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Teamspeak issues \o/

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Hamsters have been bought. Hamsters are currently being trained. We'll be moving back to using the main Teamspeak address ts.ttsgamers.com for raids beginning Thursday UTC. Ie NA reset raids after leader's night off. 


Please continue to use ts2.ttsgamers.com in the meantime.


Please do note the following:

  • The current ts.ttsgamers.com will most likely point to an empty teamspeak for a while. Don't worry, it's not a glitch. It'll take about a day to for the new DNS settings to propogate worldwide so some will connect to the existing, and some to the new. Propogation will be completed by the time we start using the new server again
  • There may be small outages to both teamspeaks for short periods of times as we copy data over. These will be out of off peak times so there should be minimal impact.
  • Once the transition is complete, the backup TS will be reverted to its original state (i.e. quaggans and ghost tacos)
  • Any icons you obtained on the current backup TS will be copied over to the new one. 
  • Big Sister will be moving with us! =D

tl;dr : Pack your bags, we're moving back home Thursday UTC!

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