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Found 3 results

  1. Shatterer Guide!

    Contents: Introduction Important Fight Information Initial Setup Taxiing - OCE Pre-Events Non-Gliding Roles Glider Fight Phase Basic Attacks Shard Storm Healing Crystal Phase Example Run Efficiency Tips Acknowledgements
  2. Updated Shatterer Mechanics

    Ok so I've been doing some scientific data collection of Shatterer mechanics, and here's what I have so far: Shard Storm's break bar is up for 8.8s, but apparently only counts for a stun if broken within the first 6s Shard Storm has a 2 minute cooldown Shard storm will be used as soon as possible off cooldown only after a fire breath, fire breath is marked by Teq's fear animation EDIT: Occasionally, if he uses fire breath that ends a bit before the cooldown of shard storm he'll use 1-2 (maaaybe 3?) auto attacks (stomps) before shard storm instead, in which case time your launches well to stay in the air during that duration Healing crystals prioritize over all other attacks (if shard storm and healing crystals are off cooldown and he uses fire breath, healing crystals will be done first, shard storm after his next fire breath) Healing crystals have a 3 minute cooldown, will only be used if Shatterer's health is at 50% or below Healing crystals are vulnerable to life steal and a few conditions before the break bar is removed Generally the first Shard Storm will occur at around 14:08-14:12, but he can decide not to use it after the first fire breath (if he doesn't use it after the first fire breath, assume it'll be after the next one) If you can think of anything else to add to this that's important for the overall fight, please post it in reply and I'll add it. I'd also like someone to verify that every impact from the glider bombs does 2s knockdown.
  3. Perfect Shatterer

    I would like to do an Organised Shatterer, preferably around this time one day. Where we destroy his Breakbar and kill him in the first phase. Basically decimating the entire meta achievements in one go. I'll let the leaders take it from here.

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