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Found 1 result

  1. Prelude: I've already posted this in Gekk's Condi Guide but I figured I'd chuck it up here too as it can be a general fun build to play with. The build is centred around dealing as many crits as possible but also, being necro based, chucks in a few conditions. The critical hits cause lifesteal which husks and invulnerable structures (Thaida's gate/Jade Maw) are susceptible too. Additionally, there are 2 minions which are summoned which also provide lifesteal. The conditions are more of a secondary source of damage and mainly focus around control rather than straight up damaging it. The build also features some very nice controls which are essential for condi team and enables almost permanent immobilise, cripple, or chill. Link here: http://gw2skills.net...hHe4hHuUAPtrC-e Explanationy stuff: Damage Rotation: Open D/W (Minions summoned), Spectral Grasp, D3, W5, D2, W4, Weapon swap, A3, Signet of Spite, CHARGE!!!!!!, F5, F4, Signet of Vapirism, A2, Enter Death Shroud, DS4, DS5, DS2, (If defiance use DS3), Exit Death Shroud, Weapon Swap, Repeat until dead. Note that after the initial chain, dagger auto attack is still very strong due to high crit and lifesteal chance. Keep minions alive at all times and resummon as necessary. Why things are what they are: The armor should be entirely rampagers as this maximises on both crit chance and condition damage, both which are essential to this build. The runes of the thief suplement this by increasing both precision and condi damage, whilst also providing a nice damage increase if you attack from the side/behind which is v useful. The food buff further increases your lifesteal chance on crit and the maintence oil increases your crit chance which means even more lifestealing. For weapons, dagger and axe both attack quickly which means a lot of leafstealing in quick succession. Warhorn provides a passive damaging aura and a nice defiance stripper and focus provides chill and some nice vulnerability stacks. Sigils of blood and leeching further increase the lifesteal that you're dishing out. The traits are in a somewhat unusual build of 06260. This gets the most lifesteal out of critical hits whilst also providing lifesteal from skills and essentially maximises the lifestealing you do. In the curses trait line haemophilia is forsaken because the build doesn't dish out enough bleeds with a long enough duration to be useful. Instead, enfeebling blood deals a fair bit more damage when entering death shroud. Banshee's wail means that your warhorn aura will stay around longer granting you more swiftness and more lifesteal. Finally, reaper's precison ensures that your death shroud will replenish incredible quickly in time to repeat the next damage rotation. The 2 points in death magic allow you to keep your minions up for a greater percentage of the time and dish out more lifesteal through them. Blood magic allows siphoning which increases all lifesteal effectiveness by 20% (Great success!). Vampiric precision allowing critical hits to lifesteal (Great success with 90% crit chance). And vampiric master which makes your minions dish out lifesteal as well. Needless to say, the blood magic traitline is a beautiful one. In terms of skills, the heal skill should be self explanatory, You've been stacked with a lot of vitality and all the lifestealing should ensure you stay fairly full on health. The healing isn't great but partnered with Axe 2 and DeathShroud 4, you're dealing 21/25 attacks and chucking in some hectic lifestealing in a short space of time without anyone else even touching the husk. Spectral grasp is standard for pullin and also applying a nice chill. Signet of spite is beautfiul as it not only increases power as a passive (Phase 2 am I right?) but it sends out a swath of conditions which are really nice to suddenly stack up. Due to traiting there'll be a DPS increase of 20%ish for about 11 seconds which is beautiful. The summoning of bone minions is lovely because it gives you two little life stealing pets which can be exploded at any moment in a display of beauty. If they get out of control just blow them up and spawn the others 15 seconds later. Finally, the ultimate of flesh golem allows you to solo strip away all 3 defiance stacks in time for a pull + the lifesteal and crippling on it is really useful to keep husks contained and dying. I should note that this build, whilst incredibly fun to play, does not deal out as much DPS as other builds. I wouldn't recommend bringing it to a dungeon speed run but slightly more casual runs will not be any worse off. Enjoy x0x0 Gossip Greg

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