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  1. I Dare You Not to Smile

    http://imgur.com/gallery/Pu3I8av "He still doesn't know." :D
  2. Thanks Ailarin. Is it possible for you to publicize the updates? I just want to be more informed and educated :).
  3. Upcoming balance changes

    Exactly my thoughts Fortis. Though who really uses Illusion of Life? Also, when would this be used other than as a troll skill to make your party members annoyed with you or even start hating you?
  4. Main Channel Post-Wurm Debrief

    First off I just want to say I appreciate the leaders for enabling the community to have this debrief after the wurm raids. Second, I would like anyone and everyone else to share their comments. Do you like having the debrief sessions with the leaders and commanders after the raids? What are your positive or constructive comments?
  5. Name Merf's last character slot

    1. Merfraider 2. Merfhiphop
  6. Pink Day in LA

    Lol you're just getting that mail now; where have you been all this time?
  7. Can we have a non-AFK silent channel?

    lol faceguy, typing is all you ever do.
  8. Request - Music Lounges

    Let us know how plug DJ goes. Your experience and knowledge helps me be a better person B).
  9. Silverwastes strategies [spoilers]

    Has anyone killed both Champion Mordrem Teragriff Silver and Gold under Indigo Cave? I find it so frustrating when people go in and either fight the boss while the shield's up, pop the bubbles prematurely, and die -_-.
  10. My Achievement

    More like protimez in WvW HEY-O
  11. TTS In Star Citizen

    I like Merf's idea of [sTS], but I would say it should be SPACE TERROR SQUADRON
  12. Post Your Specs!

    Xavier with the overachiever post: "Validated" -_- These are my specs. Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Processor Intel® Core™ i7-2630 CPU @ 2.00GHz Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M Ram 16 GB DDR3
  13. Welcome

    I blame Ailarin for making this new website and motivating me to be here, grr.
  14. What Am I Looking At?

    For those expert mesmers out there, what am I looking at?http://imgur.com/362IDl4

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