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  1. Post your desktop!

    I hadn't realised that by posting my desktop I'd be inviting people to criticize/question my system and how I use it... 1. Yes, I've read your post about necessary programs and have seen that you like f.lux. I also run it on my iPhone and would on my nexus if there was a port. (I'm aware of alternatives by when tried they were noticable/annoying) 2. After owning a laptop that had heating issues, it's comforting to know what temperature my PC is running at. I don't overclock so it's not a significant issue, but it's good to know I'm not running hot. I can also change that number to show Core or RAM use instead or as well as. 3. Nothing. But I like it and there are perks that I enjoy. It also is not run permanently. 4. I occasionally deal with illegitimate software, whether for entertainment or uni related uses. I also avoid sites that would be likely to give my computer bad things, but that being said, I'd rather have some form of protection whether I need it or not. You never know when a friend might have given you an infected USB. 5. I use mega as well, but dropbox is where it's at in terms of continually synced offline folders. It runs continuously because at alternate points in time it could be updating a Group Assignment's contents, updating a file I edited on my laptop, downloading a file I uploaded from my tablet/phone/uni computer. 6. I don't use any of it's key features but neither does it use CPU while idling. My life doesn't revolve around playing guildwars, as much as that may be enjoyable, so I've never seen fit to optimize my computer for it's use. :) The last line is not meant to be a passive-aggressive attack at you, just statement about me. :)
  2. Post your desktop!

    Starting from left to right my taskbar icons represent the following applications: Deluge - torrenting program Dexpot - Multiple Desktop Program. Looking forward to win10 so I can get rid of this. Intel Graphics Bluetooth f.lux - A must have for those who stare at computer screens Pen Pad - Deals with shortcuts/drivers for my pen and tablet input. CoreTemp - Currently set to the average temperature of all my cores. Logitech Gaming Software - Required for my headset FSCapture - A simple screenshot app I use Avira - Antivirus Rainmeter Dropbox Chrome Notifications spotify Nvidia Geforce Experience Misc Windows apps
  3. Post Your Specs!

    Sure, you could look at it as some form of bloatware, but considering how rarely I use it I don' t mind having it around. It gives a tonne of your PC's details without having to mess around with Control Panel or Device Manager etc. It goes into way more depth than my picture shows and means I don't have to remember exact numbers/names for my Machine :) At no point would I put speccy forward as a necessary program, it's just useful for things like this thread.
  4. Photography!

    It's a bit blurry 'cause I left it open a bit too long but this is one of the cooler star-light pictures I've caught. I got it while camping next to the Nile in Uganda just before Christmas. It looks much better when not so big. Can one half the size of the picture when using BB-code?
  5. About you!

    Name: Michael, but call me some variant of Cavejohnson (eg. Cave) as that's the name I've learnt to look for. Characters: See my forum signature. About Me: I'm Australian, early 20's and have just started my 5th year in a Dual Engineering/Science Degree of Mechatronics/Computer Science. I've owned GW2 since the Beta events but lost interest a few weeks after release, reaching no higher than level 12. Since then I've been on and off, usually to check out the events and I've only started playing and completing things properly in this new year, finally reaching level 80 on a character just the other week! I like tech-y things like rooting/jailbreaking personal devices. I recently built a 3d printer but have yet to see it print anything due to a dodgy motor. I'm patiently waiting for Valve to release their PC controller. I own a Pebble Steel and am currently eyeing of the new Pebble Time campaign on Kickstarter. It'd be cool to get to know more people in the community, currently I'm only joining in for the raids. My most played game is easily Skyrim. I've been hooked on that game since release. I recently came back from a 6 week holiday that involved visiting places like Rome, Israel, Jordan, Uganda, UAE and Singapore. If you want to know more feel free to send me a message :) Something people don't know about me: I run the cavejohnson instagram account and occasionally use it to roleplay :) Colour of underwear (the important question): Grey currently.
  6. Post Your Specs!

    Peripherals: Steelseries Kinzu Mouse, Ducky Shine 3 Keyboard >.> Y'all should use Speccy
  7. Photography!

    I have photos too! Each of these pictures is taken straight from the camera. I haven't 'shopped any of these. Easily my favourite photograph. This was taken years ago and features my friend on his bike. I've done other light-art/long-exposure pictures as well.
  8. Website Overhaul

    That is a very nice looking website!
  9. What are you listening to currently?

    I have no idea how to embed a youtube video, and exploring the buttons hasn't helped :/ I've been listening to 65daysofstatic a lot as I await the release of No Mans Sky and Today I had Seeya by Deadmau5 stuck in my head. http://www.youtube.com/embed/8jL2DPylmhE <- Seeya
  10. Post your desktop!

    Made the background myself, but planning on remaking it again to make it less reminiscent of the Black Mesa Logo. I use it in too many places to have it so closely resemble an actual logo. Rainmeter is such a cool program, I enjoy it's use :)
  11. Just to verify, yeah. McDonald's in Aus' have started rolling out "McDelivery" strange that we got it before Americans did though.. You have to make a minimum order of ~$25 and then they use fancy little branded cars to bring them out.
  12. TTS Website Banner Contest

    It may look that way I agree, but that's just 'cause of the variants. If you click and drag them to the none-white stuff on the LHS of the forum screen you can tell which ones have white bg's and which don't :)
  13. TTS Website Banner Contest

    So, I think I'm cutting it pretty short by submitting this now? Regardless, it's before the 21st, so here's a link to an imgur gallery with a few variants of my design. Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 Enjoy :)

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