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  1. My Guild placement is good, and has not been a problem for months. Just a rather sudden change with work coupled with some family matters has me going into sever GW2 withdrawal until Labour day or so (early Sept). Good to know re-applying is easy. I wasn't too sure on that front. (sucks going from 2-3 Tequtual a week , + 2-3 Triple Wurm to 2 TEQ this month only... things we do for $$$)
  2. Between work and some personal commitments, I will soon be traveling and in areas with lousy connections for most of July/Aug and am unlikely to make a raid event (tried TEQ a few weeks ago as a test.. 800ms+ ping.. *sigh*, was pretty unplayable. ) Is there anyway to get my status extended so I don't get purged? Or is there a contribution I can make to TTS to help out and keep my status for a few months ? Thanks. -Fuschia - NorthAmerica

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