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  1. [Raids] Tempest Guide

    i cri evrytiem
  2. It is the tree in Dragon's Stand. However, if you look at your field of view cone in your minimap, you are looking at Tarir and the tree is actually further south.
  3. Belated council stuffs

    Gekk, what is love? "Baby don't hurt me" is not an acceptable answer.
  4. Discuss: The Case For or Against Skylake

    If you are lucky enough to put your hands on a Broadwell CPU, aaaaaaabsolutely do. Skylake has worse gaming benchmarks than Broadwell because Broadwell has a big 128MB L4 cache that really helps it. However, if you decide to go down that path (either Broadwell or Haswell), do not wait too long as finding a good motherboard with a LGA 1150 socket might become an issue soon with LGA 1151 and LGA 2011 being out. I was waiting for Broadwell to become available in Canada to build a SFF PC with it and I got bitten in the ass because good LGA 1150 Mini-ITX motherboards aren't available anymore and the damn chip is still NOT available. These benchmarks might help you in your decision making. See the drop down menu at the bottom of the article to go to the various games they tested : http://techreport.com/review/28751/intel-core-i7-6700k-skylake-processor-reviewed/14
  5. TechReport did a SSD endurance test in which they wrote data to SSDs for 18 months. The Samsung 840 Pro was the last left standing and the TechReport writer wrote a song about it. Samsung picked it up and actually made a video of it. TechReport's article about the video : http://techreport.com/review/29450/samsung-turned-our-ssd-endurance-experiment-into-something-incredible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS6JJN7j-gQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxVceu3bx_I ... why are my embeds never working? D:
  6. Y'all need to stop bragging and show some humility :P

  7. Myers-Briggs Personalty Types!

    LOL I like how the evil characters are portrayed as INTJs. "Dark" INTJs are the stereotypical villains on TV and in movies, because badly adjusted INTJs have a tendency to justify immoral or questionable things using crazy rationalizations, which was definitely the case of Scarlet and Palpatine. They can also easily rally people to their cause using rationalizations, i.e. manipulate people, which for as little as I remember from Star Wars, really was the case with Palpatine manipulating Anakin. Another I can think of is Daniel Whitehall, that creepy HYDRA scientist who kept repeating "Discovery requires experimentation." whenever someone showed doubt while his team was experimenting on people and cutting them open.
  8. All the crates you see in this JP have been bought using crystalline ore. Er... wrong section. Also... embed where are you?
  9. Posts being swallowed?

    My bad, I was hungry.
  10. Myers-Briggs Personalty Types!

    What really helps with validating MBTI tests is to read the description of the 4 temperaments : NF (INFP, ENFP, INFJ, ENFJ) NT (INTP, ENTP, INTJ, ENTJ) SP (ISFP, ESFP, ISTP, ESTP) SJ (ISFJ, ESFJ, ISTJ, ESTJ) If it doesn't stick, then your test didn't type you correctly. An alternative approach would be to look at a comparative chart such as this one* and figure out what fits you best rather than let a test with highly situational or ambiguous questions figure you out. Also, some types will be prone to testing as something else, like INFP and other NF types. Don't lie to yourself :) this test should be about what you are rather than what you wish you were. Sometimes it helps to look at how you've dealt with things in the past rather than think of how you would deal with hypothetical situations. Yes, results can change at different points in your life, just like people change. * The E/I description in that image is way wrong and stereotyped. For example, doing many things at once and being easily distracted can have as much to do with being a strong P as with being an extrovert. Introverts can also be very good talkers and have trouble concentrating. Introverts can also be outgoing, but not for as long as extroverts can, and it drains their energy whereas it tends to recharge extroverts. E/I is about where you prefer to spend your time : Outside or inside your head. The other dimensions will cause this introversion/extroversion to manifest differently.

    Can't follow rules if rules aren't clear. So clear them up.
  12. I created a new game

    This looks like a sadistic freak show stage where people get fried on electric chairs for the public's pleasure. Also this :
  13. Asuraball

    I miss Asuraball! I loved to play it!
  14. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    My PTT key has recently been rebound to Alt. I used my F4 shatter skill while talking. In the middle of Vale Guardian.

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