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  1. Looks Like Twitch Is Getting Some Competition

    Ladies and gentlemen, Youtube in a nutshell, ever since Google bought them out. Anyone still remember before they got bought out? Hehehehehe... I find it funny that their automated copyright censorship system doesn't actually block the things it's supposed to, but constantly blocks things that it shouldn't. I wonder how much revenue they lose because of it... I guess there's no way to really know without having access to the traffic stats to estimate.
  2. Byte is a probie

  3. 1. Shady things do go on and we aught to be keeping an eye out rather than fanboying. 2. Anet will respond to widespread negative attention, because they're likely just as afraid of it. (In contrast to what some people vehemently insist.) 3. We should be specifically watching for changes in and decisions of the development team, as this may be a key indicator of interference. I'm not interested in getting into specifics on here. Obviously we should all buy more gems. I, for one, welcome my new lobster overlord. [&BN4GAAA=]
  4. Warning: Video has strong language, but is incredibly informative. I think there's a few very practical takeaways from this video that fans should be applying to Guild Wars 2... If nothing else, to at least keep a closer eye on what's going on behind the scenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WCj0ISBbCI
  5. WebM is magical.

    Very nice. I understand what you mean. My license hasn't been active since IPB3.something, but I do remember...
  6. Why is TTS misrepresenting Circle Strat so much?

    1. Every opposing viewpoint sounds angry on internet forums. 2. It was satire. I like satire. 3. Chillax. It's a game. Also this is the internet; I could be a cat. 4. Every opposing viewpoint sounds angry on internet forums. That said, especially 1 and 4, this thread is clickbait. The title is an accusation intended to incite. You can't add to a conversation which had no substance to begin with. The subject isn't to address whether or not circle strat is good or bad or anything inbetween. (Or around it, if you will.) It certainly isn't about discussing the merits of circle strat over against other methods. Let's take the question and put it into a statement: "TTS is misrepresenting circle strat." I disagree. Pics or it didn't happen. /thread Bare in mind that a day or so before I posted that, some stubborn idiot decided it would be a good idea to tag up and counter-command one of the zergs in our raid to do circle strat, causing the raid to fail. If that's not worthy of mockery, then I am actually a cat. I hope this sphere of context takes care of the rough edges for you.
  7. WebM is magical.

    You need WebM in your life. WebM will improve the quality of your existence. WebM will astound your neighbors. You will feel more satisfied when you're embedding WebM videos. WebM can fill your life with color. Most of your problems can be solved with WebM. WebM is a superior video format to MP4 by virtue of its licensing. To not be able to embed WebM video into your posts while still being able to embeded youtube videos is a tragedy whose scale I know not a metric for. WebM is the source of enlightenment for future generations of children. WebM will never threaten to stab you, though in fact it can speak. Being able to speak makes WebM an improvement over the existing companion cube solutions. You can rely on WebM for video with a clear conscience, knowing that WebM does not restrict your internet freedoms. WebM is portable. WebM holds up well under pressure. If I had to pick just one video format, I'd pick WebM. I really wish I could embed WebM video into posts here. WebM is an effective method of relaxation. WebM can sometimes help with constipation. WebM is known to relieve some headaches. WebM will assist you in achieving your life goals. WebM is the video format of choice for a notable part of the scientific community. WebM raises the estimated value of your internet real estate. I think you would find your web browsing experience more satisfying if you included more embedded WebMs in your diet. I would post a WebM here to demonstrate, but embedding them isn't supported.
  8. Why is TTS misrepresenting Circle Strat so much?

    And here's some video of the class of 2015 celebrating with their professor: CircleStrat.webm
  9. Windows 10

    Yes. Yes it can. Remember... If someone is giving something away for free, you are the product. Make sure your video card is AMD when you need to replace it. nVidia is notorious for a reason. I believe they were locking the technical previews based upon build numbers. Each build number has a date of expiry associated with it. This is kind of irrelevant now that the OS is officially out though. ...Someone that worked for the CIA was using Windows and thought they could realistically harden it with some registry editing? I don't... I can't... What even this is... How... My brain... What year are we talking about here?
  10. Saith has made the call

    Time to update my filters.
  11. Saith has made the call

    >mfw I can't figure out what this thread is about because the video's overflow is hidden past 40px Was this forum's layout custom? If so, somebody is a Chrome user that isn't checking for cross-browser compatibility. lol
  12. [Event] TTS Community Meeting #3

    I do like the idea. I've previously discussed a concept in the same vein, but involving both leadership and members. Namely implementing a reward system, rather than a title system. The problem ultimately comes down to three things: Where do you get the rewards? What type of rewards are we talking about? It would require a fundamental revision of TTS' core principles. The fear being that such a system would result in improper motivations. It obviously would for some, but I don't necessarily see that as a problem and I think it would be a simple task to alleviate. The calender isn't the only metric. Believe me when I tell you that there's a lot more going on than just what's on that calender. lol To give you a taste, take charge and organize Tequatl and Wurm on OCE's night off. You may feel somewhat differently afterward.
  13. Dungeon Night -> Arah

    I'll lead a team. Should be able to get most of the paths done within a reasonable time frame as long as people are listening. It's not scary. lol
  14. I wrote a haiku.


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