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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone! So I quite like the whole format on these forums to link multiple embedded youtube videos and now that five guilds have completed the raid, people are posting their videos of the fights and PoV's! I thought I might make a depository of all the videos that were provided from different guilds across different classes for those are seriously interested in raiding and wanting to give it a shot, this can act as a video demonstration of increasing your class performance! This actually helped me a lot when I was learning raids back in the WoW days. So hopefully it'll give you guys some ideas on how to position, communication and optimizin your rotations! Depending on the popularity I might be doing this for all wings as they introduce more wings. So without further ado I present to you: SPIRIT VALE GUARDIAN: Elementalist PoV: [KING] Particlar Guardian PoV's: [AA] Mesmer PoV's: [HeX] Skuldin (Chrono Tank) Necromancer PoV's: [HeX] Sayuri Nagato Warrior PoV's: [Vs] PhalanxBerz =========================== GORSEVAL: Elementalist PoV: [KING] Particlar [LoD] [vC] [NA] Dom [NA] Bulldoge Engineer PoV's: [KING] Alpha Cas Mesmer PoV: [LoD] [vC] - First PoV [vC] - 2nd PoV Ranger PoV's: [NA] Tay Revanant PoV's: [KING] Deroir [NA] Nee Warrior PoV's: [KING] Flames =========================== SABETHA: Elementalist PoV: [LoD] [vC] Fennec [vC] Cheezy Engineer PoV's: [NA] Dom [SC] Abe [SC] Sesshi Mesmer PoV: [LoD] [vC]Nico Necromancer PoV's: [NA] Dom Ranger PoV's: [NA] Tay Revenant PoV's: [NA] Nee [NA] Bulldog [SC] Kiwi [vC]Aike Warrior PoV's: [NA] Winston [SC] Perry [vC] Marcel ----

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