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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, As you might have noticed I kinda like doing Triple Trouble, and been doing reflect since a while back. For some reason we are almost always "short" on callers, be it because people don't feel confident in their voice, abilities or never just watched for the animations. There are many great guides on how to reflect at Triple Trouble, explaining and showing the animations, however this seems not to be enough :) Therefore I went ahead and did a little practice test you can do, after you have done this, you should by all measures be able to reflect call (or atleast see when you should reflect) My goals: -Make ppl intressted in calling -Make ppl feel confident in their abilities The app is made in HTML5 and javascript (ECMAScript 6) if you are not running one of the latest common browsers there might be problems :P The video is a 12 min 720p (~3-5k bitrate) so it might take some time to load (upload should be around 800kbyte/s) The application can be found in the links below. http://lanboost.net/gw/ http://lanboost.net/gw/training.php I would love to hear feedbacks!
  2. TT Reflect Calling WebApp

    As a follow up to my post here: http://forums.ttsgamers.com/topic/332-triple-trouble-reflect-calling/?do=findComment&comment=18848 I've gone and created it http://derekchoi.me/gw2reflect/ , hope it helps! Of course, I'm open to any suggestions/criticism. p.s. I know it looks like crap but hey.. It works right? I hope :)

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