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Found 4 results

  1. Triple Trouble Condi Guide

    TTS Triple Trouble Condi Pro Guide Thank you for reading this guide! The Evolved Jungle Wurm, also known as Triple Trouble, has been a staple for TTS to run since its inception and we find that, even in today's state of the game, it remains one of the few World Events that requires organization whether it be on Teamspeak or in-game chat. One piece of organization that is often used is the Condi Team which targets the Champion Partially Digested Husks that the Wurm spits out in waves of 3 on a regular basis. Due to their high Toughness, Husks take negligible direct damage from attacks, but their low Vitality stat makes them susceptible to Condition (Condi) Damage from the application of Burning, Bleeding, Poison, Confusion, and Torment. The goal of this guide is to help you learn how to contribute towards the Condi Team's efforts and to aid in preparations toward earning the Condi Pro icon on our Teamspeak. - Table of Contents - Setup and Training The Break Bar Wurm Specifics Gear and Skills Class Overviews Setup and Training For an average TTS run, the full Condi Team will consist of 9-15 players, who will go to Mournful Waypoint (or Firthside Vigil Waypoint on a slope near the passage to Crimson Wurm for OCE) in Bloodtide Coast to do a brief training session where tactics and builds will be discussed. It is important for the Condi Trainer, who will be designated during setup, to ensure that the teams are organized and prepared to do their role. Each of the three teams will have a Condi Leader who is familiar with the husk spawns at that wurm and can split players up at the locations. Oftentimes, the Condi Trainer will be a group's leader. The rest of the players will split up among the teams so that each group has a mix of experienced and new players in combination with classes. Each class brings its own set of condition types and other abilities, so equal distribution is key. The minimum number of any Condi Group should be 3 players, one for each husk, with a maximum of 5 per wurm (2 sets of 2 and one solo). Once players have been set up with their teams, explanations, and builds, the Condi Trainer will place a Feast of Rare Veggie Pizza, that they can recieve for free from a TTS Commander. Condi Leads can then take their teams to the wurm areas to go over the husk spawns and assign positions. Be sure to find out the experience level of your team and spread out players accordingly. - Though each wurm has its own unique quirks, the priority for the Condi Team is to kill the Husks as quickly as possible to prevent them from knocking around the zerg, spreading the Parasites debuff (which stuns periodically), and taking damage from attacks that should be landing on the Wurm itself. For each wave of husks, players will first target the one in their assigned position. As each husk dies, team members can move to the remaining husks to help out. If there are no husks out, the Condi Team can go in for the burn, although they should leave early to prepare for the next husk drop. In certain cases, Condi can assist with zerg mechanics or help lure wurms away from other players, but the priority will always be on the husks. Downed party members can usually be revived by the zerg if nearby, or others on the Condi Team. Anyone who dies should run back and notify the party. To recap: 3 experienced people are designated to be the Condi Leads, and 1 to be the Condi Trainer. The trainer is often the leader of a team. New and experienced players are distributed evenly to make 3 teams of 3-5 players each. Condi Trainer explains the role of the team to any new team members, touching on skills, consumables, gear, and specific tactics. Condi Trainer drops pizza and sends the 3 teams to their respective wurms. Condi Leads distribute their players to specific husk spawn locations and explains any other specific information. (Optionally) Condi Leads introduce the team to the Wurm Team they are at, briefly explaining the role of Condi and how the Zerg can assist in their efforts. Kill husks, then kill wurm, get loot. The Break Bar Originally, the Condi Team's goal was to control a Husk with various Crowd Control (CC) skills such as Knockback and Pull in order to keep them far from the zerg. However, with the addition of Break Bars, any CC skill will instead do damage to the Husk's bar (coloured blue under its health bar). When the bar is depleted, it inflicts a 5 second stun on the Husk along with an equal period of increased damage. CC effects that directly remove a chunk of the bar: Pull, Knockback, Knockdown, Launch, Daze, Stun CC effects that cause damage over time to the bar): Chill, Cripple, Immobilize, Blind, Weakness, Slow, Fear, Taunt What this means is that CC skills can no longer be used to move the husks away from people, and buffs to Condition Damage have made it easier and more reliable to kill before problems are caused. To control a husk, you can time the breaking of the bar so that it stops before it can attack the zerg or reflectors. Another option is to break the bar to regain aggro onto yourself. Call out your husk via targeting if you are having trouble maintaining control, so that it can be killed quickly with the help of the team. Wurm Specifics At all wurms, husks spawn approximately every 90 seconds, and will always land in the same 3 locations in the same order. Any players that are standing on the spawn location when a husk is spit out will take high damage, usually enough to be downed instantly. For each wurm, images are provided of the drop points from both the minimap and two views of the site. Specific husk assignments can vary to suit the Condi Lead's preferences, but generally new players should be paired up or assigned to a location where team members can quickly assist. At each wurm, there are two spawns which are slightly closer together, so new players can be positioned at one of those. Amber Spawn Locations: North (purple), Mid (red), and South (blue) Mid and South are closer together, but North is the shortest distance from the zerg stack spot. Condi players should be careful to avoid damaging the Plague Carrier Abomination, especially if they are running minions. Husks will aggro onto players carrying the Wurm Attractant buff and can remove the buff with their attacks. This can create a risky situation, especially when the husk spawn time coincides with the death of the Plague Carrier Abomination. The Condi Team can mitigate the danger by picking up Wurm Attractant themselves (if in a convenient location) or breaking the bar after the wurm has gone underground, guaranteeing that it will be stunned as the zerg gets eaten. Cobalt Spawn Locations: North/West (purple), Mid (red), and South/East (green) North/West and Mid are closer to each other. Note that North/West is along the path of easy spawn, Mid is closest to hard spawn, and South/East is near pole spawn. In addition to the Veteran Jungle Wurm spawns, Cobalt is populated by pirates that may attack members of the team. Husks will sometimes target players who are carrying kegs, although if they successfully cause a zerg member's keg to blow up, they also take significant damage. Crimson Spawn Locations: North (purple), Mid (blue), and South (green) Mid and South are nearest to each other, and Mid is also furthest away from any of the extractors. At Crimson, the zerg is the most spread out and mobile, which can result in Husks easily switching aggro and being more difficult to control. Depending on the timing, there is a chance of husk spits during the extra animations between colours being filled and the burn phase. The team may want to avoid moving in unless they are certain that husks are on cooldown. Gear and Skills This guide does not contain specific builds as they are liable to change with each patch. Instead, directions to resources on build information have been provided, including some helpful websites. Specific builds can be used as a starting point, but it is up to the player to choose and modify as needed, whether it is for the situation or for personal preference. Best Food: Rare Veggie Pizza (provided during training) Best Utility Consumables: Toxic Focusing Crystal (Necromancer, Elementalist, Engineer, Guardian, Mesmer, Ranger) Toxic Sharpening Stone (Warrior, Revenant, Thief) Stat Combinations: Viper's (+Power, +Condi Damage | +Precision, +Expertise) - considered meta Sinister (+Condi Damage, +Power, +Precision) - considered meta Rampager's (+Precision, +Power, +Condi Damage) - good alternative without a full meta build Dire (+Condi Damage, +Toughness, +Vitality) - greater survivability Builds: Go to metabattle.com and search for your Profession with the words Condi Damage for some up-to-date builds. Keep in mind that these were developed for specific game modes and may not be as effective when dealing with husks. Kazukirii's condi builds, intended for Triple Trouble: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H1UYGFhyMxP8N8kPCm71FFtlLA8U0lcip-HhoYWGm4M/edit?pli=1 Class Overviews This section contains some basic condi weapons for each class, a brief description of their function and utility, and a recommendation for pairing within a condi team. Elementalist Weapons: Dagger/Focus Description: Good for burning damage, fire fields and blasts for might, but less hard CC to break the bar. Pairing: Works well with a teammate. Mesmer Weapons: Scepter/Torch + Staff or Shield (with Chronomancer) Description: Primary is confusion and torment, so either break the bar immediately to stack conditions or avoid breaking to maximize the effects. Can hold husk aggro with illusions. Pairing: An experienced Mesmer can solo although newer players are better paired up. Necromancer Weapons: Scepter/Dagger + Warhorn Description: High condition damage, good AoE fields, has the ability to break a bar solo, and can hold aggro with minions. Pairing: Good for solo but also works well with a teammate. Thief Weapons: Dagger/Dagger Description: Contributes with poison and bleed, can also move quickly between husks and give team members different venoms. Pairing: Should be paired up. Ranger Weapons: Axe/Torch + Shortbow Description: Has instant condition damage from traps, high overall damage, and good CC. Pairing: Good for solo but works well with a teammate that provides might. Engineer Weapons: Pistol/Pistol Description: Strong CC and good might stacking with fire fields, also high AoE support. Pairing: An experienced Engineer can solo although newer players are better paired up. Try to pair with classes lacking in might. Guardian Weapons: Scepter/Torch + Greatsword Description: Burning build but less damage. Can provides support to allies with passive healing and condition cleanses. Pairing: Should be paired up. Revenant Weapons: Mace/Axe + Staff Description: Primary is torment and confusion. Has good CC and utility. Pairing: Should be paired up. Warrior Weapons: Sword/Torch + Longbow Description: Good with burning and some bleed on a quick windup, good cc, and naturally able to tank. Pairing: Good for solo but can benefit from a teammate stacking might (if the build does not generate might itself) or using other conditions.
  2. Hey all, I just wanted to bring up that I have noticed a lot of our builds are out of date- I was trying to give someone a warrior condi build, and I was unaware that it no longer works. I think we need a serious overhaul of those guides so that we can ensure that our condi and reflects are set up to do their jobs as well as possible. If people come to me unsure of a class that I'm not familiar with, I don't want to be giving them the wrong information. As for reflect training, I have been in teams before that were not fully prepared (think- being told the right weapons, but not getting the right traits, such as the ones that enable those weapons to do their job, like mesmer focus and the trait that enables it to block projectiles), and it has had a major impact on the success of the wurm. I really like the idea of calling, and it can be extremely useful for zerg, but I also think that we should be emphasising learning the animations, which is not something that I've observed of late. Callers DC or fellow reflectors, so people need to be prepared to reflect without that safety net. I feel like condi and reflect training are not going the way they should be or accomplishing the right goals. I am partially responsible for that, I know, because I have been very disjointed in my condi training lately. I would be more than happy to collaborate on a guide to get us up to par. We are TTS and we are awesome, so I want people to be awesome. Additionally, as for the condi and reflect tests, I have been unable to find the resources meant to help me study/prepare for the test. If there are those guides out there, could we get the links to those? I very much want us to be prepared and fantastic on all fronts. Yes, our defence teams are doing pretty adequate jobs lately, but we could be doing better.
  3. This is an option for necromancers at triple trouble. I would love some feedback here! Build rationale: The aim of this build is to stack might, and melt with conditions. This is the most "optimised" condition damage build for PvE in general, so it will do the most damage to any enemies in the game. However, we are fighting specialised enemies, namely the Husks at Triple Trouble. This means that we want to specifically fight in a down leveled zone, and optimise around that, as well as bringing all important utility skills to for control. This build is recommended by me. It is in essence the same build, with a different distribution of stats. It uses Scepter / Dagger + Staff. The alternative build is here, which uses just Scepter / Dagger in a cheeky combo. Alternative build information is at the end. Weapons: Skills: Traits: Example attack rotation: Alternative Build: Edit 2: Based on Brazil's Sinister Necro guide here Edit 3: My "old" build http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?fRAQNArYWjc00ab1NO2whbCchQqfoXCajObbE-TByAABWoEUizAAAmgiRfAYK/mW9HB3fQgHBApAWUZF-e
  4. Triple Trouble: Condi Team

    Updated: Note that Additional Tips was moved above condi team lead, as that's more immediately applicable to people with general interest. Note: This was written before I became a leader; it's not TTS-official - just meant to help people out. New peoples: People new to condi team are always welcome at wurm! Just let us know during set up and ask questions if you have them. Having a fully geared condi character does make a difference, though if people just want to try it out first, they're welcome to as well. Please do let people know, so that teams can be balanced. (Tali also has a guide here that goes much more in depth for skill description and strategy + diagrams.) Basics Condi Team Overview Builds These builds are just some ideas for people to use and adapt as they'd like; they aren't official/required but can be very useful as starting points. Builds based around interrupts are not effective for husks due to defiance. People can always start off in tankier gear, such as dire, rabid, or carrion (stat descriptions are further down in Equipment/Stats/Runes/Sigils). A mix of full sinister trinkets and armor/weps as tankier gear can be a good start (e.g. dire chest and legs, possibly weapons as well). Builds in Use The builds below are in active use. (Feel free to reply with yours!) Previous profession tips were archived here. This section has been split into two categories: control and max condi; there are builds that could fit into both. Control leans more pulls and/or soft cc like immobilize, chill, etc. for people who prefer it, wurms where husks tend to run more, or people who don't have max condi gear/experience and need that extra buffer due to the husks being around longer. GW2Skills: Not sure which skills cause immobilize, burning, etc.? Mouseover an effect in current effects, and it'll list them for you. Engis/skill bar changing skills: Note that you have to click into kits for it to show those. Control Ele, Guardian, Ranger, Thief, Warrior: See Max Condi builds and control notes. Engi: P/S or /P & Alchemy or Tools Max Condi Guardian: Kazu's burn-stacking build Control: Radiance Grandmaster Perfect Inscriptions is an option if Signet of Resolve and Signet of Wrath's actives will be used often - not that needed, could be useful if learning it. Warrior: Kazu's condi war Full sinister on a new condi warrior shouldn't be a problem. Control: Replace Frenzy with Throw Bolas. There's a lot of other fun stuff that can be tried with warrior, such as trying to stack as much bonus condi damage as much as possible with Arms Opportunist, Deep Strike, and Furious but likely aren't worth the tradeoff vs guaranteed. Multiple: Kazu's post (Ele, Engi, Necro, Ranger, Thief) (writeups are in his post - quick descriptions below) Theory-crafted/untested For professions not already covered, check this post for some theorycrafted traits and notes. Mesmer: bizarre theorycraft I've been punting around (briefly) - I'll be doing more of a writeup on it later. It's a balance of shattering and camping gs XD - Note: self & mirror blade clone can reach almost max might stack (was pvp, NOT pve) Equipment/Stats/Runes/Sigils Husk Spawns/Pullers Additional Tips Quick Corruption Stacks Pulls and soft cc Stat max/caps Testing: See this post for a test case (no ascended gear on ele D:). So far but not at cap: Amber: 837 (1988) / Cobalt: 781 (1988) / Crimson: 716 (1988) Traits, equipment, food, utility, and stacks from sigils count towards the cap. All of these force stats past cap: might, fury, signets, and banners (maybe more). More... Advanced Condi Team Lead Condi Training Strategy Changelog

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