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  1. Heart of Thorns Notes

    If you play a female ele on certain races, that's is already true since you spin for Meteor Shower too, and that's already spin2win.
  2. Bank Calculator 2.0

    Your accent game is on point.
  3. General Dungeon/Fractal Build and Group Composition Guide

    Does Arcane Lightning, that gives 150 points to ferocity not count?
  4. TTS Community Meeting #2

    This date kinda snuck up on me so this is gonna be a bit rambley and unedited. NA Wurm map 2. In the last month or so (or 3) a couple of different scenarios happened during setup for wurm. 1. 110-ish people in the lobby (after all Teqs done): "We're running 2 maps tonight. Invite all your friends, whisper all the non-repping people in your TTS guild, get everyone in this channel, we are running 2 maps." At 30 past the hour, 220-ish people in the lobby: "We don't have enough people, we're running just one map tonight" proceeded by a taco whisper, which at this particular time was intentionally ruined by a user. 2. more than 120 people in the lobby: "If you want to see 2 maps, invite everyone, etc, etc." Not sure about the time but there was around 200 people in the channel, a taco whisper happened: "We're running only one map tonight, get in, don't say anything." Not really sure what happened, but people continued to join the lobby, so map 2 was also formed. Not sure about the details, since I was on map 1, but the second map was devoid of Tacos, and when map 1 finished I went to eavesdrop and heard Cobalt kill at 7 seconds remaining, giving both Amber and Crimson a badly needed extend, and eventually map 2 got a successful kill. A real struggle, but a kill nonetheless. So... what's the deal with second map? I understand if there's a lot more than 120 people in Wurm lobby after final Teq finishes, so the possibility of not everyone getting onto the map is high enough to recruit 100+ people. I also understand that the leaders are dead set on running 2 maps, where the final solution is to use the ingame LFG tool, and get the numbers - worst case is only 1 or 2 wurms decaps, which is the same as running a map with 80 people and going for a double decap in the first place. But if you declare 2 maps, commit to it. Don't let us recruit people to then leave out 80+ people, especially in the event of a taco whisper. And lets not even go into unwillingness to re-spawn map 2. It fails way more often than map 1, yet is almost never re-spawned. If the leaders know they can't get a triple kill, and are unwilling to re-spawn, why would they even run it in the first place? I'm sure nobody gets any joy from wasting their and 120 other people's time - more than an hour of it. An entirely different issue: New and leaving leaders. I wish there was a thread here on the forums, and every time a leader steps down, either them, or the council gives a reason why they left. Also posts when probies become leaders. I heard from Karen, who heard from Becky, who heard from Patricia, that my favorite leader stepped down when he had a baby. - a real thing that happened to me. Sorry for the rambling.
  5. RachelFraction Points

    Rachel please.You know I got your back!
  6. T6 Mats and a crashing market

    Not sure if I got my dates right, but isn't that the time when those two Anet devs announced they're not working on new dungeons, they aren't bringing SAB back, they're not making new fractals and in general ignited the rumors for an expansion?
  7. Literature Request

    Can you elaborate on rule #2?
  8. Teamspeak Icon Feedback

    I've been trying to write a reply itt for 2 days now and it just keeps devolving into a rant... Nobody knows this. Everybody is treating it just as another status symbol, and are actively trying to get them. No. I don't even know what number my guild is (I think it's 4, but I'm not sure, it's definitely not written on the MOTD), but I know by heart who's the designated leader as they're always repping. If I'd need a leader, I'd sort by rank in guild, not look on TS.
  9. Efficient map completion

    This isn't my guide, but I've been using it to combat the, in my opinion the worst, most grindy part of GW2. http://www.postcount.net/index.php?pageid=tdwindex It has really helped me, and some guildies had shown interest when I mentioned this guide. Every map has a path marked with the most efficient map completion route. I still have to youtube certain vistas, and some of the maps aren't updated (Lornar's Pass Marionette vista for example) but it still makes life much easier. Examples:

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