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Found 2 results

  1. Favored Three

    I'm curious as to what everyone else's top 3 favorites are. So please do respond and share! These are my personal favorites for builds for my favored professions. Elementalist Regina De Ortus - Soldier Now a lot of this one is carried over from my extensive days in WvW on Jade Quarry with PHZE and AARM, but is probably my oldest, stagnant build I have been running for years. It gives me some great survivability for nearly any situation. The only time I change it is when I go to Triple Trouble and would run condi. Chronomancer Lakota De Ortus - Condi/Zerker First off, the mesmer has always been my favorite to turn into a glass cannon, so it is no surprise that I spend a lot of time running around with stealth all the time when I take this character anywhere else. However, with the HoT release, I have been spending more time out of stealth and more time CCing all that I come across with this build. It is just fun to play. I traded some of my beserker gear in for condi damage and duration. She is still squishy, but not much can break a bar faster, which is why I like to think of mesmers as CC masters. Reaper Vicious Skittles - Condi The introduction of the reaper in HoT was the main reason (outside of new story) for me to get HoT in the first place. I haven't regretted the decision. Before Sinister's and Viper's, I had been running either Carrion or Soldier's gear on my necromancers and still was unhappy with playing what had been one of my favorite professions in GW1. Now, I'm thrilled every time I see a reaper in party, because when you are needing condi to rip through a boss, who is better to call?
  2. WIP Build http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fVAQNAR7flsApZotCxSIEENR8Ql5Y0iW2BvQ1BwE8oA-TxRHwAX0NYS9nAPBg7KBBcRAOq8by+DkCAmlVA-e Usage In order to use this build properly, you must be close to the Husk as much as possible doing as many hits as possible while swap weapons whenever the cooldown is done. Every 3 hits you will apply burning and every time you swap weapons, you will apply 3 stacks of bleed and poison. You can maintain burning, poison, and 6 stacks of bleed permanently if done properly. Before engaging a husk, make sure you start with greatsword. Reason for this is because the greatsword has a unique condi skill. This still is Binding Blade. Normally people will use this to pull in mobs. However, if you do not use the pull skill, it will do damage over time for 10 secs. This damage scales with condition damage and ignores armor. At the condi cap for wurms, it does roughly 296-312 damage Start off by engaging a husk with Leap of Faith. This will blind the husk and hopefully prevent you from taking heavy damage. Follow up with a Binding Blade. Swap to scepter/torch and follow up with Smite and/or Cleansing Flame to help apply burning. Use Chains of Light and/or Signet of Wrath to control the Husk as needed. Swap back to greatsword and use Whirling Whirl to keep burning going and use Binding Blades whenever it is off cooldown (usually two swaps). More details will be made later as I flesh out the build. Videos Note: These videos are far from perfect, but shows that guardians are capable of doing condi just like any class if equipped properly. Alternatives

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