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  1. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    From tonight's training raids at Samarog: I called for CC at 90%... @Heitkeri heard GG. Keri GGd. Yeah...
  2. How Did You Pick Your Name?

    Kind of silly backstory to the Ballor name I use everywhere - I used to be very into Runescape, and part of the game is the Fremennik area where the game assigns you a second "name". Happened to be that I rolled Ballor, and it was available to be taken. I've used some variant as a handle every since.
  3. Timelords Guild Missions

    Hey guys, Looking at restarting Timelords Guild Missions and would like to get a rough estimate of the best day and time for everyone to be able to attend - all opinions and feedback is welcome and valid.
  4. EU Revival

    At the moment I like running Karka > KotJ > Shatt/Octo then seeing what else to do, so likely that.
  5. GreyishWolf reporting for ...

    Let me fix the link, whoops
  6. GreyishWolf reporting for ...

    Hey @GreyishWolf I've sent you an invite to Teq Timelords Squad. Sending you a notification here so you remember to check in game. :) Looking at your reddit history, you may also be interested in our Raid Guild which is dedicated for 10 man Raids. Info here:
  7. EU Revival

    Okay guys, so its openly published here Our new Schedule is - TUESDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 6pm-8pm Server Time
  8. EU Revival

    Hello all, Defender here Over the next few days-weeks a few of your Commanders will be attempting to run events in the EU timeslot as TTS did of old, to gauge interest and see if we can get back into that section of the clock. If you are available 6pm - 9pm (ish) UTC, feel free to come along and join us on teamspeak! Keep and eye on the Calendar as we'll be updating day to day based on numbers and commander availability until we get into a smooth routine tailored to the community. If you would like an invite to Teq Timelords Squad for an EU-focused guild, feel free to message myself in game, or leave a post on here. Thanks, -Defender of Ventari (Ballor.6321)
  9. Shout out to you awesome people

    Message just came in from Limyrith for a few people.
  10. New Pacific Probie - Aeseld!

    Welcome aboard :) Congratz! o7
  11. New Pacific Probie - Addy Winchester!

    Welcome aboard, congrats :)
  12. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    Ascended weapons and trinkets of the correct stat type + full elite spec available for most of the classes.
  13. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Seyo while setting up for Shatterer: "Go ahead and flood into Bloodti- I mean, Blazeridge Steps"
  14. One Burn Cobalt

    Eventually ^.^ Had some fun at Crimson, but we got a nice clean triple decap - managed to prevent an instant cobalt fail just in time haha
  15. One Burn Cobalt

    They... broke the scaling. We think. Maybe they cheated.

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