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Gekk Exl

Section of post goes missing in edit mode

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Edit: Ended up just rebuilding the post, so locked


When I try to edit the I've noticed that it's removing everything from "4 in Air Magic for" through the end of the second mesmer bullet "(or target something else entirely with auto-target)." (so, end of ele section, entire guard section, first two points of mez section). The same thing happens while quoting. Toggling the BBCode view doesn't restore it either. 


My guess is that some bit of WYSIWYG and HTML didn't play nice, but I can't view it (looks fine at a glance in page source...).


Spoiler tags for the section that goes *boom* on edit/quote:

  • IX Aeromancer's Alacrity
  • Easiest reflect in terms of placement due to large radius (400) but note the .5s cast time, so must pay close attention to calls

Guardian: line reflect & area projectile destruction

  • Wall of Reflection [&ByMkAAA=] & strongly recommended Shield for Shield of Absorption([&B4MjAAA=]) with 2 in Virtues for VI Master of Consecrations
  • The shield can be used either before or after for additional projectile destruction. For beginners, casting after will help to cover the wall in case it was off angle. For more advanced tactics, the shield can be casted first to see if the wurm spits husks and save Wall of Reflection.
  • Post June 23rd patch from Sensha + img:
    "So! The update hits in a week and guardians and mesmers are stuck with ground targeted skills to do their primary reflect. This tends to be an issue though because you can't ground target inside the wurm properly forcing the skill to be too far in front of the wurm to reflect all volleys of eggs. However, there's a solution to this which is the minimap trick (which kazu taught me a while back). what this does is place ground targeted skills directly under you. How this works is simply by putting your cursor over the minimap, and then selecting the ground targeted skill and activating it. I've demonstrated this in the following gif."
    Pay attention to the order in which I do everything. As you can see it shows up in the same spot, at the same angle as if Wall of Reflect was not ground targeted.

Mesmer: area reflect at range

  • Feedback ([&Bz4oAAA=]) & sword/focus suggested – sword for the evade from Blurred Frenzy & focus for Temporal Curtain to help with feedback placement (at its max range when aimed directly in front of the character) with 4 in Inspiration for II Glamour Mastery & IX Temporal Enchanter
  • Mesmer reflect can be difficult to learn when first starting out. It's important that auto-target is unchecked in settings and that no target is selected when casting feedback, or the feedback will be too far forward to reflect the spit (or target something else entirely with auto-target).

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Have you tried to copy and paste that section back into the post?


I was able to copy and paste the entire guide and preview it without it breaking so maybe it'll work.

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