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Found 3 results

  1. To help raise awareness for the MS Toga Party that will be happening in April, [TTS] and [DTOP] have agreed to work together to run as many Dry Top maps as possible to raise funds and donations for the party. Please come out, enjoy, and give donations to a great cause! Information When will it take place? The scheduled time for the collaboration is during NA's Silverwaste Sunday (One hour after reset). March 22 @ 9 PM EST March 22 @ 6 PM PST March 23 @ 1 AM UTC Where will it be hosted? We will be hosting the event on the TTS Community Teamspeak (ts.ttsgamers.com) under the Dry Top channel section. We will be meeting in Dry Top in-game before the start time to set things up. What should you donate? Great items to donate would be items that requires going to Dry Top, namely the timegated items such as: Clay Pot Heat Stone Meaty Plant Food Piquant Plant Food Grow Lamp Other items to donate would be: Gold Tier 6 Material(s) Rare Equipment Exotic Equipment/Precursor(s) Globs of Ectoplasm(s) Items for Mawdrey Where to send donations? All donations are to be sent to merforga.4731. Be sure to include in-game account name and teamspeak name if you frequent the TTS teamspeak. Other Information Who is [DTOP]? [DTOP] is a guild dedicated to running Dry Top Maps every Friday and Saturday one hour after reset (time may change). They host varies events and work together with various guilds to help the community. They will be doing Dry Top maps on March 21st to raise funds for the MS Toga Party, so if you are available, please go support them! You can find out more info about them at their website! What is the MS Toga Party? The MS Toga Party is a large scale event organized by various players of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 to help support and raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. It is hosted by Gamers Giving Back and the Gaming World Enertainment Network. If you wondering how TTS will be participating, What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating disease that attacks the myelin which protects the central nervous system (brain and spinal). It is a life long illness that effects how one lives day to day life. New research to battle MS is on the rise and funds are need to progress it.
  2. TTS Dungeon Night

    Hey guys! I know this has been a long time coming but we’re going to be starting a weekly dungeon night for TTS! We are going to be hosting regularly scheduled dungeon runs each week for fun and profit. Missing a path for that dungeon master achievement? We will be slowly working through all dungeons. Some of the weeks will be designated as, for example, Sorrow’s Embrace week. On that week we’ll be doing every single path of Sorrow’s Embrace - yes even the rarely done ones and including story mode! If you’re missing just one path, or many, for a dungeon this would be a good chance to get it. Looking for profit? Interspersed with the dungeon-specific weeks we intend to have a few weeks of ‘profit’ dungeon night. There are certain paths of dungeons that are known for being fast and easy which give a decent profit. In about 2-3 hours you can run through several paths and make a significant profit. Saving up for that precursor? Hoping to get charged lodestones from CoE? All of that and more can be yours with this dungeon getaway. But I’ve never done dungeons before… or maybe I’ve done them but not very many! This is okay too! The idea here is to have fun. If you’re new or learning a new class or build, we can teach you. Maybe you know the ‘easy’ paths but have never done some of the lesser run paths. Maybe you really hate underwater combat but all you need is Honor of the Waves and then you have your title. Wherever you’re at, we’ll work with you. This is also a really great way to just hang out with your fellow TTS members and get to know them! Socialize with the people next to you in raids in a smaller group setting while making profit. Really what is there to lose? Okay so how does it work? The dungeons/paths being run will generally be set each week ahead of time. If you have feedback on how you’d like that to work, this thread is a great place to give that. Alternatively you can message me privately if you don’t want to post here. On the designated nights the leader organizing it (generally this will be myself or Eury, but others may step in if my cats are successful in their plan to kill me) will open up the dungeon channel under our general events. Teamspeak is preferred for this but we’re not going to make it a requirement as I want everyone to feel welcome. If you are new to a dungeon you just need a way to get instructions. When we know how many people we have for the night we will call for team leaders. These team leaders must know the dungeon path and also demonstrate patience and a willingness to teach them to others in the group. Team leads will then be randomly assigned members to fill out their group. Wait, random? But I really want to run with [insert name here]!!! I know, I know. I, too, want nothing more than to run with Ailarin. Who doesn’t? But we’re doing this randomly so that people get a chance to get to know each other. I promise that if you keep hanging out and doing runs with us that you’ll get to run with that person, and hey maybe by meeting people you wouldn’t have run with otherwise you’ll make new friends and meet some interesting people. Ultimately, if you want an organized run with specific people, we would encourage you to set that up during your own downtime. But I absolutely cannot run AC without an elementalist!? What now!? PanicpanicpanicPANICPANIC! Have faith, yo. We’ll make sure that the groups are viable. In general most people who have spoken to me or the other leaders about stepping up to help teach dungeons have multiple characters at 80 and can switch as needed. Do I have to be level 80? This is a casual event, so we’re not going to require 80. You do have to be at least the minimum level required for the dungeon. This means we won’t carry your level 18 thief through CM. Feel free to park outside and switch for the xp though! Fine fine, so when is this happening anyway? What a great question, fictional person with whom I am having this conversation. The runs will be happening on Friday UTC. This means it will happen on Thursday night after raids for NA folks and on Friday during the day after raids for EU folks. NA runs - Friday UTC @ 2am (Thurs 6pm PST, 9pm EST) EU runs - Friday UTC @ 6pm (Fri 10am PST, 1pm EST) If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them here. We are not currently looking for people to pre-emptively step up as dungeon leaders as the people in attendance may change from week to week. I also know that some people may be super familiar with one dungeon but not another, and this lets people who have a more narrow field of expertise have their chance to step up as well. And yes that means that this will be starting this Thursday night at NA following raids! #hypehypehype
  3. NOTE: This poll is explicitly for OCE members and those who regularly attend OCE raids In light of OCE's Community Meeting, we would like to hear from you as to what we should run as a community. There is some ample time after OCE Wurm and EU Teq, so if you guys want to do something fun during this time slot, we would love to hear from you guys. Don't answer what you want to do for TTS; answer what TTS can do FOR YOU. Please take this poll seriously, as the results will be heavily considered when we plan future events. If you would like to give more detailed answers as to what you guys want, feel free to comment on this thread!

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