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  1. Proposal for updated Teamspeak Icons

    I wasn't sure what format you wanted, so I've put a few in here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9p3JeWXobt6Vk8wOXZmQ080Z1E/view?usp=sharing 16x16 PNGs 128x128 PNGs (non-interpolated) 128x128 PNG "spritesheet" of 16x16 icons There's a 70% chance this isn't the format you wanted.
  2. It's been quite awhile since I tried my hand at pixel art. Since we start doing speed Teq attempts again, I have been increasingly unhappy with my Tequatl icons and had a moment of inspiration. Here are my proposals for replacements: Hopefully they look better than the dreadful existing one () and still read well. Edit 1: bonus (half-assed) Shatterer recolour, though I only like the silver one.
  3. Vale Guardian

    While a bit late to the party, I just PUGged the first boss (without voice chat). Took us between 4 and 5 Plates of Truffle Steak until we could execute it well enough to pull off a kill. It was incredibly satisfying observing us executing better and better with each attempt.
  4. Happy Birthday....

    I'd like to thank the leaders and others who helped set up the events. (As well as everyone else for being good sports.) I had a lot of fun at both EU and NA. I don't have complaints but I do have some comments/suggestions on how to keep everyone actively engaged for longer. Amazing Race was so much fun that I ended up playing in both EU and NA. There was good variety of tasks and the clues were the right level of cryptic. Hide & Seek: NA (Fields of Ruin) had a good variety of hiding spots (if your aim was to be found). EU (Frostgorge Sound) may have been a bit too difficult because of the extra dimension when you're in the water (admittedly, I am not a fan of water temples/levels in (3D) LoZ). Suggestion: avoid maps with large water components (and Orr...). Scavenger Hunt: Having a group that had map completion was definitely a boon when it came to the heart vendors. The time-limited event-spawned merchants were a bit hit-and-miss and can give those teams who complete the event first an advantage (as others need to wait for the event to reset). A short guide to map-hopping might be useful, but this is difficult to mitigate. Overall, the 2 different styles between EU and NA were well-suited to the number of participants. Progressive Elimination (EU): Everybody started each round on even footing and with an equal chance at winning. Race to the Finish (NA): Everybody got to do all the events, but it can be difficult to catch up (and difficult to know how well you're doing). I'd consider a middle-ground to let everybody in on the fun while getting them actively competing at the same task: Everybody needs to complete a task before the next task is revealed Instead of eliminating a team each round, each team gets a number of points according to their placement. (e.g., 2 for placing first, 0 for placing last or for taking too long, 1 otherwise) Asuraball fulfilled that deep-seated desire to watch Asuras soaring majestically. Ailarin's commentary was also great. This took a good chunk of time in NA, but there doesn't seem to be a good way to address that issue. Multiple arenas? Too expensive. Limiting the number of teams? Interspersing ~15-20 minutes of rounds between the larger events? Can't guarantee people will be able to stick around for the whole shebang. Stretch it out over a week with the finals on the birthday? That's a nightmare to schedule. Schedule matches concurrently with other events? Assassin was a load of fun (and a load of soft wood logs) despite how long it took (that just means more fun was had). I quite enjoyed accidentally rousting people from their hiding spots. Map Size: Dredgehaunt Cliffs was too big. The Grove (and likely the other cities) definitely seemed more accommodating to the event (free waypoints!). Hiding felt like the winning strategy: Maybe it's not because I have only one anecdote. However, it might be nice to transition to a second phase when only a handful of people are left. Perhaps drop the "hide" portion and just have "seek" (the leader); the last person to find them gets eliminated.. Trivia gave me a chance to put on my Googles and dive for answers (and 6 gold). While I don't truly know how many people were messaging Saith, it seemed like participation went down as the rewards were going to the same set of people. In the interest of garnering participation, I would suggest capping the number of prizes any one person can collect (after 3, I felt bad; I think Shambles also opted out after an impressive winning streak).
  5. Sparkfly Fen Champ/Event Train

    This is a nice write-up. I hope you don't mind some unsolicited feedback. On your reddit post, I'd format it like this: The main things: Put the chat codes on their own lines for easier copying+pasting Indentation of the points of etiquette under Krait Lab. Tried to make the event train order easier to read. Not sure what the best format is, but I split it around Spider spawn times The itemization of the descriptions is sort of arbitrary; it works for me, but might not work for others. [typo] "fin the Juggernaut" → "find the Juggernaut" [typo] "For the love of god." → "For the love of the Six." Some additional things that might be useful to call out: Guaranteed Rich Platinum Vein in spider cavern Possible Rich Platinum Vein north of spider Possible Rich Platinum Vein north of Ocean's Gullet Champion Risen Lich? I'm not too sure how to get the event going. If it's not worth it, then maybe it is still worth calling out as such.
  6. Tequatl Guide!

    This is the skills image. The forum seems to be editing the url in the background-image style by erroneously treating it as an <a> tag. (It's already doing me a huge favour, so I can't blame it.)
  7. Updated Tequatl Strategy Guide

    I took a stab at updating the Tequatl strategy guide with my experience running with TTS. https://jsfiddle.net/v6xuL20o/3/embedded/result/ Rather than this being a unilateral effort, I would like this to be a collaborative effort. There's definitely room for improvement. If anybody has changes they'd like to make, feel free to do so. If anybody feels like this is not worth the effort, because Tequatl isn't that difficult (and because I wouldn't be able to give you a good answer if you were to ask me who is the target audience of my proposed updated guide), I won't be offended. I tried to remove some of the outdated information (e.g., crittability of Teq) and addressed the Why in addition to the What. Beyond that, there are a few things that seem outdated, and should be updated or removed: Traits - still uses the old system Skill selection - there have been many skill revisions since the last update. Armour stats - no update since the world boss crit patch. North & South Commanders - I don't think I've ever seen this done in EU or NA in the past half-year.
  8. Teamspeak Icons!

    Here's a cupcake: Dragons have too many parts. (album)
  9. Teamspeak Icons!

    It's been many years since I've done any significant pixel art, but here are my unsolicited redesigns: Wurm Slayer The (rougher) alternatives I was playing with: I admit that it's not immediately obvious what is being depicted (which is on me-I liked the idea of stars), but this is the pose I was going for. Fearless Leader unfortunately, I originally thought the size was 20x20 () and I didn't want to completely redo it, so it looks a bit clunky.

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