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  1. With Much Love

    Take care Rei. Health is important, no need to apologise.
  2. Crys's Cubs

    Hey thanks for the interest. As Carrie said, we do run at 1 AM UTC on Saturdays, which would be Fridays for you. I'm also currently halting recruitment to sort out some new members. If you're still interested, I'll keep you in mind while we decide more on how we're going to go ahead for the group. :)
  3. Crys's Cubs

    Hey there sai. Thanks for the interest, I've sent you an in game mail with some questions!
  4. Crys's Cubs

    Hey, thanks for the interest. I'll contact you via in game mail soon with some details. @thenachobro could you let me know what your account name or one of your character's name is?
  5. Crys's Cubs

    Hey Qaezie, thanks for expressing interest. I've sent you an in-game mail with some enquiries.
  6. Crys's Cubs

    Thanks for the interest! Since you're already in slack, I've invited you to the channel.
  7. Crys's Cubs

    Nice meme
  8. Crys's Cubs

    Introduction Hello all. I'm looking to make a new progressive group which will be known as Crys's Cubs. This will mostly likely be an OCE/SEA static, though we might run NA/PAC on the weekends but the timings are tentative. I am currently looking at Thurs 9 AM UTC and Sat 1 AM UTC. Sessions will likely be 2 hours or more. This post is mostly to gauge interest in a new progressive group. TTS currently has a few static groups but most are usually apprehensive about taking new/inexperienced players to fill or teach. What I am looking to do I currently have several veterans who can help out on certain days and I hope to be able to get some newbies to join for the other spots. I will be pushing for certain veterans to branch out and practice other roles than their mains so that they can be more proficient on more classes. With the other veterans, I also hope that we will be able to provide an environment for the newbies to grow and gain more experience on bosses. I will most likely be prioritising allowing newbies to gain experience on various bosses over veterans training up different roles. Doing both at once could be very disastrous from experience though I will be looking to coerce people to play out of their comfort roles down the road depending on our progression. Ultimately I wish to cultivate players that will be able to play at least 2 different roles and be able to do most bosses proficiently. Requirements No Legendary Insight(LI) requirements. However, I do expect newbies to have gone to training raids, watched videos(if you think so much about the bosses you started dreaming about them, let me know) etc. If you are eager to learn and wish to improve, I highly desire you. If you have multiple characters geared or different sets for a certain class(e.g heal druid, condi druid/ranger) then you will make it much easier for me when we're sorting out comps. Ground rules 1. Ability to take feedback and act on it. I will be giving constructive criticism or at least attempt to and I expect other veterans to do the same. I may be harsh at times, but I do wish you know that I want to help you get better and hope you do not get offended. Flame me behind my back all you want. I will also be taking people to the training golem to brush up rotations or try to get some other veterans to help out if I'm not too familiar with the rotations. At the end of the day, if you do not wish to learn, then I cannot help you. 2. Be humble. I do not care if you have 300 LI or have killed every boss twice. There will always be someone better than you and it is entirely possible for someone to be carried through so many kills. 3. Communicate and concentrate. If I am willing to give you 100% attention, I expect you to do the same. It is incredibly frustrating if I am getting someone to do something in raids and they still do not do it after I have repeated 3 times. Also, if you are facing certain difficulties with the raid, make sure to let me know. If I do not know how to help you, I can't. Help me help you. Note that this group may not even get off the ground if we are not able to get enough people. In case of this, I may be looking to do other things that will hopefully help out new players outside of training raids. I will be attempting to run this Saturday 1 AM UTC for 2 hours. In the event that we do not have enough people, I will be taking newbies to the golem and see how I can help with rotations etc. If you are interested, please put down your Account name, your classes and your raid experience, e.g how many kills etc. You may also send a mail to Crystalliser.3679
  9. Male or female

    All females. Cos I prefer looking at females and I'd rather spend time customising a female toon than a male toon I identify as a raid scrub
  10. New OCE CO!

    Congrats Meggly :)
  11. How Did You Pick Your Name?

    I was trying to make a new name for Sudden Attack when I was 11 and wanted it to be something strong, thought of diamond at first but Diamondizer didn't sound cool so I went for something that would be similar and shiny like crystals :^)
  12. [Spoilers] Bastion Of The Penitent

    Challenge motes will be interesting, good riddance to "encounters" like trio and escort but most importantly good bye to stupid events between bosses that are just pointless fillers and wastes of time like twisted castle and spirit run. Personally deimos is pretty tedious and hard to recover from if one of the key people is having a bad day and mursaat overseer is kinda dumb. Don't care too much about story

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