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  1. Hello all! This is your one stop shop for anything and everything you need to know as a Member (or soon to be Member!). As we grow, this section too will grow and you can use this post to quickly link to topics of interest. Membership and You! Everything to do with membership. Good place to start if you just joined TTS or are looking to join. Active Status and The Purge TTS Official PvP Arena Raiding with TTS & Taxis: Everything you need to know about raiding with TTS! TeamSpeak Setup, Taco Whisper, & Icons Commanders CC/Shard Chat for Commanding / Volunteering Reporting Incidents: how to report incidents and issues
  2. Raiding with TTS & Taxis

    When do you run events and raids? You can check out when our events and raids are on by going to the TTS Calendar. The red line on the calendar shows the current time. To view the calendar in a different timezone, it can be imported to your personal calendar. Otherwise, use the link below and change America/Vancouver at the end of the link below (as suggested by Mealla Fallas) to a recognized timezone. https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?title=TTS%20Event%20Calendar&showPrint=0&showCalendars=0&mode=WEEK&src=ttsgamers.com_s3lqh3nfc4lvjo60uvmppk927k%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/Vancouver Can I come to TTS raids if I’m not a member? Yes, everyone is welcome to come to our raids! While members do take priority, we want new people to come and learn the fights of Tequatl & Wurm. We do however hope you would join us in TeamSpeak (ts.ttsgamers.com). What's a taxi? Taxi is what we call bringing someone over from another map. Taxis are needed to move onto the map events are being run on, such as Tequatl and Triple Trouble. They are also called other terms such as “cab”, “ferry” or “shuttle”. How do I taxi onto a map? After it's been announced in TeamSpeak, join the party of a Council Member , Leader , or Probie at the top of the TeamSpeak (unless the name says otherwise) or people who have listed being a taxi. After you’re in a party, right click on their character icon at the top left part of the screen and choose “Join in (Map Name)”. Don’t join on commanders or other members unless they list their name in teamspeak chat. Once on the map, make sure to leave the party by typing /leave or clicking Leave Party in the party UI. If you get declined, try /leave twice to fix the party bug. How do I find out which map IP I’m on? By using the command /IP in-game you’ll be given an address like You take the number before the : , and you have your TTS shorthand IP number. It's 92 in this example. What is a party bug? It’s a term which we use when someone is not able to join party due to a bug. Use the command /join and not /invite when trying to join with a leader. It happens when two people try to join the party at the same time. If you're bugged, simply try entering /leave twice and retry joining on a taxi.
  3. TeamSpeak Setup, Taco Whisper, & Icons

    We've integrated some of the above icons into forum badges! : helped run and organize Toga Party : donated to both Pink Day in LA and Toga Party : donated to Pink Day in LA : donated to Toga Party : assisted in killing wurm before it was "on farm" The way the forums are currently set up only one badge can be assigned at a time. If you meet the requirements for a different badge and would like to change, please fill out this form. It just needs your forum name, teamspeak name, and the badge you would like. If you are new to the forums, please use the same form.
  4. TeamSpeak Setup, Taco Whisper, & Icons

    What do all the icons mean? GW2 Taco Verified TTS members: After wurm, there'll often be a call for a "taco stand," which is where we'll hand out tacos for TTS members; people can also request them during downtime, such as between Tequatl and Wurm. When a "taco whisper" is used, members with this icon in TeamSpeak will receive advance notice of a map ahead of the public call. It's important that people do not say anything in voice or text chat, as only people with this icon can hear it; that way all members have a fair chance of taxiing. Any questions should be sent to a leader via TeamSpeak poke/private text chat or in-game whisper. Philanthropic Events : These icons are given out for donating and volunteering at events. In icon order: Toga Party Donor 2014, Pink Day Donor 2014, Toga Party Donor 2015, Toga Volunteer (first given out in 2015) Reflector Pro , Condi Pro , Commander These icons show mastery of a certain area and carry responsibilities, as in icon holders may be asked to leave a map to help out in another or asked to lead in that area if no one volunteers. Reflector Pro is for people who are able to train reflect team for the Triple Trouble event, as well as call animations and organize the reflect team and differing strategies for every wurm. Condi Pro is for people able to train condi team for the Triple Trouble event, as well as organize condi team and teach husk spawns and tactics for every wurm. Commander has its own thread here. Server Admin/Council Member , GW2 Leader , GW2 Probie : These icons are for the GW2 TTS leadership team, which have roles covered here and more in-depth in the constitution. Newer Set of Icons (Raid, Event, Community) Undead Decimator - Participate in a TTS record-setting attempt at Tequatl to earn this icon. Wurm Slayer -This goes to the TTS group that has decapitated all three Triple Trouble heads the fastest during phase one. Wurm Chaser - Kill all three wurm heads during phase two with 1:20 remaining on the clock. Hedge Trimmer - Make a record TTS Octovine kill to get this icon. Kingslayer - Kill the King of the Jungle faster than any other TTS group and you will earn this icon. Mordrem Master - Only true masters will earn this icon. This goes out to the group that finishes an entire Dragon Stand map (no circle strategies!) faster than any other TTS group. Fearless Leader - Lead a dungeon during dungeon night! Event Participant - Participate in TTS non-raid events! Patron - Donate supplies to build up a TTS guild hall. Icons that are seen less often or retired PvP Tournament : These icons (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) were given out during previous TTS PvP tournaments. Wurm Killer (retired) : This icon was retired and is no longer available. It was given out starting from the first kill to a little while after wurm was on "farm status," where kills started happening more often than not. King of Kings (retired) - This icon was retired and is no longer available. It shows members who got some of the first King of the Jungle Kills with TTS. Disclaimers We reserve the right to change the conditions for these icons at any point. For time-related icons, we will remove the diamond level icons from the old record holders. If you lose your TS identity for some reason, we will be able to re-supply your icons. Just contact a council member!
  5. What's TeamSpeak?/How do I set it up? TeamSpeak lets us communicate with members for easier coordination. It can be downloaded from their website (very quick and doesn't require a restart). Click on Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks. In the new popup, click on Add Bookmark and fill it out, then click "Ok". If you don't plan on talking at all, you can click on More and set your Capture Profile to None. Label is what you want to name it. Address is our TS address: ts.ttsgamers.com Nickname is what everyone else will see; please use your account name or character name. Go to Bookmarks again and click the bookmark that you just created. During our raid times, you'll likely find us in the Raids section. Why do I need to be on TeamSpeak? You don't need to talk, just listen in, so that it's easier to communicate with our members. We're able to provide much more detail over TS, because the game will quickly suppress people from talking in map and say chat when giving explanations. Also, squad chat only allows 50 people into it. In addition, we call out animations of the bosses, which can’t be done as quickly in say or map chat. We also determine our numbers by the amount present in TeamSpeak at the time. As a result, do not mute your audio; those who do will be kicked from the server and may miss out on the raid. What's a taco whisper? When a "taco whisper" is used, verified TTS members (see GW2 Taco) in TeamSpeak will receive advance notice of a map ahead of the public call. It's important that people do not say anything in voice or text chat, as only people with this icon can hear it; that way all members have a fair chance of taxiing. Any questions should be sent to a leader via TeamSpeak poke/private text chat or in-game whisper. How do I disable "user joined your channel"? Temporary (all sounds): Self -> Sound Pack -> Sounds deactivated (mutes all TS notifications temporarily) Permanent (all sounds): Settings -> Options -> Notifications -> Sound Pack: Sounds deactivated Permanent for only user joined: Settings -> Options -> Notifications -> click the arrow next to Client -> right-click on Switched -> Deselect All -> Ok (screenshot below)
  6. Opening Whisper List Shortcut Method Ctrl + Shift + W Via Menu: Settings -> Options -> Whisper (in left side column) -> Whisper Lists Creating the Whisper List & Keybind Click New then input a key to use for speaking in commander chat; it must be different from the one used for regular chat. Name the whisper list, e.g. TTS GW2 Chat 1 Finishing setting up Whisper to: "Groups" Group Whisper Type: "Server Group" "TTS" "GW2 Chat 2" (or number in the orange circle by your name) Group Whisper Target: "All Channels" (to talk across channels)
  7. As we expand into raids, TTS leadership has decided that we need to have a more standardized set of expectations for members who are stepping up to fill specific roles. We have re-evaluated how we hand out condi and reflect icons for the Triple Trouble fight and have made some changes in order to be more consistent. If you already have one of these icons you do not need to re-earn it, however, we still expect you to be able to fulfill the same requirements. For Condi Pros we expect you to: Understand the role of condi teams at wurm. Understand wurm specifics in relation to condi teams, such as keeping husks away from the keg running location at Cobalt. Provide a simple explanation for all of the classes, with in-depth knowledge for at least two classes. Linking a guide for someone to read is not good enough. Re-adjusting the three condi teams if needed. Knowing the husk spawn locations and coming up with a strategy for your specific condi team. Ability to communicate with the wurm commander if something isn’t going well. For Reflect Pros we expect you to: Understand why we have reflect teams. Know the different classes that can reflect and a knowledge of how each of the classes reflects. Linking a guide for someone to read is not good enough. Re-adjusting the reflect teams if needed. Knowledge of the wurm animations and specific things too keep in mind at the different wurms. If things are not going smooth you need to be able to adapt. Included in this is the ability to call and reflect at the same time. Ability to communicate with the wurm commander if something isn’t going well.
  8. Taco Reset

    We will be doing a Teamspeak taco reset along with the purge this month. Don't forget to head to the taco stand and claim a freshly made taco after the reset. You need a taco to get all those shiny icons and priority taxis!
  9. Until further notice, Necromancer's Corrosive Poison Cloud utility skill is prohibited to use as a reflect at Triple Trouble Wurm. Please refer to this topic for any updates to come concerning this skill. - GW2 Council
  10. Council Home Instance Upgrades

    We currently have all available home instance upgrades. When joining the council home instance, we ask for the materials you receive from the following nodes to be mailed: Lotus Root Harvesting Node Orrian Truffle Harvesting Node Snow Truffle Harvesting Node Current List of Upgrades: Mining Aurillium Node Basic Ore Node Pack (3 Nodes) Candy Corn Mining Node Mithril Mining Node - Donated by Glaiza The Valkyrie Orichalcum Mining Node Platinum Mining Node Quatz Mining Node Sprocket Mining Node Harvesting Basic Plant Harvesting Node (3 Nodes) Ghost Pepper Harvesting Node Lotus Root Harvesting Node Omnomberry Harvesting Node Orrian Truffle Harvesting Node Snow Truffle Harvesting Node Logging Ancient Wood Logging Node Basic Lumber Node Pack (3 Nodes) Elder Wood Logging Node Misc Bandit Chest Basic Cloth Rack Krait Obelisk Shard Wintersday Gift Tree
  11. Teamspeak Icons!

    I'm pleased to announce we have some new teamspeak icons! These are going to be available to taco members only. If you don't have a taco already, go to our taco stand where one of our lovely leaders will serve you up a delicious TTS taco! Tacos are specifically for TTS members, so if you are not a member yet, you can head here to apply! Teq Slayer - This has four different levels that are earned by killing Teq within a certain time limit. These are meant to push the limits on Tequatl and show off the groups of people who worked together to get an outstanding kill time. Kill times for the bronze, silver, and gold versions are 10+, 10:30+, 11+ respectively. The diamond version goes to the current record holders for the fastest teq kill! Wurm Slayer - Same idea as the Teq Slayer icons. Bronze, silver, and gold versions are given out for phase one decaps at 3+, 4+, and 5+ minutes remaining. Again, diamond goes to the group that has decaped the fastest during phase one. Wurm Chaser - Kill all three wurm heads during phase two in under one minute. Event Participant - Participate in TTS non-raid events! Socialite - Get involved with the TTS community. Get a RT from twitter, actively partake in the TTS forums, or help us with raid food donations! Just do things that make the TTS community a better place for everyone! Fearless Leader - Lead a dungeon during dungeon night! We hope you enjoy getting these icons and the new challenges they present! We're looking to add more icons so if you have any ideas please let us know down below! **Disclaimers** We reserve the right to change the conditions for these icons at any point You can only have 5 achievement icons total. Condi and Reflect are excluded from this. If a new record is set, we will remove the diamond level icons from the old record holders. If you lose your TS identity for some reason, we will be able to re-supply your icons. Just contact a council member!
  12. This year TTS will be hosting its own Megaserver for Toga Party 2015 We need help from our members to facilitate this awesome event. Toga Party is on the 18th of April and our run time is 5pm server - 10pm server (Timezone conversions provided through link) If you would like to volunteer please follow this link Please read the overview, if you see a timeslot that suits your availability check out that events tab at the bottom to see which duties you would like to do. Then add your name on the event page and the overview page. Please then add your ingame account.number with your name to the contacts tab. If you just want to put your name down in this thread with time availability I can work with that as well. (please still include account.number) There will also be a TS Icon for those that volunteer on the day. Thankyou and hope to see you at Toga Party 2015.
  13. Council Home Instance!

    Hey members of TTS! As you may or may not know we have an account that is home to our TTS Arena. What you may not have known is that we are also building up the home instance so that we can always farm the nodes that help us reduce the cost of food items. This in turn allows us to use more funds for events and such for TTS. Currently we are in possession of: Orrian Truffle Node Snow Truffle Node Lotus Root Node Basic Plant Node (3 nodes) Ghost Pepper Sprocket Node Candy Corn Quartz Node Cloth Rack We have acquired the quartz node! Would you guys like us to get the Krait Obelisk Shard skill point? We are looking to try fill this home instance with, well pretty much everything. Our goal is for our members to donate the orrian and snow truffles and the lotus roots as those are most common and expensive part of food crafting for us. Everything else is yours to keep. The purpose of this thread is to solicit input from the community. The poll will allow you to pick which nodes you would like to see us add to our home instance. Our ultimate goal is to get every node in there. So please vote for the ones you really want in there and not for the ones you are more meh about. Remember any we add are for you guys to keep every day :) Also if we are missing any from the list please let us know and we'll add it. As always if you have suggestions or ideas please feel free to submit them below! Thanks! -TTS Council
  14. PR Overhaul!

    Attention members of TTS! We are writing to you about a big change coming to the structure of TTS leadership. As you may have guessed from the title we are re-working how our PR system works in order to give you (the community) a more relaxed and quick turn around for conflicts that arise so that we may continue to grow this excellent community in a positive and welcoming way! What you need to know! 1) The biggest change that is coming is the reporting system. We are changing our previous setup: "talk to a PR member if you have a problem" to: "talk to any leader." Our goal is to let members be comfortable approaching any leader of their choice instead of a select few. 2) Once that leader has talked with you about the issue they will talk with other leaders and work on resolving the issue in a timely manner (within 7 days per our TTS constitution). Once the issue has been addressed a leader will be in contact with you to follow up and let you know that the issue has been addressed and to see if you have any more concerns. That's the biggest piece of it! Just a few reminders to try clear the air about some misconceptions :) 1) Reporting an issue does not make you a tattle tale or a problem maker. The reason for reporting issues is so that they can be addressed and fixed so that they do not become a bigger problem. The longer the same thing goes on the bigger the issue becomes. Our goal is to keep a positive and friendly community and if we have members not adhering to this behavior we want to help them behave in a way that helps us grow. 2) When making a report you need to be specific. For example, "Member A, said x,y and z. And as you can see that is offensive." What is not helpful, "Member B is being mean." Once we have specifics we can work with individuals to address the behavior. If you can get screenshots of the incident from in game messages or chat logs those are preferable. If not please list anyone else present that would be able to attest to what happened. We do need proof in order to handle issues that arise. 3) We do not enjoy nor get pleasure from "getting people in trouble." The whole point of the system is to encourage good behavior and help people see what they need to do in order to achieve that. We're here to have fun and enjoy the community that we have and we want to spend our energy enjoying it, not trying to punish people. 4) We care about the community a lot! We (as council) see a lot of hard work that our leaders put into helping the community and we want you to know that everything we do comes from a place of care and desire for good. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the raids! -TTS Council
  15. TTS Official PvP Arena

    The TTS arena is owned by Council.3619 (search for it with this name) and is currently titled TTS Official Arena [TTS]. The name is subject to change. This is for your use as members as well as for our fun events that we do in the PvP arena, such as Asura Ball and PvP Tournaments. Its default setup is for members to go in and have some fun with their PvP dailies. We have it set up with normal timers, 10 members per team (thus allowing many people to get in on the fun). We also have a channel in our general events section titled PvP Dailies to help facilitate getting the dailies and encourage you to step in there to coordinate with others and keep things running smoothly. Code of Conduct Our PvP Arena is still governed by the TTS Etiquette and thus anyone in there is bound to be respectful at all times. Red always wins, so please adhere to that. Keep in mind that the arena is set up for auto-balancing. For example, if red has two players more than blue, someone from red will be moved to blue, allowing someone in spectate to join red. Be respectful and help trade wins/objectives for the dailies, so that everyone is able to get it quickly (the purpose of custom arena dailies). As always, if you have any issues and you need to report them (trolls, rude or inappropriate behavior), contact a leader. If you can provide screenshots of the event and/or witnesses, that is always helpful. Another option is to e-mail the PR department at [email protected] to submit reports. Have fun!

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