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  1. What super power did you get?

    http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Omnipotence What more do you need?
  2. Fortnightly Raffle Oct 19 - Nov 1

    So will I be absent when the winner is announced? :o
  3. Congrats to Valkyrie Skyqueen, NA Leader!

    Welcome to our ranks, Cap'n Cookiller. I expect no quaggans to survive your tenure here.
  4. I'll echo Jacobbs' concerns. I really don't like the term (or implementation) of "static", since that tends to imply closed groups where the same people run together all the time, with perhaps spot replacements for unavailabilties but generally a set group. This leads to an insular and cliquish situation and people inevitably competing to get into X's group or Y's group, and the leftovers ending up in Z's group. If the groups are fluid and everyone gets a chance to run with various raid leaders there is a lot less resentment over "getting into" a particular group. This also leads to a greater likelihood of drama as personality conflicts within set groups arise. Most people can deal with individuals they don't mesh with in one raid, but if they know they are stuck with that person for the duration of many raids it can go from a minor annoyance to a major issue.
  5. Heart of Thorns II

    I'm just glad you can toggle this mode off. Otherwise it would be impossible to make ground-targeted skills appear on your character (since you couldn't move the mouse over the minimap or skillbar).
  6. New Mega-boss Speculation

    Clearly the biggest WB will be a giant Quaggan. We must use a Krait Tonic to damage it.
  7. Heart of Thorns II

    As someone who has never taken any economics or business class in his life, I would like to see this.
  8. Heart of Thorns II

    I read that blog and I still have no clue what is happening. I didn't see a single specific thing mentioned other than "nerfing dungeon rewards" (by how much? that makes a difference) and a bunch of voodoo economic gobbledy-gook that means nothing to me ("Map-reward materials can no longer be overpriced for any extended period of time because players now have the power to push the supply when needed"). Basically all I got out of this blog was 1. Dungeon rewards will be nerfed (somehow) 2. Fractal/Raid rewards will be higher (somehow)
  9. Guardian: Healing Tank

    Yeah, I think I might understand why someone would be put off and defensive after reading that attack.
  10. Guardian: Healing Tank

    High-level fractals, for one. Every fight in fractals isn't a stack-n-smack dps race, there are a number of encounters that are time-gated for dps or where survival over the long haul becomes more important than pure dps (mai trin, final boss at grawl, archdiviner in cliffside). Unless you are in an uber-pro party of zerkers who never miss a dodge, the party is often better off with someone who can kite while others res or keep healing/regen/etc up to prevent others from going down in the first place.
  11. Merforga wanted a ghost taco icon

    I prefer the guacos. They have more substance to them.
  12. Congrats to Ailarin, NA Leader!

    Gekk and her fine print >.> Gratsarin!
  13. Happy Birthday....

    It should not conflict with speed teq. If it starts at the normal EU raid time and goes for 2 hours, it shouldn't even really affect missions (I think those are Teq Squad missions)
  14. Pink Day in LA

    I think a comma could do wonders for this...

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