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  1. TTS Now Sells Raids!

    How much for you to carry my ass to Do armor collection.. 150+ LI .. and completely finish at least 1 full set of Legendary Armor? LOL
  2. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    It probably depends on how heavy the graphics are from game to game. Kind of similar on how many apps are open or brightness on a phone is before the battery drains.
  3. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Just came home with this from Best Buy.. got the 5 amiibo associated with the BoTW game too :D
  4. TTS Discord

    Would it be possible to get an +18 channel on discord? If not no big deal, can't hurt to ask though.
  5. Auric Basin

    They aren't dogs :p
  6. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Damn no activity since Nov, don't you people buy anything?
  7. BUG REPORT 1.1 Chat Box text being cut off on the right side due to scroll bar. 1.2 Steps to reproduce - Just view home page? 1.3 Can it be abused? - Probably not. 1.4 Priority - Low to Medium.
  8. EU Revival

    Just doesn't feel the same without dj :(
  9. Discord Suggestion

    I would rather use Discord as a communication via out of game type thing rather than use it for voice. We have teamspeak for voice stuff, but discord makes it easier to share things with one another. Besides with Discord I can still talk in chat when I'm not at home. I can't exactly do that with my phone on Teamspeak :( I'm not at all saying let's ditch Teamspeak for Discord, hell no.. Just saying discord at least chat wise.. is far superior, but voice for Teamspeak has way better control.
  10. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Sat up at Target for 6 hours.. waiting to get this..
  11. New Commanding Officer - Aeseld

    A division for NAP time.. zZzZzZz .. damn tts leaders be sleeping on the job >_<
  12. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    It's that time again ! Got this a few days ago, but with Lab farming going on I had to find some time to break lol Next set coming up should be the Breath of The Wild amiibo series :D
  13. There was a different version of this that released like a year ago that you could do this, but I don't think it had HDMI capabilities on it. Still 30 games for $60 + controller and system to play them on.. worth it.

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