classified as a Trick.

Trickster: Reduce recharge on tricks. Tricks remove 1 condition when used.


I don't have to calculate cooldowns all the time anymore when I solo reflect on my thief. :')

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