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  1. I Dare You Not to Smile

    I did not realize that was being recorded...
  2. What are you listening to currently?

    The actual music video for this is really neat as well. They were inside a volcano in Finland (if I recall correctly).
  3. They are now on mole net. Data must be extracted from the depths of the earth in a high ranked Phone Raid. (Yes, I really need coffee - sorry to be missing all of you Aussies in the near future.)
  4. State of the game 2016 update: Shatterer revamp incoming

    Speaking of QoL - about time already.... For ease of gameplay, we’ll be updating the fractal hub so players will be able to adjust the fractal scale by interacting with the control panel near the entrance, rather than having to leave the hub and reenter to adjust difficulty.
  5. Dungeon Night 2016?

    You should have 3 slots in your rings - are they infused and attuned? That might give a few more spots.
  6. Dungeon Night 2016?

    And if you are opening your encryption boxes you drop a fair amount of +1 agony which can be crafted slowly over time into those +10/11's. It is entirely realistic if you are just getting started on Fractals to "farm" your agony (which is now substantially less expensive than it used to be). I'm currently farming the last of my 10/11s for my second fractal character :)
  7. Spirt Vale Raid Build and Composition Guide

    I would disagree with that assessment. It might be a niche use but mortar kit (specifically the endothermic shell) is very good at helping to control a large "ghost". I don't play condi engineer so maybe one of them can comment on whether or not it has any place in the other 2 fights.
  8. What super power did you get?

    http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Cosmic-Electric_Manipulation Yeah, I'm just shockingly out of this world.
  9. Yes please, lets do this. So many alts that need to be unlocked that it isn't funny anymore.
  10. Well this one is a bit awkward to answer. I will state quite clearly - I WAS 13!!!!! So my real first name starts with L. Kyrie come from Kyrie eleison which means "Lord Have Mercy" Combine the two and you get Kyriel, which is one of two character names I have been using since I was 13. (The other one was Elfy/creativity -100DKP) Basically all my character names in GW2 are some derivative of Kyriel (Which wasn't available ) Ranger - Kyriellis Elementalist - Eleyariel (so awkward in Pug groups with two eles, I never know who they are talking to) Warrior - Kyriel Johanes Guardian - Kyriel deWolfe Mesmer - Fairyiel (mesmer - illusions) Thief - Arendryiel (Arendt is a male slavic name meaning Eagle ruler, she's a Norn) Engineer - Kyrieclaw (she's a Charr) Revenant - Sassiel - Blame Shebani and lack of sleep that made me actually do it. Necromancer - I haven't made one yet, but I'm open to name suggestions. tl;dr - I was a teenager. Enough said.
  11. Bad News from the Battlefield [Map Spoiler]

    I believe the board is a tribute to people that Arena net is thanking. Not sure if I should be saying this but I know the person who is represented by: Leiza ' Niruoc, agent skritt. Stung to death by bees. They are very much alive and kicking - did Fractals with them last night!. So while it could be a reference to our Soren - it isn't because they are no longer among the living.
  12. If this is already out there the I apologize. But hey - its feedback adjustment time. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/heads-up-iteration-incoming/ tl;dr - whining pays off sometimes?
  13. What are you listening to currently?

    On repeat lately:
  14. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    Somewhere there is a very annoyed mother trying to explain to her child that "No you can't play games for a career when you grow up". Which we all know is not true....(ish)

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