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  1. I wonder.....

    what profession is that?
  2. I wonder.....

    I use it to spy on my guild leaders.
  3. Jolly's Art Box

    Thank you both! :> When I have more gw2 related arts I will be sure to post it asap.
  4. Jolly's Art Box

    Hello hello! Another TTS artist here! I am currently going for my BA in animation/character design. I don't' have much guild wars art personally, but I plan to in the future, maybe I might even take some request of some TTS toons. :> Currently I am working on my webcomic, so I am full time on that. You can see that here. Other then that I do mainly character/creature designs. Bunch of cartoony ho-haw. Also here is something I commissioned of Tibor not to long ago. deviantart / tumblr
  5. Sounds cute! I will tag this on my calendar! :3 Speaking on Quaggan, for all you enthusiast out there I found this while window shopping on day. http://www.storenvy.com/products/12475302-baby-quaggan-plush
  6. Steam!

    I added you! This is my steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/msjolly Fill free to add me too! ovo
  7. Yoda's bedroom of secrets

    Wow! Fantastic work :3 I followed you if you don't mind me.
  8. Website Overhaul

    I was inactive for about a week, then decided to come check out the guild website. Fantastic work guys! I am minoring in graphic design and I must say super duper work! Everything is so clean I can eat off of it.

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