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  1. [Event] TTS Community Meeting #3

    Either way, this is a suggestion for the community to discuss. Not a suggestion to be immediately written off by one or two people. It should be heard at least at the meeting. Unless, I was wrong that I read this was the community meeting for a community guild, but in fact a guild where a couple of people have complete say on any decisions.
  2. [Event] TTS Community Meeting #3

    I think referring to it as a job is a bit of an exaggeration. Take a look at the calendar. The most busy role would be Tequatl Raid lead and 2IC. In this role you would have to be online for around 3 nights a week for 15 minutes. I don't think thats much to ask from a leader. I'd love to find the job that pays me for that :p
  3. [Event] TTS Community Meeting #3

    I have one topic to bring up, but a fairly large one. With the current system of leadership it seems to be a case that anyone just fills in when they are around. I'm not much of a talker, so I will just get to it. What I would like to see is specific positions allocated to leaders within specific timezones. There are a few reasons I would like to see this, including but not limited to: - Accountability of core components of the game. As I have seen expressed in previous meetings and elsewhere, alot of players have interest in diversifying their gameplay outside of tequatl and triple trouble. At present, I still see this as issue that hasn't been adequately addressed. Players are still outsourcing their gameplay experience to outside the guild and at least for the more active guild rosters this shouldn't be happening. By having leader positions whose core role is to identify issues and promote said activities you have someone whom is accountable and directly working towards the issue. And I think this is important for TTS to stay relevant and to remain one of the larger guilds in the game. - Practice makes permanent and perfect practice makes perfect. That has nothing to do with my point (lol). From my experience, it is often the case that players have specific leaders whom they enjoy following. In some cases you will see zerg/group numbers drop when another commander takes over (my experience outside TTS). Generally, this is because some commanders are alot more experienced than others. They do things more efficiently and help their group obtain their goals more efficiently...gaining their trust and faith and as such making them want to follow said commander again next time. This is completely contradictory to our current setup of jack-of-all trade master-of-none generalized leadership structure that we currently have. - My observations could be wrong here, but it's the impression I am getting as a general guild member. But with our current leadership model of being a probie for a short time followed by getting leadership status and then that's it. It reminds me of the company I was employed by 12 years ago and am still employed by today. When I first finished my traineeship, we had a job position and that was it. No succession or career or development opportunities. It was identified and my employer provided. The same seems to be said with TTS. You get leadership status and that is it. From what I personally have observed, there seems to be somewhat of a turnover rate of "leaders" or leaders that get their status and then don't "lead" all that much. By giving them some other specific role they may be able to work towards, it may give them some incentive to contribute more...something to work towards. ^ There is more, but these are some of the main reasons I think there should be a more structured leadership model. To give just a generalized idea of my "vision" I'll try to give an example of a possible OCE structure since it's the timezone I usually play in: Tequatl - Raid Lead Tequatl - 2IC Wurm - Raid Lead Wurm - 2IC Wurm - Reflect Lead 1 Wurm - Reflect Lead 2 Wurm - Reflect Lead 3 FoTM - Raid Lead FoTM - 2IC Dungeon - Raid Lead Dungeons - 2IC WvW - Raid Lead WvW - 2IC EoTM - Raid Lead EoTM - 2IC Open World PvE - Raid Lead Open World PvE - 2IC Admin - Guild Buff admin Admin - Guild Hall admin Admin - Website admin That's just a basic structure I put together. Hopefully it helped. Anyways, that's basically my input. Could have been a bit better written, but just wanted to get the idea out there without too much effort :p
  4. Ascended Backpieces

    The only place you really need that is on level 50 mossman bug anyways. Which your allies won't care if you die all that much and you can just say "oops forgot my underwater AR weapon", which seems to happen alot in pugs. Most pugs don't care because they are afk during the fight anyways :p
  5. To everyone that hoarded Ascended stuff..

    Noticed this. Seems like a pretty hardcore goal though. Especially if you already have most legendaries and would never end up using the skins. Maybe if there was a decent reward achievement.
  6. Ascended Backpieces

    Ahk. Sounds expensive. Why not just make the prototype fractal capacitor (ascended) and put a +5 simple versatile infusion on it? With 6 trinkets, 6 armor pieces and 2 weapons slots you get 14x5= 70AR and 65AR under water.
  7. Ascended Backpieces

    The ascended prototype fractal capacitor is the same stats as other ascended backs. You have to buy: - prototype fractal capacitor (exotic) (for 1350 fractal relics) - gift of ascension (500 fractal relics) - 40 mystic crystals or 240 philosopher stones Combine them in the forge with a vial of condensed mists essence (that you get regularly from drops in fractals) and you get the Prototype Fractal Capacitor (Ascended). Any further upgrades, which are expensive, are just so that your back piece shines and there is no need to get them.
  8. Nerfs incoming

    I think Anet are taking their time on purpose fixing this stuff for the lols and so people can mess around with it whilst its there for a bit of "diversity".
  9. General Dungeon/Fractal Build and Group Composition Guide

    One thing I was overlooking was the 20% damage in water. Who cares when you don't do alot of damage in water right? nah they are using frostbow and fgs in water.
  10. Nerfs incoming

    Balance is so bad right now. I finished off my condi bunker build for ranger yesterday and have been trying it out. I have a trap that does 17k burn damage. Torch 5 skill does 17k burn damage. Torch 4 does 9k burn damage. Sword 4 does a 9k bleed. Sword 5 does a 4.5k bleed. Axe 2 can do a 20k bleed. Plus all the traps. Most lights are running ~14k health, so if they even hit one of my traps I can just stand there and watch them melt. With trapper runes I can use one trap to gain stealth and super speed (50% ms in combat) and drop 2 traps and torch AoE right on top of them. Funny thing is I am not even using main stat condition damage. Im using hybrid shaman with dire/rabid trinkets (where I can't get shaman). I must have had about 30 fights tonight and only lost one to a guardian who ran a circle around me and then I realized I was burning and melted.
  11. Nerfs incoming

    They pretty much have 100% UC. The DPS is good, but it seems fine to me considering how much DPS you can output on a ele from range, whilst they are using melee (which by my rationale should output higher dps than any range weapon).
  12. Nerfs incoming

    Major Grandmaster Zephyr's Speed You and your pet gain might and quickness when you swap pets. Add a tonic and spam it, 25 stacks of might in about 2 seconds. You can tell they are doing it in WvW because their nameplate changes from red (enemy) to yellow (neutral) for a short time. Like the video on the previous page:
  13. Nerfs incoming

    They need to change that ranger bug soon. Fought a few of them in WvW last night whom kept spamming it. Kinda lame. None of them won a single fight against me but still it's pretty lame to have to fight someone whom gets 25 might stacks thanks to a bug.

    I tend to agree with the argument that we shouldn't flagrantly manipulate the megaserver system though. I think the only way to resolve that issue though is to make instanced content that is more challenging and rewarding. Hopefully we will hear more about this in upcoming HoT previews. As for teq, they may have been better to increase the HP by around 50% and reduced the timer by around 4-5 minutes.

    Sounds like omnomberry pie / slice of candied dragon roll / omnomberry ghost might be better options over mango pies now? Mango pie heals for 85 health per second. The above mentioned have a heal potential of 325 health per second. That's assuming you can still reach the power cap with the new scaling.

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