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  1. Stuff updated

    Its still grey!!!
  2. Stuff updated

    Im seeing it grey on my note 8 chrome
  3. Pea....





    Omnonomnonon nomnomnomjomnomnom

  4. Welcome Our New Oce Probie- Seraphic

    Hamba i want a peanutbutterjelly with extra crunchy peanut with honey
  5. Fly me to the moon and take me back among the stars!

  6. TTS Discord

    Are nutty ppl alowed?
  7. .

    Can we be fwens!? Our name has a sort of similarity in a bit lolololol Plz be in oce then i can have more cwazy fwenz xD Anyway welcome to the house of horror i mean fun.....
  8. Trindine And Bunny Build Bridges

    Trind.. are u putting bunny on the balista??? I think u need 2 aim higher XD
  9. Hello!

    Ahh a new slave!! to the mines .. oopss.... wrong account..
  10. Scribe needed!

    Wow... so scribling is a job.... peanut inteligence +1 XD
  11. Scribe needed!

    Wats a scribe? i know i can scrible... but dont think its a job right....
  12. Oce New Probie- Bunny

    2 slaves to do my bidding XD
  13. I think i need to be more nutty.... someone pmed me saying im to rigid.....

  14. Spoooooooookiieeeeee storiesssssssssss vote vote vote

    Oopps!! derped! nvm skeles sounds more scary XD
  15. http://forums.ttsgamers.com/topic/2753-spoooooooookiieeeeee-storiesssssssssss/#comment-33739 In case YOU need to read it again! other then that VOTE VOTE VOTE! Voting will close after PAC MAY THE SPOOKIEST WIN

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