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  1. Taco Guild Missions

    Missions will stay the same time for those in NA, which means that they'll start at 2:45 AM when DST ends (next week).
  2. Tequatl Taco Squad Guild Hall Buildings!

    Taco's maxed out again :D
  3. Tequatl Taco Squad Guild Hall Buildings!

    There are new cloth and leather tiers; we have tier 1 done :D Cloth: 224 Linen, 5 Ecto, 200 Incandescent Dust Leather: 250 Coarse, 5 Ecto, 200 Incandescent Dust Later tiers (can be placed in the guild bank): 500 thick, 50 hardened leather 500 silk, 200 gossamer cloth 90 ecto 1200 Incandescent Dust
  4. PAC events 9/20 - 9/22

    The legendary journeys were a neat idea, and I did have fun with Juggernaut (and T1s on the rest), but resources are better spent elsewhere (huge time sink relative to number of people accessing it), so the current implementation is a nice compromise, even if it is less interesting.
  5. Taco Guild Missions

    Just a quick note - Taco missions are run quickly (~45 minutes when the set allows), especially with the races giving early credit for now. People are expected to speak up (voice or text) when asked if they need help; we will help/wait within reason (use guild portals!). If people are late and everyone else is already ready, there'll only be a short wait time, as it isn't fair to hold up everyone else. There may be make up missions after the main set is done, but no guarantees.
  6. Maybe I should just activity thingy: Taco missions are planned for this week - NA Thurs, Aug 25 (9:45 PM Eastern, 6:45 PM Pacific) = Fri 1:45 AM UTC

  7. Twinkie GH WIP

    They both need more green.
  8. Taco Guild Missions

    August 11th, missions are planned \o/ Yay for early race completion chests, haha
  9. Cancellation of NA Events - Aug. 1

    The calendar is in UTC; if you want to know how to convert to your timezone, that's answered in the first question here.
  10. Taco Guild Missions

    Hi Tacos, Current plans are to continue running Taco guild missions, as long as we have people wanting to do guild missions; the exact set will depend on #s, though we've run all PvE guild missions so far. They'll continue at their usual time 2:45 AM UTC Fri (NA Thurs) (DST's over) in the guild missions channel. I intend to update this post each week, though the in-game MotD will be the most accurate. GMs are planned unless otherwise posted!
  11. Name Merf's last character slot

    #BlameInari4Necro4Necro Why haven't you played it?
  12. Taco introduces Super (Shiny) King Frog

    + Trophy Bridge
  13. Taco introduces Super (Shiny) King Frog

    Violet Underwood pointed out the teq tail jumping puzzle SW of the Upper Plaza WP. It's brilliant and blends in perfectly with the buildings :D
  14. Taco introduces Super (Shiny) King Frog

    probably the last guild to get Deco Merchants (still need the third...) but had all the buffs, buildings, and nodes \o/
  15. 100 Gold for FUN

    Blame peanut, he told me to post - outside of starting abomination mascot, rest was all multiple members \o/ http://forums.ttsgamers.com/topic/2496-taco-introduces-super-shiny-king-frog/

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