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Found 3 results

  1. One Path Ends Deadpool

    I'm calling it here, Braham's gonna be a dumbass and do some stupid shit (as usual) and he's probably gonna try and kill Aurene for some retarded sense of good. Whether he succeeds or not, I dunno. But if he does, I think it's because I want a good excuse to murderise him. I'll be angry if we don't get to if he pulls it off. Bonus points if we murderise him before he gets to take down Aurene. If not this, I'm totally calling Marjory being deadified. We should set up a deadpool on who's path ends. (Actually the player character because the last boss is rly hard and you'll die over and over)
  2. So, to the Tyrian Bookworms out there... thanks to the current LS, you can access the Priory's hidden basement and you get a chance to read books (if you're that type of player) that hint at pieces in the story and reinforces some ideas one can have about it. My two favorite "books" so far: Nightmare Courtiers, found when you head to the other end of the Priory's basement, and The Map of the All, which is found in the first pocket to your right of the entrance to said basement. The first gives a nice tidbit about Faolain's somewhat unsuccessful attempts to turn Caithe, including injecting her with Nightmare poisons and forcing her to participate in Nightmare Court activities... which is probably what Scarlet was referring to. Though it remains to be known exactly what she did. The second solidifies what the vision at the end of Entanglement was (the vision you get from Omadd's machine, which the book names the Antikytheria). What I like about it is what it adds at the end: "'Should the energies become imbalanced, the world will tilt and all beings will fall off into the void.' It's probably a metaphor." For starters, whenever ANet monologues suggest not to panic, you panic. So I highly doubt it's just "a metaphor". Secondly, the term "void" seems a little interchangeable to me with "abyss". Contest this if I'm wrong, but it sounds like this is probably how Abaddon's realm will be tied into the approaching LS. I mean, aside from Rytlock making a badass return with a blindfold and maybe some souped up powers. Maybe. And I say Abaddon's realm because I forget the actual name of that realm. What books did youuu like reading in the Priory's basement if you spent 2 hours there like I did?
  3. Hello everyone! There is one thing in the living story that has really interested me, which is kinda small compared to the rest of the lore-bombs that drop in this episode! Belinda's Sword What I'm extremely curious to see is what happens now that it is imbued with her essence. If you remember in the previous episodes, we spend a good deal of time helping Rytlock try to cleanse the ghosts in Ascalon at Barradin's Estate. Part of this was absorbing ghosts into Sohothin to power it up. This is what makes me think that Belinda's Greatsword is not just going to be Katana of Modrem Slaying +1, and actually have some proper power to it. This also show's that something is going to happen to it in the future. The item The Delaqua Family Blade is not currently in game. I don't know what it is going to be used for though, but considering Marjory is a Necromancer, she could be responsible for helping Rytlock end the Ascalonian Curse. It all ties together in a way. Does anyone have any ideas, or any reasons why my thoughts are completely wrong? EDIT: Remember, this is not the first time Marjory has had mysterious interactions with ghosts.

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