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  1. New NA/PAC static group

    Niiice. Thanks a lot for your support Nexforce!
  2. New NA/PAC static group

    When u get the chance send me a pm or an igm with ur e-mail so we can invite you to slack. It's just a phone app, so should be no problem to install. cya
  3. New NA/PAC static group

    Hi LazySummer, Get on slack, I made a group where we are putting people together and getting ready for our first raid. We will discuss all those things, don't worry. I will figure out if I can send you the invite or if it has to be Merf. Cheers
  4. New NA/PAC static group

    That's good news. We would need u to join us on Slack though, it's chat app that TTS raiding people use. Ask Merfoga for an invite. I'll get u in our slack group so we can start discussing a couple things...
  5. New NA/PAC static group

    Thanks for your reply Sabre. I like what you just wrote. This is the kinda player I'm looking for, so I would gladly take you to my group. What I recommend for those who haven't killed all the bosses is to take a look at the streamers or videos at YouTube. I learned so much from them. The days aren't really defined yet, but if I could choose myself I would like to make this early in the week, and it would be probably 2 days a week at first.
  6. New NA/PAC static group

    Hello Everyone, I want this post to be straightforward so I'm going right to the point. Recently, I noticed there's a lack of NA/PAC static raid groups in our guild which opens a window for players to come together and fill up the gap. Therefore, I would like to step up and gather experienced players to join me and get consistent raid clears weekly. Those wing clears are suppose to start somewhere between 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM server time and last for 1:30 to 2:00 hours. Those clears will happen Monday and Tuesday 02:00 AM. I will quickly introduce myself for those who don't know me: Most people in TTS know me as Torac, which was my main character when I first joined TTS. A long time ago I used to help TTS teaching people dungeons and leading some of the world bosses. For quite a few time I used to be the guy filling up spots for people that couldn't show up for Merfoga's and Bright's group. I am super a chill guy and easy going person, I like to learn new stuff and try out different strategies for whatever game style I play. As much as I am a nice guy I also want to make sure this raid group works out so I expect you to be nice and respectful not only to me but to the whole group. So here's is the plan... Who I am looking for: -You must have knowledge about all bosses mechanic wise -You should preferentially be able to fill more than 1 role (i.e. dps and heal/dps and chrono/ you name it) -You must be familiar with the classes you play (there shouldn't be such a thing as I can tempest on Sabetha but I can't do canons) OR having the class geared properly and be willing to learn new stuff. -You must be familiar with rotations for the classes you play I also want to point out that the focus here are the mechanics for each one of the bosses. The mechanics are more important than the dps you can put out (provided your dps is not ridiculously low). So if you feel like you are a good fit for this static group please write down: -a very brief description of your level of experience (no need to mention LI number) -classes you are able play -time that works better for you So that's it. I hope we can get this group going and get clears and also have fun together. Cheers, Torac

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