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Found 2 results

  1. Description Some (experimental) GW2Taco markers, for Tequatl & Triple Trouble Blocking. @Blockers: These are not meant to substitute knowing the spots or how to find them, but as a guideline so you can find them again easily if you get thrown. Notes Still testing the blocker ones. Will update as I test 'em. Will add custom markers if bored or someone else makes it. Might add some for Shatterer to complete the classic set. Updates delayed due to pc issues. -------------- Links V1. 20:28:07, Monday, July 24, 2017. (PDT) : (removed) V2. 22:08:56, Monday, July 24, 2017. (PDT) : MegaNZ Link (not ready for blocker use. cobalt/amber conversion otw, currently still only guideline) Changes V1. Uploaded. V2. Crimson marker updated. Starting conversion from 'stand under' markers to 'stand inside while facing downward'. -------------- How to use
  2. Caller/Reflect/Blocker Training!

    Ok, just a heads up! I'm going to be putting together a reflect training class on TeamSpeak tonight at Post-Reset TT. Either crashing the Post-Reset run, or running our own event, depending on if I get at least 9 people along. If you're interested, give me a whisper or mail in GW2, and I'll be making an announcement in game at Reset time. Cheers, all!

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