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Found 3 results

  1. Description Some (experimental) GW2Taco markers, for Tequatl & Triple Trouble Blocking. @Blockers: These are not meant to substitute knowing the spots or how to find them, but as a guideline so you can find them again easily if you get thrown. Notes Still testing the blocker ones. Will update as I test 'em. Will add custom markers if bored or someone else makes it. Might add some for Shatterer to complete the classic set. Updates delayed due to pc issues. -------------- Links V1. 20:28:07, Monday, July 24, 2017. (PDT) : (removed) V2. 22:08:56, Monday, July 24, 2017. (PDT) : MegaNZ Link (not ready for blocker use. cobalt/amber conversion otw, currently still only guideline) Changes V1. Uploaded. V2. Crimson marker updated. Starting conversion from 'stand under' markers to 'stand inside while facing downward'. -------------- How to use
  2. TTS saves the da... Teq

    Coming back from a rollover d/c to see a bone wall, then TTS friends saving the day. Hero's map for sure. Reminds me of the early days of Teq. <3
  3. Wild Wednesday!

    Hey all it's been brought to my attention that some TTS members don't know what a Wild Wed is or when it's run so I'm here to do a quick spiel for you all! Wild Wednesday happens every Wed @ 10pm PST (6am UTC) and this is where we put the fun back in fighting Tequatl by setting out to take the Dragon down to a set theme! Themes are submitted by the general GW2verse and me and have been known to be quite crazy, heart-attack inducing, and above all down right fun! Some examples include: The No Defense Defense, Bear Bow Bonanza, Minions R Us, Ugly Ugly Armor, A Game of Tequatl, Turret Tango, MEDICS!, and many many more! This event is a TTS event with the spawn brought to you by [sORC] and [GSCH] and run by Kenage and me -> that's Soren for those that don't know. Now you might say, "but Soren, isn't there a reg Teq spawn at 7am?" Why yes, yes there is, so Wild Wed also comes with the added bonus of giving you a shot to double your loot intake for the night! Cause seriously guys, everyone needs more Teq spoons! Plus it allows me to actually snag 4 hrs of sleep before I have to function for work. The event is open to everyone and anyone with the ability to swing a weapon or throw an object so come on out, relax, and have some good old fashioned fun! NOTE: Please keep in mind that fun is the main factor during this run and at no point in time do I guarantee victory as sometimes the challenge can be a little hard to over come. FOR TYRA!!!!!!! ~Soren

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