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  1. Pea....





    Omnonomnonon nomnomnomjomnomnom

  2. Hamba i want a peanutbutterjelly with extra crunchy peanut with honey
  3. Fly me to the moon and take me back among the stars!

  4. Are nutty ppl alowed?
  5. .

    Can we be fwens!? Our name has a sort of similarity in a bit lolololol Plz be in oce then i can have more cwazy fwenz xD Anyway welcome to the house of horror i mean fun.....
  6. Trind.. are u putting bunny on the balista??? I think u need 2 aim higher XD
  7. Ahh a new slave!! to the mines .. oopss.... wrong account..
  8. Wow... so scribling is a job.... peanut inteligence +1 XD
  9. Wats a scribe? i know i can scrible... but dont think its a job right....
  10. 2 slaves to do my bidding XD
  11. I think i need to be more nutty.... someone pmed me saying im to rigid.....

  12. Oopps!! derped! nvm skeles sounds more scary XD
  13. http://forums.ttsgamers.com/topic/2753-spoooooooookiieeeeee-storiesssssssssss/#comment-33739 In case YOU need to read it again! other then that VOTE VOTE VOTE! Voting will close after PAC MAY THE SPOOKIEST WIN
  14. No more entries! awesome stories all! gl all ! may the scariest wins!
  15. Omg so many awesome stories! closing date is soon! keep them stories coming!!