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  1. TTS Suggestion Box

    Never thought of adding them there ;D might as well go do et. but yea going back to the icons I do feel like there should be some kind of limit in ts how many icons shows up because there are people who has a lot of them, not that its "bad" thing to have them only downside for that is its hard to see their names etc. Just like what irrell said above. I used to have like 7 icons before too so I kinda know how it was (speed diamonds and golds etc) Also have you ever thought of adding sub groups for reflect and condi pros in the forums/website? for example for people who aren't used those roles they could have a look at the list and perhaps ask those people if they need help with something or if they got any questions. Don't think it would hurt anyone. of course this could have its ups and downs though
  2. Suggestions

    I was just waiting for someone else to beat me to it haha
  3. Suggestions

    Think it was this one =)
  4. Reflect Guide [Joker's Version] Updated 2/12/16

    As vet reflector and fellow egg, I think that is very nice base guide but there would be couple things I would like to add to that such as, as guards when using Shield of Absorption and moving while its up shield will follow you so if you are using it for backup/soloflecting make sure you do not move as you might miss eggs as bubble will be sec behind you, unless this has been changed (haven't read notes or infact played much in past couple months), so before using it make sure you are standing in the right place and the other thing which goes for channeled skills such as ranger "Whirling Defense" people must make sure they do not move while they are doing it as this will cancel reflect effect I always mention this while doing training just for the simple fact that someone might not know this especially if they are new to the reflecting or even to the game itself. Even though yes these might be small details but sometimes as teams can be very limited these could be the things that can make the difference. Also as Wyverix has mention more complicated reflects wouldn't hurt but that would of course mean more work for you while writing all this up. (such as mesmer sword skill 4 can be used to block green spit) as I said I might be very outdated with these things haha
  5. Yoda's bedroom of secrets

    wow thats way too highly rated are you sure thats not typo ;O thanks a lot , I'm still nowhere close to what I want but oh well slowly VERY slowly working my way there. Hopefully one of these days I got something worth showing again hahaha I have to get back into gw2 too haven't really played loooong time ;O
  6. Yoda's bedroom of secrets

    "finished" version of the drawing above, even though I say finished I might still work on it time to time but we'll see. Haven't had time to do much anything else as been busy but soon hopefully I have bit more time to start doing stuff.
  7. The Shatterer - Smash the Dragon

    Yea when we tried it with eu we were really close to it, think we had like 5-10% remaining on it with our tries however just as reminder during those times we had loads of people down which could have made all the difference.
  8. Yoda's bedroom of secrets

    Haven't been drawing long time but wip of something I'm working on SLOWLY , I hope I actually get to finish something one of these days =/
  9. Yoda's bedroom of secrets

    Quick update I guess for the Teamspeak skin. for those who are interested you can download base version here ( Download ) it is dropbox link so no worries about clicking it =). If you do find anything worth fixing please do hit me up and I can look into it. As of now it will only update base skin , no custom options menu which I do not want to change anyhow or no custom icon pack yet, however I might start working on creating custom icon pack. If I do get that custom icon pack done I will give link for that as well. Any feedback is always welcome too if you do not like something about it. We could call this Version 0.6 ;D just random set of numbers for now haha Also added tts.zip file for this message =) tts.zip
  10. Yoda's bedroom of secrets

    I forgot I had my own thingy going on here :O anyhow I started this little thing called TTS ts skin , for lolz because why not IT IS STILL VERY MUCH WORK IN PROGRESS ;O , still gotta do rest of color and icon corrections etc ;I and to add drawing. This piece I did long time ago and it was gift for a friend , Blackbird fanart from her online comic http://www.carciphona.com
  11. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Not to mention he almost told us to pull creepers in too haha
  12. Speed Run Records! (The Diamond Icon)

    yes good us we did it so well , perfecto :P
  13. Post Your Specs!

    Just upgraded my sound card to Asus Xonar Essence STX and soon gonna get GTX 970. Loving this current sound card with pair of headphones.
  14. RachelFraction Points

    I actually have 114 RFP's so shouldn't I be in the top 20 ? SO OFFENDED

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