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KantriGrammar #3 - HoT or Not?

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"HoT or Not?"


I'll start this off by saying that this will be more of an op-ed form where I'll use this platform I have to give my feelings on how Arenanet handled the HoT pre-order sales and the recent fix. The regularly scheduled article will be up this coming Tuesday.


Arenanet went for the Turbine/LotRO track of offering their expansion with multiple tiers, all-digital, with in-game currency incentives. Originally, they offered the expansion for $49.99, a deluxe edition featuring a Character Slot ($10 value), Mini Revenant Rytlock ($6 value*), Revenant Finisher ($10 value*), a Mordremoth's Bane Guild Hall Decoration, and a Heart of Thorns Glider Skin for $74.99, and an Ultimate Edition including all of the aforementioned with 4000 gems ($50 value) for $99.99. Added perks for purchasing before the launch includes all access to HoT betas and a special title.


On the surface, this doesn't stand out much in anyway though players did balk at the base price of the game when they have no release date and only a tenuous grasp of what's coming in the game (ie "How large is a biome compared to the zones we currently have?"). What really set some fires, however, was the inclusion of the base game for buyers who currently don't own GW2.


I'm of two minds on this issue: I can understand players who bought the game feeling slighted with new players getting a $10 value added on that they can't get (using the more recent sale prices) though this isn't exactly new: most expansions for MMO's tend to include the base game (WoW) or the base game is free already (LotRO) which makes the outrage a bit, well, much.


The solutions I thought would give veterans that 10 dollar value? 800 gems to veteran accounts made before a certain date, a free character slot to veteran accounts made before a certain date, or make GW2 free. What did Arenanet decide to do? A combination of the second and third (in a weird way) options; Accounts created before January 23rd 2015 will receive a free character slot with any HoT presale meaning you'll get 2 slots with the Deluxe or Ultimate versions. Accounts purchased from the official website between 1/23 and 6/16 of this year will recieve a refund with your account progress being retained (or you can close it if you wish if you do this by July 31st). Accounts purchased in the previous window from third-party sites are eligible for a free character slot. For all of the above, contact Customer Support though most of it will be automatic over time.


My thoughts on how Arenanet handled it? It satifies the people who want the $10 value as veterans in the easiest way though, in my opinion, I would've wanted them to go full-Turbine and go this route:


GW2: Free (remove Heroic Edition upgrades) (It's nearly 3 years old and this would inject the population with a lot of new blood jsut before an expansion), reward refunds for game purchases made after 1/23/15.


HoT: Three Tiers

Base: Game + Character Slot + Prepurchase Title/Beta + Heroic Edition upgrades for $49.99.

Deluxe: Above + 2000 Gems + Perks that the Deluxe currently gets + Second Title + Heroic Edition upgrades + Digital Deluxe Upgrade for $74.99.

Ultimate: Above but 4000 Gems, not 2000 + Extra Different Guild Hall Decoration + Extra Different Glider Skin + Third Title + Heroic Edition upgrades + Digital Deluxe Upgrade for $99.99.


This, in my opinion, would be the way to handle it, make each tier the game + gems for equal value with the skins and stuff being some pretty hefty bonuses with even the base expansion being a huge upgrade over the base game. Thoughts? Comments? Give 'em below!

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