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Found 3 results

  1. HoT Mastery Points needed

    I'm a long time player of GW2, having started playing a few months after launch, but for some reason, I was not fond of the HoT expansion, so I did not play it much, just barely enough to get my primary character through the Living Story chapters in those maps. I have gotten all, or almost all of the easy to medium hard mastery points available by doing map completion and the bare minimum to complete the Living World story, but I'm still needing about 36 to 42 mastery points, to complete all the mastery tracks for HoT, and unlike PoF and Central Tyria, it is much more difficult to acquire those last 40 to 50 mastery points solo, as they require timed kills, not being hit by certain bosses, repeated runs through story content, etc. I'm writing this message to ask if any other TTS members are in the same boat as myself, who would like to set up some group play times and dates, to work toward getting your missing HoT mastery points. I hope that there are a few of you interested in joining me on this journey, even if it is only one day/night a week (or month), for a couple hours. I also hope that some members are still checking these forum posts, as there is very little activity here. So, if you are interested in helping me out, or need the mastery points for HoT maps yourself, please send me a message here, in GW2 chat, or in GW2 mail. Thanks for your time reading this. AmigaDave.5623 Ahkima Tal (primary toon)
  2. Hey everyone I realized recently I didn't make a proper forum account, but I wanted to go ahead and share that I've lead my first wyrm! And despite my stress it went mostly well! I had...let's see if this [email protected] Erin @Addy @Liara and @Raven all there supporting me! Thanks everyone
  3. Help me with my novel!

    Hey everyone! So, I'm writing a novel. Have been since about 2010, but I'm only really just getting around to developing the world, plot (the old one was reeeeeally bad) and phlebotinum. At the moment it's called Forlorn, which is the name of the city it starts off in. I need some help with a few things because, while I am pretty adept at creating characters, I seem to be lacking the ability to develop most of the other things I need. I'd like to ask you a few questions (I may add more as I think of them). It doesn't matter if you're a professional author, a fellow amateur writer, or someone who just thinks creativity is cool, I'd like your help. (Feel free to ignore the non-bold if you're in a rush) 1) What kind of gadgets/gizmos/toys/technology in general would you like to see in the future? My world is set quite significantly into the future, although it is semi-dystopian and the premise is that tech has kind of gone backwards as magic has flourished. I feel there should still be some advancement from present day tech, possibly some things combining magic and tech or tech that runs on magic - but ultimately I want to know what you would want to use, whether useful or not. Note that I am quite against teleportation devices. If you can explain to me how teleportation would be possible without destroying the original copy and creating a new copy at the other end, I am all ears. 2) If you could have any kind of superpower, what would it be? I'm sure at least one of my characters would enjoy having it too, and then at least one person out there would be able to identify with them ;) Magic in my universe is based around someone's personality - for example someone who was calm and collected might be a hydromancer, while someone obnoxious and passionate might be a pyromancer. 3) Ever found yourself in a really awkward/interesting/confounding/epic situation? Tell me about it! Alternatively, ever thought about finding yourself in one of the aforementioned situations? I want to know. I want to torture my characters with awkward crises and chaotic predicaments! I want to agonize them with melancholy occurrences and amorous dilemmas! I want to take them through their wildest dreams and -- Ahem. Basically I want to develop the relationships between my characters. Some of them are already pretty solid, but some definitely need work. Who knows? Some of this stuff might even make it into the final product! These are all the questions I have (for now). You can check out a tiny bit of my story below :)

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