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Commanders Compendium – The Merf Edition

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  • Energy and Attitude: Even when things go tits up, everything goes awry and you’re just generally having a bad day, the way you conduct yourself will be contagious to the zerg.  The more energy and positivity you inject into your commanding style, the more responsive and energetic your zerg will be.


You got a spelling error in there.

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Another hint I'd add would be to try to develop your own style/spin on commanding. Things like specific lines which are yours really help your commanding. It can be anything really. Eg. If I said Murellow, you'd know who I'm talking about. If I said "I can solo a champion" then the same applies. Like Merf alluded to in his soft skills section, commanding isn't just knowing the fight, it's being a personality. And if you seriously don't think this helps, here's a very short list of things you might recognise; (I didn't make all of these)
"F the downed"
"F up in map chat"
-Battery Phase questions
-The way most callers at wurm will go "laaaaaaarge spin"
-Occasional music during burn phases (My probie days <3)
-"when I say all fields you can drop anything; light fields, dark fields, banana fields" (Sasu=RIP)

*references random meme*
"Holy sockpuppet in a sausage factory"
Anyway, you get it. When you command, don't just be a guide, be you.

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I haven't commanded enough wurms to comment on that bit, but I have a couple things that work with PugTeq commanding, and some observations as a long-time zergling:

  1. Timed commands tend to be more engaging than general ones. 'We can do more DPS if we stack on the DD spot' tends to be less effective than 'stack on the DD spot to enter first battery by 11.30'. At Cobalt especially 'wait for the zerg to gather before picking up kegs' is less effective than 'we will be picking up kegs and moving at 13.40'.
  2. Zergs that are more involved tend to follow better. Commanders who ask for participation from the zerg for anything from typing 'don't fill red', 'off', more involved things like retyping what is said on TS into Say chat, and spam chat about having fun when Rachel's leading a different wurm head tend to do very, very well. One of the TTS leaders used to do a short 'test' after the briefing where he'll ask the zerg to reply (either in TS or in Say) to what they should do in each scenario, and won't move on until they do. I think it was Greg-who-isn't-Greg actually.
  • More than half a year on, I can still tell you that the answers to Cobalt wurm's are: 1. Kill Veteran pirates, 2. Wait, 3. Pick up the keg when he says so, 4. Wait outside wurm, 5. Go in and drop the keg with skill 1 when he says so. I can't even remember what I had for lunch last week.
  1. It's better to say what to do instead of observing what went wrong, when things go wrong. There's no need to talk about a tidal wave, people know from being dead that there was a tidal wave. There's no need to say it happened because East pulled an abom onto the battery, because East knows they did. Just call for people to waypoint, run back from Brooloonu, reform defense teams, and for the zerg to restack on your tag.

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