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Found 2 results

  1. Congratulations to Oldack on becoming OCE's newest Commander.
  2. Lim leaving

    Hello everyone of TTS, My names Lim, and though some of you know me if you happen to be in PAC or EU, and occasionally if I'm awake on coffee, adrenaline, graphics, and bad dog memes, OCE as well. It comes with great sadness today that I must say, I'm announcing my official retirement from leadership. I'll still be around to make events zany when I can so we can all get a good laugh in. My time here as a leader has been a great one, and I do enjoy having our deep minded conversations across guild chat, as well as reminiscing about the "good ol' days" that I somehow missed with scarlet briar's entire event chain... It's been a fun ride, and we've made some great things, such as the "two burn we earn, they learn" Ogre lane in KoTJ; and the great cult of quack that originated from our always fun Crimson 500 nascar track. I'll still be around coming up with some more facepalm-able names for things we do, because let's be honest... they've stuck and it's been great. As for my time mostly, I'll be returning to just scribing in Twinkie's (PAC) hall, because it's essentially become my home now. My only hope and wish going forward is that you still treat me with the same amount of respect I've given you all to this point, and will continue to give. Not much else to say as I want to keep this short and sweet and full of bad puns, it's been one heck of a fun time everyone; thank you all for the countless hours of laughing. So as a prize for reading this far; please, have the ultra rare "Kshiba" may it guide you in trolling forums everywhere. Kshiba Much love, Such doge memes wow, Lim

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